The mafia family: our darkness

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(Their is strong language and mature content ) Elena Marie Russo is the Italian mafia princess she was sent away from home by her father she stayed at a boarding school most of her life, after getting out of school she tries to start her life then one day she gets a call from her father that changes everything for her ........Her life is turned upside down A new life, an arranged marriage, a new world..

Romance / Erotica
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Elena’s POV:

It was Saturday afternoon we we're going to Nikolai's house to play. His mom and my mom are best friends so we grew up together even though he's three years older he still likes to play with me outside I'm only 14.

Both of our families are in the mafia our families are allies they helped us when the Swedish mafia attacked us they tried killing my mom but they failed. It's been a couple months and nothings happened I think they gave up they've always been our enemy.

It all started when they kill my great great grandfather and then all hell broke loose.

We arrived at Nikolai's house I run in and barged in like I owned the place I ran to his room and passed his two older sisters they were in the living room watching tv. I opened his door and he was on his bed he looked up and smiled at me I ran over grabbed his hand I tried pulling up but he was to big he laughed at my pathetic attempt to pull him.

"Let's go play" I said standing up straight

"Okay okay we'll be down in a little bit where are you brothers" he asked

"Their down stairs probably with Mina because Adriano has a crush on her he never shuts up about it" I said

He laughed " does he know she sees him as a baby brother"

"Apparently not but don't tell him that then he'll be a butt hurt that he's been friend zoned , now let's go! When my mom comes to get us is when we have to go because our dads are doing mafia business" I said my mom went out to buy somethings for the party they are throwing in a week.

"Okay let's go" he gets up and we go downstairs and play basketball and paint ball

I've been doing missions and training with Adriano my dad goes on missions with us but with all of that I haven't seen Nikolai In months I also had my first kill a couple weeks ago I didn't feel bad or guilty he honestly deserved it. He was a bad man trafficking woman and child killing and raping them it was just horrible it made me so angry I slept like a baby that night.


It's been six weeks in those weeks my mom died they said that it was a car accident they didn't let us see her body not even my papa. It's been bad since we found out my dad had came home and call us all to his office it smelled like so much alcohol so we knew he had been drinking and then he broke the news to us I spent days crying wanting it all to be a dream but every time I woke up it all be became so real.

He's been so angry and harsh not just towards us but every one any-little thing sets him off I've been getting into fights at school stoped listening to people sneaking out to go to underground fights they caught me a couple times and got yelled at but I honestly didn't care my world felt like it was crashing down on me I still cry at night hoping to see her again.

But I never will...

My papa walk in and brought me out of my thoughts I was getting dressed to go out With Adriano.

"Prendi le tue cose"(pack your things") he said

"Perché?" ( why?) I asked. Where could we possibly be going

"Ti mando in una scuola privata" he said (I'm sending you to a private school)

"Che cosa? perché vado a scuola qui perché mi mandi via" I said (what? Why ? I go to school here why are you sending me away)

"perché ti sei comportato in modo furtivo a tutte le ore della notte e litigando tua madre odia il modo in cui ti comporti" he said he looks like he's been drinking but I'm not shocked that's all he's been doing lately I get my mom died I know how he feels I did act out I'm not saying what I did was okay but I'm starting to get my shit together.
( because you've been acting out,sneaking out at all hours of the night and getting into fights, your mother would hate the way you've been acting )

And with that he left and reminded me to pack I leave tomorrow morning.

I packed as I cried I can't believe he's doing this I know it's not because of my change of behavior I honestly think it because he can't stand the fact I'm a spitting image of my mother and the thought of her hurts him it has to be something else other that my attitude

But that still doesn't give him the right to send me away from home away from my family every thing I've ever known I finish packing and go to bed.


4 years later

I'm still in New York I'm thinking about staying here I'm 18 I finished school I don't plan on going to college I took college classes at the boarding school. My brothers and Mia, my friend from my old school visited me over the years. Mia's dad does business with my dad but he's not in the mafia he own's a couple companies hotels and restaurants that's how I know Mia . Alex got married last year I met her her name is Adelina she's nice ,pretty and funny he told me that when he told her about the mafia she ran and didn't talk to him, she came back because she realized that she really loves him

She doesn't want to raise a family with him being in the mafia with all the danger that comes with that I understand where she was coming from he promised that he will settle down for her and she was okay with it months later he proposed and got married they aren't having kids yet they want to live the married life longer. He stepped down and Adriano is going to be the mafia don when my father dies or steps down.

While I was out of school I started fighting in the underground ring and street racing it's a good practice that's how i get most of my money I always win against my opponent with all my training I might as well put it to good use. I hooked up with some of them but got so Butt hurt when I won against them couldn't take that they got beat by a girl.

Most of the people from racing know who I really am by my name as the mafia princess also fighters at the ring most of them don't go against me because of who I am and the title I have the only ones that fight me are the ones that get to cocky and think they can beat me

The money pays well I bought a penthouse in Manhattan. I'm going to live here maybe later on take a break and travel always wanted to go to Japan and race I have friends that live their I can probably stay with them.
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