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Rumi - a shy indian girl lands herself a dream job in the city of SEOUL. Stirring through the cultural differences and language she meets someone who was not meant to be in her plan. Fighting her feelings and fear she unwantedly steps into the realm of love . She was going to try something she never had . Relationship commitment so rare to her.

Romance / Drama
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The Dates

Awkward silence on first dates are a tradition. Well atleast the restaurant was nice even the food was great if only i could have a drink .
I cleared my throat " wasn't the food great here?" He quickly replied "Yes. Next time we could go to an Indian restaurant. I have never tried India food."
"Indian food is great but i prefer korean food, much more suitable for my palate.I should have been born in Korea."
He nodded his head. To me the date didn't really seem to go well, we could hardly talk even barely looked at each other. If i would have known the date would have been this bad i would have preferred to not buy a new dress and drown myself in soju not that i have a drinking problem.
To be fair blind dates are the worst especially for introverts. Ideas start running in my mind. What should i do ? Should i make an excuse or tell him to never meet again? What if he asks for another date?wait hasn't he already come up with a proposal indian restaurant . Please say something . I really hoped that the thoughts in my minds jumped to his head like frogs do.
"we should ask for the bill." he said. I shook my head in agreement. We shared the bill. I checked whether i had my phone and purse and together we walked out of the restaurant. After walking a few distance from the restaurant i started to look for a cab . He asked " Are you going home. Should i come with you?"
"no don't bother yourself. i can go home safely there is nothing to be worried about."
He smiled at me . Suhyun had great choice in guys i must say. He wore a sky coloured shirt paired with black pants . He looked cute. I didn't use handsome because i need to know a person to say that can't judge a book by it's cover.
Suddenly he reached for my hand "Are you cold? Did i say you look pretty ? " i blushed instantly and held my face in my hand too embarrassed to show my reaction. He smiled from ear to ear clearly acknowledging the cheesiness of the line. I couldn't stop feeling shy and somewhere in between i even started laughing. As tear welled up in my eyes i looked at him "Hey i know it was a bad date . You are very nice to say such nice things but it's okay if you don't want to meet again "
He replied "It's not like that. It was only the first date maybe it will be better next time. I have your number so i will call you "
"okay. I am free in the evenings. I will wait for your call".
Bidding him goodbye i waved for a taxi. One taxi finally stopped and i gave him directions to my apartment. I was thinking about him. What he did was kind of cute and romantic. I was stopping myself from overthinking about the future . It's Sunday tomorrow i thought . I wanted to plan something like a treat for working so hard. Maybe a picnic in the park by myself or lunch and drinks with Suhyun if she was free.
The taxi came to a halt and my destination had arrived. i paid him and stepped out carefully not to ruin my new dress. I was so excited to tell Suhyun what had happened and maybe owe my love life to her. I entered the code to my door and quickly jumped out of my sandals to comfy slippers and rushed to change my dress. After refreshing myself with a quick shower i rushed to the apartment next door which belonged to my friend and match maker Lee Suhyun.
She was in her pajamas with a beer can in one hand "you are back . So how was you date? well i make no mistakes "
"first give me one of those. well at first i felt like killing you because it wasn't going well and i bought a new dress which i thought was a waste but in the end it turned out pretty well but i am not counting my chickens before they hatch. You never really know."
She roared a devilish laugh"I am the best . Maybe i should be working at tinder or make my own dating app. My dad always told me i was a genius i just needed you to make me realise that. When is the next date"
"well i am not sure but soon i guess and i asked for a beer it seems to take centuries now "
She threw a beer can at me from the refrigerator and a clumsy me barely caught it. I would have thrown it back at her if only i was not too scared to be hit back.
She looked at me "Tomorrow is Sunday. want to do something? lets live our lives before we are too old."
"The question could have been framed without the melodramatic line. But yes i was thinking if you were free. Lets go for a picnic you and me "
She nodded in affirmation. "okay i will binge watch some Netflix show to criticize and be ready by 10am tomorrow "
"Goodnight i am going to watch something too and then sleep . We will pack food at the grocery and i will make us something for breakfast. "
I closed the door behind me and headed to my apartment.
Drank water switched off the lights and went to bed. I should not put my hopes in one date and it's not like it hasn't gone wrong before. Anything could happen. No calls maybe or maybe we will date and marry have kids. I told my brain to shut up and sleep.
I didn't want to overthink it. What i should be worried about is whether Suhyun will wake up at 10am or 2pm. Pulling my blanket onto my face i put myself to sleep hoping of having relevant dreams that didn't involve dancing with Mickey mouse in the clubhouse .
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