True Colors

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Everyone is bound to secrets, a painful past, and a dream . . . Sasha and Hazel had crossed roads once among the stars, their inevitable encounter binding them together with a prayer passed on from a heart full of hope. The girl and the guy meet again after the accident that changed both their lives forever, when Hazel decides to leave her home to pursue her dream in making art, ending up with renting a room at Sasha's house. With the two of them in close proximity, they're vulnerable, their dark secrets are prone to be revealed, unraveling the unforgettable memories of the past. Will they be able to protect themselves from pain? Or will they surrender and listen to their hearts? Between the elegant Verona and the glorious Florence, Sasha and Hazel will embark on a journey, full of passion, art, pain, and true-colored love.

Romance / Humor
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Author's Note

“She sees in black and white, thinks in greys, but loves in color.” –JmStorm


This novel is set in Italy and real places are mentioned. This is a work of fiction, so any resemblance to names or other places is entirely coincidental.

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Enjoy the read and please don’t plagiarize my work. Thank you.

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