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The bad boy's motive

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"Take advantage of me or leave me right now," said Monali staring vigorously at Ayam. "I swear I'll make love to you when you're sober enough to feel me, but not now," Ayam gritted his teeth and pulled her onto his arm. Our typical love fantasies say good girls only fall for Protagonist but what happens when a gold-hearted angel falls for the antagonist. Monali is a lovely girl that every boy desires for. When Ayam, a male witch joins the same high school, she gets intimitated by him without realising the danger she is welcoming into her life. But what if Ayam doesn't want to do anything with her because his whole heart has been occupied by his Ex- girlfriend. Will he move on and reciprocate the feelings with Monali or will he decide to go back to his ex-girlfriend?

Romance / Mystery
Catherine King
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I feel pleasant here, I’m elated. But I can’t resist the bittersweet life of mine in Milina Island. If I want to subsist like a normal human, I should keep my profile low in Nara. I know the perils. But I can’t let myself be buried on the Island. This place is kind of weird and new to me. Though the only thing I still hold on to is my connection with nature. I urge this first-day high school won’t be ruined by my brother; pondered Liya who just moved to a new city with her family to restart her life. She flashed a smile in the mirror, grabbed her shiny darkest black bag, and stepped down from her room.

When she glared her look at the kitchen, she caught sight of her brother Ayam in a neat and elegant school outfit in blue, eating his breakfast gently with his tiny lips. His hawkish nose and defined cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His Titan’s shoulders were part of his burly physique. His eyes were a dazzle with mirth over a cosmic smile. Liya ogled at her brother with a furious and painful expression as she couldn’t take her eyes off.

“Good morning, baby! Come and have breakfast with your brother,” interrupted Liya’s mom, Tatia. Liya headed towards the dining, grabbed her breakfast, and walked off quickly from her brother.

“Mom… Didn’t you promise me that he wouldn’t go to the school along with me? Then why is he wearing this outfit?”

“He didn’t get admission to any other schools. He will behave himself, you can trust me. Ayam, promise your sister” assured, Tatia.

“It depends on my mood sister,” muttered Ayam in a sarcastic tone. He got himself out from his mother and sister in that awkward situation, grabbed his flawless bag, and headed out to get into the car.

Liya was pissed off by her brother’s satirical reply. If my brother commits any mistake, I will never hesitate to bring him down in order to save innocent people; Liya mulled over and bagsied the front seat. Tatia was worried about her children’s relationship. It got hard for her to manage both of them at the same instant. She was pitifully clueless. But she has never lost hope in them as a mother.

“Fasten your seatbelts″, Tatia commanded and started the car. As she drove, Ayam and Liya admired the nature out there. Tatia avoided the rush hour and hit the brake in front of a giant gate that was holding up a written vintage wooden board that read Raphael Oceano High school. “Oh my goodness! This place is absolutely cool. I’ve never seen a school in the bay of blue. I hate to say this but you have a great taste Liya,” exclaimed Ayam. Liya put on a long face and pretended like she didn’t hear anything. “Don’t pull up another conflict right now, let us get inside and meet the principal firsthand″, demanded Tatia.

“Whatever you say” replied Ayam and they followed Tatia.

The school was moralistic, gothic and thoroughly odd with its well defined contemporary oriental architecture. The students in the school were startling and mystical without any exceptions. Ayam cracked on observing the physiognomy of the students in the vicinity. He was astounded that he couldn’t dig in more deeply into anyone’s psyche. Tatia entered the principal’s room with her teenagers.

“Nice to see you again, Tatia” greeted a classical man, aged around 50, sitting in the principal’s chair.

“It’s nice to see you too Mr. Ashanka! I have brought my kids along, they could understand much better if you address them personally about the things we discussed” requested Tatia.

“Yeah sure! I even wanted to,” the Principal acknowledged. “First, I welcome you both to our school. Our school is a unique and strange one from the outer world. Students with super powers only study here. Sometimes we give admissions to normal humans with super talent. But giving admission to witches is totally against the rule. I’m doing this for your mother as I’m grateful to her. You should use only one of your spells to portray yourself as a superhuman. But I can’t permit you to use all of the spells and magic at the campus. If I found any of you using spells at the campus, I’ll dismiss the person right away. And also the school has a lot of sensitive history and secrets behind it. Never try to dig it up. It’d be nice if you both follow the instructions.”

Liya beamed at him and replied, “Thank you for giving admission to us Mr. Ashanka. We will surely follow the instructions.”

The principal smiled back and turned his gaze on Ayam. Ayam nodded and smirked vilely.

Suddenly a tall ombre-headed girl walked in and handed over an invitation to the Principal’s hand. “Mr. Ashanka, I have compromised the details to be added to the agenda of tomorrow’s event. Please take a look and let me know if there’re any modifications to be executed,” she demanded. Her tone was assertive and filled with confidence.

“I don’t think it needs any modifications, you can go ahead with further work,” the Principal insisted. She acknowledged and darted out as fast as she darted in.

“Did you just see what happened? She didn’t even give a glance at Ayam. I can’t believe my own eyes!” Tatia whispered in Liya’s ear. Ayam simpered as he really didn’t care.

“Well, find your respective classes from the panel display hanging out there. You can leave now Tatia, I’ll take care of the rest,” the Principal retorted.

Right after Tatia left the room; Ayam hurried towards the panel display and looked for his class. Liya left the Principal’s room after finding her classroom. When Ayam was about to leave, the Principal’s voice intrigued, “I’ve watched witches using wands in movies, do you use any?” beamed Mr. Ashanka with curiosity filled eyes. “You’re really spoiled by the fantasy movies Mr. Ashanka. It’s not necessary, I use my priceless beautiful digits to cast spells,” Ayam giggled and absconded.

Liya pondered a lot of thoughts in her head while heading to her classroom and accidently ran into a muscular frame.

Who is this occult chap?! She looked into his eyes….

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