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Chapter 3

(weeks passed)

I was in my study as someone knocked on the door.

“The Marquis of Tenestela, Your Royal Highness...” a servant announced.

“Let him in,” I replied.

“Archibald, we need to talk...”

The way he said those words, it seems that there is something urgent he needed to disseminate.

“Go on?” I ask, still, my eyes focused on the papers I was reading.

“I would like for us to be alone. These matters seemed to be private.” He mumbled.

I signaled a servant to leave us alone, as he closes the door.

“Now that you have all my attention, what seems to be bothering you, Edward?”

Before saying any words, Edward suddenly grabbed me where I was sitting and put his lips on mine. Warmth blossomed in my chest, sparks igniting as Edward leaned in closer, lips brushing together, tentatively. The smell of his perfume is tantalizing, dizzying, butterflies dancing on my stomach, as the warmth consumed us as we both gave in to the sweet pleasure, as Edward’s lips were impossibly soft against my own.

I pulled myself back as to Edward’s surprise.

“What seems to be troubling you?” I demanded.

“I love you.” He said.

I was stunned. His voice was so warm when he told me those three words.

“Pardon?” I replied.

“I love you.” He spoke again.

“You said that alarmingly quickly.” I chuckled, but inside, I was completely overwhelmed. What nice words to hear.

“Because it does not require any thought.” He added as he smiled.

Still stunned and having no idea what to reply, I removed my glasses and rubbed my eyes.

“Edward, maybe you should sit down--”

But before I can finish, he pulls me toward him again, sealing his lips to mine. He sighs my name...


Without any hesitation, I met his lips that are eager to taste mine. I threw my arms around his neck, and melt into the kiss, murmuring his name against his mouth.


He groans and kisses me harder, pulling my hips against him. His teeth caught my lower lip, making my heart stutter. His grip on my hips intensified, as my stomach had tightened as he twined his tongue around mine.

“I’ll never get enough of this...” He murmured

And I won’t either, except that he came in here barging in alarmingly. I can’t seem to find a reason why he has said those words quickly and I won’t let him derail me.

I pushed him gently back.

“You’ve got some explaining to do, Edward.”

I sat back on my chair as I tend to listen to him He sat in front of me by the table, and started to speak.

“Ever since the ball, after that night, you’ve taken up every spare thought in my head. And I’ve tried, I’ve tried to erase it in my memory, but you; you set a burning flame in me, Archibald. Every thought I have of you came to me burning with desire and need.

He looked at me, the warring emotions he tried to stifle all time long were about to breakthrough.

“Being with you puts my entire life at stake, but all shall be damned. I’m this close to throwing it all away for you. I just need to know... I need to hear you say it...”

“Do you also want me, Archie?”

I got up, and without any thought, words blurted out of my mouth.

“I want you too, Edward.” I softly whispered. He walked over to me as I touched my hand to his cheek, feeling a spark race through me at the contact. His breath catches, to mine.

“I want you so much...” I whispered in his ear. His eyes twinkled with so much joy like the stars in the night sky.

He leans to my touch, eyes closing as he covers my hand with his. His voice came out as a whisper.

“You weren’t supposed to say that...” He smiled, as he nibbled my ear.

“I don’t want to hide my feelings from you, Edward. I’m not going to walk away from you, from what we shall ever be.”

He let out a breath, curled his fingers through mine. A pained smile tugged at his lips. He opened his eyes slowly, a gaze that has bound mine, deep with longing and the tenderest affection I’ve ever seen.

“How are we going to do this? You and me?” He asked.

I took his hand and brushes my lips along his knuckles. Murmurs are as soft as his kiss.

“Nobody shall know about us. The important thing is, I know you are mine as I am yours. The path that we are about to take together won’t be a walk in the park...” I replied.

“You are worth every pain, every joy, tears, and laughter, you are worth every moment, my love, Archie. I shall not let it slip through my grasps... I--”

As we were about to meet our lips, We heard something outside the door!

“Pardon me for the interruption, Your Royal Highness, but his Majesty is requesting your presence at once. Shall we let him in, sire?”

“His Majesty?” Edward burst in horror.

“Christ, I forget--”

The doors were opened revealing my Father. Before he could enter, Edward sprints and dove under my desk.

“Father... I wasn’t expecting you to be here this time of day. Weren’t you in Berganza Manor?”

Once my father came in, I slowly shut the door again. My hands felt cold and tingling with nervousness through my fingertips.

“Why don’t you take a seat, son? You and I have natters to discuss to.”

“Oh, yes... Yes... Of course.”

Edward squeezes himself into the corners underneath the desk as I slowly took my seat. This will gonna be a long talk.

“It appears to me that you’re taking seriously to the task at hand... preparing yourself in running the kingdom. I’m impressed by the progress you have made. I wouldn’t have done it better myself.” He started, as he poured a glass of bourbon from a small liquor table beside him.”

“I’m happy to hear such praises, You’re Majesty. The work that I’ve done and still be doing is my small step as I’ll soon be taking over. Not that I speak ill on you, after all, I wish nothing else in the world unless His Majesty’s good health.”

“I raised you well enough. I expect nothing less from you, my boy. After all, I’m not getting any younger, and you shall be king someday. And there’s a lot of, duties and responsibilities” He drawled, as he took a sip from his glass.

My focus was shifted from my father when suddenly I felt squeezing on my thigh. I slowly looked down, and saw Edward, gently kept squeezing my thigh; and I accidentally sucked in a sharp breath. ”

" Is everything alright? ” my father narrowed his eyebrows.

Edward was about to retract his hand... when I reached under the desk and laced his fingers with mine.

" Things were just fine, Your Majesty. Though I must ask on what were you trying to implore a few moments ago?

“I would like to offer you the post, as an ambassador to Denmark. Well, if you’re up for it.”

Did I hear that right?

“I would be glad to accept the position as well, Your Majesty.”

“It seemed that you and Lord Covington are pretty acquainted, Why don’t you invite him and offer a position at court? Having him in your court can be beneficial for you. He might be just a Marquis, but his family is quite highly praised; with large amassed lands and wealth, an ally such as that.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Your Majesty.”

I squeezed Edward’s hand in excitement as he slowly kissed my hand. My cheeks suddenly went pink and I hoped my father didn’t notice that.

As my father continued to talk more, Edward slowly set his hands on my knees and teasingly run them up to my thighs.

I was startled by the sudden movement that made my body tingled, as I care not making any sign of interruption to be noticed by my Father. My entire body jerked as I moved my hands aside so he can run his hands higher. He popped the buttons of my trousers as I gently spread my legs wide. I tried to keep my voice low as Edward brushed a finger over the seam of my undergarments.

“Being in a foreign court shall not be an easy task, but I am assured that you can handle anything that is thrown on you.”

“I think that the Danish court will be, a stimulating experience, indeed.”

Carefully and quietly, I shifted into my seat so Edward can lower my undergarments out of the way. After I was freed out of my constraints, I cannot help but bit back a low moan.

"Ohh...only for the best of our kingdom. I’d be an honor to do anything his majesty entrusted me.”

“In that case, I made the right decision after all!” Father exclaimed.

"Th...Thank you... Your Majesty.”

Edward flattens his palms against my thighs, pushing my legs open a little further. I rolled my hips into his touch, as I show how much I needed him.” He used his mouth as he swiped his tongue against me and melted, chair cracking as I slumped a little lower.

“You seemed to be acquainted with Lord Covington, I say he must accompany you on to the Danish court...”

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards me, desperately. He wrapped his lips around me, as I cried out his name.


“Yes, Edward Covington, I have said that he must be accompanying you for the trip, he’s well known in the Danish court himself. He’d been to Denmark earning some favors from the king numerous times, and he would be useful if he is with you there.”

Edward continues to rub his lips as he swirls his tongue, going inside and out, as I sighed at the subtle vibration.


“Very well, then it is settled. Dispatch a letter by this afternoon to be sent at the Covington Estate as I have to write for Denmark as well to let them know to expect you and Lord Covington... And son, are you sure you’re alright? You’re looking rather flushed.”

“Oh, no need for you to worried about, Your Majesty. All of this work must be needing a small breathe for a moment.”

“Well, take care of yourself. I want you to be in good health as always...”

And with that, Father walked to the other side of the room. The door opens and then closes behind him.

I pushed my chair back from the desk, giving Edward more room. My body turns for him, face flushed, legs spread in invitation. I swallowed loudly as he crawled out under my desk, kneeling between my open thighs.

“Look how excited you are, Your Royal Highness” He winked.

He dipped his head back down to swipe his tongue against me, and I rolled my eyes as I let out a needy sigh. A shiver races through me at the sight of him between my legs, as he licked his lips.

“Edward... please...”

“Your Highness... Let me hear you. I want to hear how bad you can when no one’s around.”

He drags his tongue along mine, and I let out a chorus of groans from the deepest part of my chest.

"Ohh... God...”

My hips piston off the chair, as my strong, thigh muscles flex as tremors wrack my entire body.


Back arched, head thrown back, my voice diced in my throat as I rode the waves of pleasure he had provided me. Afterward, he stroked my thighs soothingly, murmuring encouragements as I caught my breaths.

“You sound like you enjoyed yourself, Archie... How do you feel?” He smirked

“That was... splendid...”

He stood up and leaned over me, hands on the armrests. I looked into him with a glazed expression, face flushed, chest rising and falling quickly.

“Then kiss me...”

I obeyed immediately, cupping his cheek to draw his lips to mine.

"Mmmm... I could do this all day...” He murmured.

“Couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t sleep”

“When love came and told me, I shouldn’t sleep”

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