The mafia family: our darkness

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Chapter 2: finding out his plan

Elena's POV

We got home and I was on my way to talk to my father I'm hoping he isn't still mad.

I was standing at his door wanting to open it but I couldn't I was to nervous 'fuck it I have to talk to him sooner or later'.

I knocked "hey papa it's me Elena "

"Come in" he said and he didn't sound mad that's a good thing.

"So... what do you want to talk to me about? and why did you want me to come home after all this time?" I said sitting down across from him.

"Yes, about that their are some people you are meeting tonight at that party and it's important that you come" he said still looking at some files.

"Why is it important for me to come" I said and he looked up at me putting the files down.

"Because I need you to meet you future husband it's an arranged marriage for you and Nikolai and you will see him tonight and we are to discuss the wedding arrangements" I was shocked not knowing what to say

He called me for this!

"What?! No!"

"Your getting married to Nikolai both me and his parents have already arranged the wedding to happen a month and a half from now"

"What?! Are you crazy?! That's not happening, I don't want to marry some guy I've never met! I shouted as stood up

"You are getting married and that's final you don't get a say in this" he said

"What! Your send me away when mom died, when I needed you the most. You then call and expect me to agree to this madness?!" I hiss through my teeth.

"Yes, and you're meeting him today at the party if you have any relationships break them off now"

Before I can say anything he continues

"Elena you have to understand it's just Business"

"Is that all I am too you?! Couldn't you have found another way" I said and started to cry

"This was the best way to get everything "
He said and he was calm as is this was nothing.

"Go to hell! I'm not getting married" I yelled

Lucas and my brother's then walk in looking at me crying.

"What's going on" both Alex and Adriano say

"Did you know about this this arranged marriage our crazy father set up for me"

"Uh- Elena-" is all Alex says before I cut him off

"You did didn't you! How could you!" I sobbed out.

"Elena you have to understand it's the best way to become allies with them and combine our mafias someday" Alex said to me.

"What! Your basically selling el off, what's wrong with you" Adriano said

"It doesn't matter now anymore" my father said

"Yeah, because I'm nothing more than business to you,it's good to know now is that,is why you sent me off to boarding school"

"Elena you know it's not like tha-"
I cut him off

"Don't I don't wanna hear your apology to try to make this better because it won't" I said wiping my tears away and walking out of the office

"Elena!"my father shouted at me

I ignored him and continue to walk away I go to my room close the door and lock it

I started to cry sliding down the door why did I ever come home

It's currently 5:30p.m I'm going to call ace and tell him I'm coming home

I called but he didn't answer so I called again and I wish I never did

"Hello ace we need to talk" I said

"Um hi this isn't ace he's in the shower at the moment" some girl said Wait is he- no he wouldn't right?

"This Elena who are you" I said

" Oh your her .. I'm Emma you shouldn't have left" then she laughed "some who's good in bed like him shouldn't be left alone He's like a sex god and his body wow"

"What!?" And tears start to fall "how long have you to been together" I asked

"About a month I was here all day after you left he's all mine now" she said he's been having sex with other girls.

He had her there when he was talking to me and more tears fell.

"Were you the girl in the background from this morning"I asked but I really hope it wasn't but boy was I wrong.

"Yeah it was and by the way you ruined the mood we were having sex and you just had to call.. do you want me to tell him to call you back" she said with an attitude.

"No ... you can have him, tell him to never call me again I'll be there to pick up my things in about a week" I said and hung up.

I'm so mad and sad he better hope he and his whore aren't there when I go because I might kill him.

I go under my bed covers and cry it all out until I fall asleep.

I heard some knocking at my door I wake and open it, it was Adriano and Alex.

"Hey how are you holding up" Alex said coming in.

"You finally stoped crying and screaming" Adriano said pulling me into a hugged him back.

I still can't believe he slept with her for a month! I wasn't even gone for a day and her took to his place what the hell!.

"What's wrong " they both asked

"Nothing I'm fine" I said going back to my bed

"We know something is wrong so tell us"
Adriano said sitting at the end of my bed.

"Fine you remember ace the guy who I was hooking up with for a year and a half"


"Wait who- never mind continue" Alex said

"Well this morning I heard someone on the phone in his background but I thought it was nothing".

"Then when I stormed out of the office I called him to tell him I was going home but instead a girl answered and said that they have been sleeping together for a month now and that he was all Hers and then told me that when we were on the phone this morning that they were having sex meaning he was inside her as we talked".

"What! Who the fuck does he think he is sure as hell isn't someone important" Alex said

"Im going to kill his ass when you go back to New York" Adriano said

"Yup I told her to tell him to never call me again and that I'll be there to pick my things up in about week" I said

"Wait you were planning on leaving you know dad won't let you" Adriano said
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