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The fate of a prince is already set in stone as the royal decree have stated. But, everything changes after a royal ball... Archibald, the crown prince of Grevoria is the next in line to the Grevorian throne. With the social season and pressures of marriage, countless aristocrats wanted to be part of the Royal family, willing to marry off their young daughters to gain power and authority over the other. He dodged the mushrooms, and unexpectedly fell in love... with a man. Lord Edward Covington, the Marquis of Tenestela. Dashing, proud as a peacock, such an eyesore to look at. But the way happiness glints in their eyes, their bodies missing each other's touch; a forbidden love. He felt that it conquers all of the hindrances befallen unto him. But will the pressures of being an heir be an obstacle to their love, or thy will flourish no matter what?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“May I present, His Royal Highness, Prince Archibald De Clare of Grevoria”

Trumpets were played as the herald formally announces my name, and I gently walked from the opening of the ballroom doors; as people bows and curtsy as I walk to the gaily decorated aisle. My eyes search towards the crowd, as if I’m looking for someone. But who am I searching for? As I have read the end of the aisle, I heard someone speaking behind me.

“There you are my son!”

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as I realized that my mother, the queen, was standing beside me. I bowed, and then smiled to her.

“I could not dare not to admire the decorations that we had this year, Mother. I believe these were all imported from France, yes?” I replied as I chuckled. I looked into her eyes, expecting to find cheer, but instead curiosity fills in it.

“I like to know what’s in your thoughts before I seemingly have interrupted it.” She said it with a curious look in her face.

“Oh nothing for you to be worried about, Mother.”

She smiled then patted my shoulder. “Have you thought who would you like to dance in tonight’s ball?” she asked.

“I’m still considering my best course, Mother.” I replied, but in reality, I never thought of dancing tonight. I would just to enjoy my bubbly champagne for the rest of the evening.

“Lady Amelia Northwood speaks eight languages I heard, good for making conversations to our foreign allies.” My mother mutters as she was eyeing admirably at a lady wearing a red dress. “And also there’s Lady Madeleine Mills, daughter of the Duke of Elvira, whom I believe is one of best candidate for the season this year!” She continued, as I rolled my eyes to myself.

“If we are just looking for a list of blue-stockings, I could’ve stayed home and read my epistolary. We might as well just enjoy the night without disturbing these ladies with their presumptuous mothers who were in haste for pairing off their daughters, setting their caps to someone, we must not make haste, especially when you’re searching for the next queen of Grevoria.” I replied, as I excuse myself to get some refreshments.

I helped myself with some bubbly champagne, as I compose myself comfortable as I walk away from prying eyes and vermin. But speaking of devils that cut my peace, the sicked in the nob ladies who made a cake of oneself approached me.

“Good evening Your Royal Highness, wonderful ball we have tonight, isn’t it?” It would be if you have not bang up to the elephant.

Then, more of the church-bell ball-goers approached me. What did I do? Is it my princely appearances that has enamored them to follow me, or are they just eager to swipe me of my feet?

When I was about to step away from these love stricken ladies, I slowly swayed my head to the left then, in the middle of the crowd; I saw this tall, tan, brood-shouldered, beau; looking straight in my direction or is it to the ladies who I have been talking. I look to my right, then to my left, and I checked my back but it’s hard to find if he’s looking for someone else in my direction, but then, I shook my head, as I realized it was pointless. I started to step away from the conversation and yet, all in vain. So I stood there, pretending to be aught yet exceedingly interested in the conversation.

“I little birdie told me that you do puppetry as a hobby?” a lady asked me. “Yes”. I shortly replied, attempting to walk away from this lady’s advancement, as a slowly tiptoed to my right with hesitation that wouldn’t causes myself look impolite. The man that I saw who was walking into my direction suddenly opened his mouth.

“Well, if isn’t our beloved Crown Prince... Good evening, Your Royal Highness!” he said, while he swoop his head exaggeratedly. “I say you put up a tremendous amount of effort to throw such extravagant party” he added, while chuckling heartily.

I very wanted to pull caps with this man, but I kept my head. Instead, I made myself countenance and said: “A pleasant evening to you as well, my Lord. Indeed, we spared no expense with this lavish ball. I want only the best for my kingdom.” I replied, while smirking right up in his face.

“Ah, yes indeed. It was so silly of me to say those, yes? It would a shame if the royal family spends less than a quarter while the people of Grevoria were hungry.” I became astounded.

“A little birdie told me that these exquisite decorations were imported from France. Quite extra for just an opening bell of the season isn’t it? Oh, pardon me, I must have said enough.” He smirked. “Lady Marguerite, you look ravishing in that dress tonight. Purple really brings the beauty of your eyes.” He added, as the lady chuckles with glee.

“It is nice to hear you’re back in town, my Lord. I also offer my condolences to the passing of your late Father, the Marquis.”

He’s a Marquis? It definitely fits a description of an all mouth and no trousers kind of man. Although, I might not but admit that he is pink of a ton. With his brunette hair that matches his beautiful hazel eyes. It is like looking to marvelous work of art.

“Your Royal Highness?” I surge back from my thoughts as I noticed that someone is trying to get my attention.

“Pardon?” I responded having no idea what she was talking while I was swept into my thoughts.

“I would like to introduce you to Lord Edward Covington, Marquis of Tenestela.”

I nodded. Then she turned back to him while admiring his body secretly. The look on her face shows that she want to tear his clothing right now.

“It’s a pleasure to be of your acquaintance, Your Royal Highness. Although I must apologize from our early conversation, as I was completely dragged into my emotions.” He smirked.

“I must steal this lovely lady from you, Your Royal Highness; she is clearly wasting her time to you when she could be dancing the night away to someone as dashing as me.” He offered his hand to the lady.

“Lady Marguerite?” I was not able to make my statement when he swept her away. I was left all alone, as it supposed to be.

“You should work on your skills on how to swoop off a woman’s feet, brother. I pity you for your lack of skills in flirting.” I turned around and saw a red-haired lady in a yellow dress while sipping a glass of champagne in her hand.

My sister, Beatriz is rather enjoying her night at the ball whereas I have to endure such misery.

“What are you doing here, Beatriz? Would not you be in a circle of gossiping ladies at the ball?” “I am no gossip-monger, brother. I rather be at alone a dark room than to spend a minute with the ladies at court.” She laughs.

“Would you like for me to steal you away from this ball? Just like old times?” “You know me so well, sister” I replied as we stealthily get ourselves out of the ballroom. We went inside the maze as far as we cannot hear the liveliness of the ballroom.

“Ah, here we are” Beatriz exclaimed as she carefully lift up the latch of a door that is inside of the tall bushes. Inside the door is a garden, with a pair of swing hanging under a tree. She lighted a cigar as she blows a puff of smoke out of the air.

“What’s stopping you from punching that man where it hurts, brother?” she asked, as she huffed a blow of cigar.

“Manners, Beatriz. And someday you’ll get used to it.” She laughed.

“So you mean I don’t behave well now?” she replied.

“I would not say that if thou did not punch the Earl of Alcester straight in the nose.”

I laughed. “And by the way, good arm!” I added.

“That felt good, actually.” She replied “After she spilled one of our servants in his face for serving his soup that is too hot for his taste, he could just wait for the soup to cool down; that abusive wrench!” she added.

“You really care for the common folk, are you now Beatriz?” I asked.

“Who would not be, brother?” she replied. “They are all human, just like us. Well, they might not be fortunate as we are but they deserve to be respected as we all do.” “Well you can’t be saying all of this because you are always on the room of yours, hooking up your nose on the books, meeting nobles and foreign dignitaries, whereas I, the ‘princess’ the spare that no one cared about, except for mother and the servants whom I usually spend my time with.” She exclaimed, but I notice tears started teaming inside her eyes. “If I could be of any help to them I would do it, but I’m just the ‘princess’ and I feel very useless.” She sniffed. “The other day when I snucked out of the palace; I found myself in a distant village, where I saw people who are hungry and hopeless.

I couldn’t bear to look at them seeing how they suffer, whereas we are sitting on feather-stuffed pillow chairs and eating a scrumptious meal whiles the people is unable to put food on the table as much as we do.”

I was stunned. Beatriz was right. I never had the chance to get out of the palace’s walls.

Silence filled the room until Beatriz decided to speak up.

“Come now, brother.” She smiled. “You are gone long enough. Everyone might be looking for their precious prince.” I got up as we hurriedly went back inside the palace. “Race you back to the palace! The last one to arrive is a rotten egg!”

Beatriz hurriedly ran towards the direction of the palace, while screaming cheerfully as she passes through me. “Wait! That is not even fair! I wasn’t even ready yet!” I cried as I race back to her.

The maze is so huge that I got lost inside it. “Beatriz!” I called out my sister for help, but there was no response. “Beatriz!” I yelled again but all in vain. There was no sign of Beatriz or anyone that might have heard me. I tried to look my way out of the maze but all in vain.

Suddenly, I heard something. There was rustling beneath the bushes that made me shiver. “Beatriz, I know it is you. Stop fooling around.”

“It must have been the wind.” I whispered to myself. As I continue to look for my way out, the rustling of the bushes still lingers. “Who’s there?” I asked.

Again, there was no answer. Instead, a familiar figure stood right in front of me as I turned.

“Did I scare the whirligigs out of you, Your Royal Highness?” he said while laughing hysterically.


“You should have seen the look on your face.” He laughed again. I was getting hot under my collar.

“Are you done laughing?” I asked. “Well if you’re still not. “I would not bloody stay here and wait for you to die of laughter. I have a ball to return to” I said as I attempt to turn away. I was about to stride my way to the palace when he hastily place himself in front of me.

“You’re standing right beside my way!” I grunted.

“Why in such a haste, Your Royal Highness? No one’s still missing you if you’re out for a few more minutes!” He smirked.

“I have been very patient with you, I have let you ignored my presence for in numerable times but this time I shall not going to let it slipped past me again.”

“A prince like me can ignore everyone’s presence as I wish, you must be thinking highly of yourself in treating me such as this. After all, you’re just a Marquis.” I grumbled to him.

“The next time you disrespect me like this, I will claim what shall be mine.”

I laughed sarcastically after hearing those words. “Ha! Nothing in this world belongs to you.”

“Everything that you had can be in my grasps, if I shall want it.” He smirked. I glared like daggers right through his eyes. I pushed him aside and I stomped away from his path, clearing a way for myself, as I walked towards the palace.

I was about to stride away, when he firmly grabbed my arm, as I accidentally swayed myself in front of him as he quickly captured my lips in his. My eyes widened. I hurriedly remove myself in him and I quickly punched him in the nose. He instantly moved himself away from me as he groaned in pain.

“Damn. You got some one good arm. I like it.” He said as he smirked. “Dare I say, royal training must be paying off, I see.”

“There are only few people that punched me in the face. Do you know what happened to them?” he grunted.

I snorted out a little. “Ha! As if a royal that is someone like me would care!” I sneered. “And why would such a man like you, a marquis at that would kiss a full grown man like me. Are you bloody mad?” I grunted, as I tried to wipe my lips away with the back of my hand.

I tried my best to excuse myself as possible from the current situation, but all in vain. I attempted to get away, but he grabbed me, and soon our tongues tangled and went to war in our locked mouths, battling madly for dominance.

His lips tasted like peaches and honey, as it swiftly moves as it traces the opening of my mouth. I tend to hop away from the pleasure, as my body overpowered me. I feel hopeless, but this kind of hopelessness that unlike any other.

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