The mafia family: our darkness

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Chapter 5 moving

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Elena's POV

The party has ended and Im now on my way to my fathers office I had to go change to cover up the bruising that Nikolai gave me. I walked in and they all looked at me. I saw Nikolai and his parents , Adriano, Alex, Lucas and my father.

I sat down in front of my father and I could feel Nikolai staring at me but ignored him the most I could.

"Okay then, we are all here so let's talk" I said wanting to get this over with, I called Mia and told her I wanted to go clubbing to get my mind off of this whole situation.

Mia is my childhood friend we kept in touch when I left.

"Okay, well as we told Nikolai we want you to move in together next weekend you can do as you please until the wedding but in public you will act as you love each other" my father said looking at us two.

"Yes, I have already talked to your father about the alliance and trading with Russia
Nikolai is the new leader of the Russian mafia and as your father told me your brother Adriano is going to be the leader of the Italian mafia too" Ivan said to us

"We also expect grandchildren who will one day take over"Katherine said

Kids! I barely want to be in the same room as him I'm not having sex with him anytime soon you'll be waiting a while for that Katherine.

"Okay" I said and gave them an awkward smile.

I looked over at Nikolai and he just had a bored expressions.
It's been a week since I talk to my father and Nikolai's parents. After I went out with Mia told her everything that was happening. Nikolai ended up going back to Russia to take care of some work I've mostly been with Mia or training with Adriano.

I also went back to New York to get my things Alex and Adriano came with me and beat the crap out of ace I told them not to kill him he wasn't worth it but they didn't let him off so easily which I wasn't surprised about.

Most of my things I sent to Russia, Nikolai bought a house for us and he's coming back this weekend to come get me and the rest of my things he refused to let me go on my own.
Later today I'm supposed to pack my things to move in with him which I'm not looking forward too. After what happened at the ball in the hallway I don't want to be near him. I'm just going to go shower and go to bed I'm to tired to be thinking about him.

I woke up the the sun shining through my window I groan and sit up. I just want to stay in bed all day and watch tv but unfortunately I can't it's 2 in the afternoon I have to start packing everything.

After I showered and did my daily morning routine I finished packing It wasn't much but I kept getting distracted because I was watching Lucifer and then switched to vampire diaries 'god Niklaus Is hot, I want him but I also want him with Caroline' so I took longer then expected.

There was a knock at my door and the maid came in.

"Ms.Russo, mr.Ivanov is here" she said

"Okay I'll be down in a moment" I said and she nodded and left

Time to see and leave with the devil himself.

"What took you so long you didn't have much to pack Elena?" Nikolai said

"I know, I got distracted and how do you know you just got here?" I asked him

"I asked the maids to tell me when you were finished so by the time I got here I didn't have to wait" he said

Nikolai's POV:

When I saw her coming down the stairs she looked so beautiful something about her makes me feel some kind of way she treats me a way no one has ever dared to to but she doesn't care and I find her interesting she's a feisty little angel
I went upstairs and waited for her to finish but she keeps watching tv

"Are you going to finish or keep crying over this show?" I asked her as she cried over the vampire diaries

"It's sad and anyways I was going to ask if we can leave tomorrow it's late already"


"Please just for tonight and we can leave in the morning we can stay here and watch tv" she said giving me puppy dog eyes

"Fine, we leave tomorrow morning at 5 but you better finish packing up or we leave now"

"Yes sir" she said and flashes me a smile

Sometimes she acts like she's ready to kill me and other time she acts like she likes me

"Okay but can you change it to something different"

"Sure um action,horror, or comedy?" She asked as she looked at me as I sat on her bed

"Action then horror" I said


She finished packing finally and jump on the bed setting her self next to me

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It's also a bit short

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