The mafia family: our darkness

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Chapter 1 coming home

Elena's POV:

Today was the first time I was going home in over two years. My father sent me away to boarding school.

It was because he didn't like how I was always getting myself into trouble and that my attitude was bad But I don't think it was that.

Two days ago he called and told me that he wanted me home as soon as possible I was shocked the hear him call.

He hasn't talked to me since my mother died.. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard my name being called.

It was Lucas my dads most trusted guard and my best friend"Lucas it's been to long" I said running to him and hugging him.

"Elena I missed you so much you rarely call me!" Lucas said hugging me back.

" I know and I'm sorry things have been a stressful I promise I'm here now" I said

We walk out and there were four black Jeep's and armed men it's because I'm the Italian mafia princess .

My papa is one of the most feared and dangerous man you could meet, most people try and stay away from him
And people that cross him end up dead.

They put my things in the car and we headed home.

" Lucas do you know why my papa wants me home? " I asked

"I'm sorry el I don't know much but I was told not to say anything, you know how your dad is" he said el was an old nickname he gave me when we were kids.

" I understand I hope it's nothing bad. Is Alex and Adriano home?" I asked

"Yes, Alex moved but he still comes home and Adriano is helping your father with the business" he said

Alex and Adriano are my brothers Alex is three years older than me and Adriano is my twin bother. I'm only 20 Years old, after I finished school I stayed in New York but never came back till now.

We pulled up to the gate of my home we entered and parked the cars.

I got my things but stopped at the door I was so nervous to see them until some girl opened the door.

"Who are you?" She asked

"I'm Elena and who are you?" I asked

" I'm Lexi you must be Adriano's sister I've been wanting to meet you"she said and hugged me.

" how do you know me and what are you doing here?" I asked her

"Oh sorry I'm Adriano's girlfriend I came to visit him and meet you" she told me

She seems nice but I just met her I should get to know her before I say anything thing.

I walk in and go to my old room nothings changed it's the same but cleaner. I start to put my things away when I was pushed to the ground.

"El!!" Someone yelled I recognized the voice it was Adriano.

"Adriano can you get off me please your heavy" I said laughing.

"Sorry I just missed you" he said smiling
Me and Adriano were always close he would come and see me at school.

"I missed you too and you didn't tell me you have a girlfriend she seems nice she's pretty tho" I said

"You met already I wanted to introduce you myself but yes she is and I really like her" he said still smiling.

We walked downstairs to the kitchen and Lexi was sitting on the stool reading.

" hey babe " Adriano said pecking her lips and sat next to her

"Hi baby, oh Elena I was wondering if you want to go shopping for today's event" she said I look at her confused I didn't know we had something today
she picked up on the look I gave.

" we are having a party here your father invited someone mafias and other people he knows" she said

" did papa not tell you anything " Adriano said

" no he hasn't talked to me since he told me to come home I haven't even seen him" I said

" I just saw your father he went to his office he looked a little bit mad" Lexi said

" okay I will talk to him after I call ace and tell him I'm home" I said

"Who the hell is ace?" Adriano asked me

"He's a guy I'm hooking up with but we are not dating"I said

He's like a fuck buddy, I met him at school
We have been hooking up for about a year but I'm starting to have feelings for him.

He was upset when I told him I had to leave

I walked back to my room and called ace he answered after the third ring

"Hey" I said

"Hey, how was the plane ride" he said he sounded out of breath.

"It was good, I slept most of it and watched some movies" I said I can't wait to go back see him again.

"That's good have you talked to your father about what's going on?" He asked

"No I was planning on talking to him after I called you" I said I could hear someone in the background it's probably nothing.

"Okay well let me know how it goes and when your come-" he was cut off by Adriano

"Hey el, Lexi is ready to go shopping "

"Okay I'll be down in a sec" I said and he nodded and left.

"Hey ace I have to go I'll call u tonight" I said to him

"Okay I have to go too bye" and he hung up

I walked down the staircase and saw Lexi and Adriano with some guards.

"Adriano is dad still in his office?" I asked as he was talking to some guard.

"Yeah he is but talk to him later he's to mad right now"

I nodded and looked at Lexi "ready to go, we are taking guards in case something happens"she said

"Yeah let's go"

We left to the mall bought shoes, dresses and accessories I have to buy some makeup too because I didn't bring it I wasn't expecting to be going to a mafia party.
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