The Underworld

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After Anne's mom passes, she discovers a whole new world of demons, ancestors and monsters she was unaware of, moreover she has superpowers she didn't know she had her whole childhood. Everything she ever new was a lie...

Romance / Horror
Sikhanyiso Nxumalo
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Chapter 1

Suddenly, long icy fingers grabbed my arm as I inched through the darkness of the forest. Everything in me wanted to look at this person, creature or whatever it was, but I just couldn’t. The cloud of fear that surrounded me was so intense it immensely crippled and overwhelmed me. At that moment everything seemed to go in slow-motion with all my senses being immediately heightened.

The half- blood moon that was copper-red on the top and bright white on the bottom illuminated the thick large trees, which were now moving unrealistically slow under the gushing wind that I distinctively heard a few seconds ago, though now it was absurdly quiet you could easily hear a needle fall. The thumping of my heart was so loud it echoed in my ears, my whole body was prickly because of the silky cob webs that shrouded me, the murky mud under my bare cold feet was sandwiched between my toes, worst still I sensed this creatures eyes menacingly stare at me which sent chills down my spine.

All the hairs on my body spiked as this thing leaned in my ear and snarled, “You little brat, your fear is so appealing, I’m salivating over sucking the last bone marrow of your useless body, the shuddering sound of my hands crushing your head will be the last thing you’ll ever hear, your soul is mine, vengeance is mine!” Okay wait, did this reeking stupid creature just talk about vengeance - what did I ever do to it to deserve this?! That thought was enough to snap me back to my senses and replace fear with anger. I felt all the adrenaline pump through my veins, impulsively smacked the creature’s hand over my arm and boldly turned to look at it!

Standing thirteen feet tall, reptilian bright red eyes with slit dark green pupils, horns on top of its monstrous face sharp enough to pierce through alligator’s skin and stained jagged teeth overlapping its puckered up lips. The beast’s arms, chest and shoulders were unbelievably muscular and covered in spikes. Most shocking of all the creature’s lower torso was of a matte, black serpent with thick scales which looked impenetrable.

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