The mafia family: our darkness

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Chapter 3 the mafia ball

Elena's POV :

"Yes,I know but I can't get married, I finished school and just started living my life I'm about to be 21 and I sure as hell am not staying to be sold off to some soon-to-be mafia Don".

"Yes but-" I cut him off.

"But if I can't leave I'll just pick my things up and move somewhere here but I'm not staying with papa I'm mad at him".

"Where will you be staying"Alex asked

"I'm not sure I'll look into it" I said

"Well if you want you can stay with me and Adelina also I forgot to tell you she's pregnant" he said smiling I can tell he was excited.

"Oh my god! Really I haven't seen her since the wedding wait what's the gender?!"I asked I was so happily for them too

Adelina is Alex's wife I always liked Adelina she was like a sister I never had.

"We don't know yet not until the gender reveal which won't be for a while"

"Oh okay also I'll see if I can stay with you"

"Okay we should get going you need to get ready for the party and so should we" Adriano said and I groaned and laid back down on my bed.

It's currently 7:20 I have to start getting ready for the stupid party I have to attend, if I don't show up my papa with definitely send someone to drag me down to meet Nikolai and his family .

I left to shower, I turned the water on and undressed and got in, I then finished got out put on my undergarments and my silk robe I went back into my bathroom washed my face and brushed my teeth l had my brother call in a makeup artist and hair stylist.

They came in and sat me down at the vanity I went for something elegant but simple for my makeup,my hair is curly from my dads side of the family my brothers also have curly hair, my hair was pinned Up still showing my curls.

I slipped in the gown, It fits like a glove showing all my curves I got my moms curves and facial features nice pink lips,
High toned cheekbones,slim nose,also the height Im 5'5.

I miss her so much,I really need her right now.

Their was a knock at my door

"Come in" I said and the maid walked in.

"Ms.Russo your father and everyone else is downstairs waiting for you" she said.

"Okay tell them I'll be down"I said and she walk out.

I looked in the mirror I looked like a bad bitch but 'am I really ready to do this?'
I started to walk towards the staircase
And there I saw Lexi, Adriano, Alex.

Alex was wearing a black tux showing his muscles and tattoos and his hair slicked back looked freshly cut, Adriano was wearing a black tux also showing his muscles and his neck tattoos he left his curls out and Lexi was wearing a strapless red gown showing her curves, she had big curls.

"Hey" I said stepping on the last step taking Alex's hand.

"You look beautiful el" alex said

"You look good too, Where is papa?" I asked Adriano who was standing next to Lexi.

"He's talking to some people in the ballroom" he said walking towards the ballroom.

And I followed along behind them it was full of people I saw someone who caught my eye he was the soon to be Native American mafia leader.

He was tall with long slick hair, tan with beautiful hazel eyes I could see his muscles through his tux he had some rings
And tattoos going up his arms.

I started to walk up to my father until I bumped into someone's hard back , I stepped back and he turned around to face me, I looked at him he was tall And wow was he hot ass hell too.

"Umm I-I'm so sorry are you okay?" I asked him and he looked down at me.

"I'm fine, are you okay angel ?" he asked who is the this sexy god.

" im sorry Im Elena by the way" I said

" I know who you are angel I'm Nikolai" he's said

What?! Oh god I was drooling over this man and this is the man I'm supposed to hate.
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