You’re My Dream

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Arryn Saunders is a shy girl from a small town who dreams of a career in the music industry. She doesn't want to be famous, she just wants her songs to be sung by someone famous and produce the music. She takes a leap of faith by moving to LA to try to fulfill her dreams. Things start to look up until she meets a soon to be famous artist Alaric 'Ric' Hayes and he takes an interest in her. Will she be able to stay behind the scenes or will she be forced to take the spotlight? Will she give in to the bad boys temptations or will she focus on living her dream?

Romance / Drama
Alexandria Navarro
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Graduation Day

As I walk down the hallway of Springfield High School for the last time, I can't help but think that I didn't have the normal high school experience like my fellow students. I never went to football games or pep rallies. I didn't go to any dance, formal, or prom. Basically any school function, I was not in attendance. Instead, I was working at a diner, trying to save as much as possible to move out of this small town and constantly running and working out. And when I wasn't working or working out, I was doing what I absolutely love doing; singing, writing music and playing the piano. As I am walking towards the doors, I hear some jocks snickering behind me. Please, don't talk to me, please don't talk to me. I say to myself. I walk faster when I hear them calling out for me. I was so invisible here. I wasn't aware they knew my name. I can hear them almost catch up to me, but I see they've stopped to talk to some cheerleaders as I slightly glance over my shoulder. I let out a breath of relief, knowing that I'm saved. I do not want to know why they were trying to talk to me. Sighing, I walk out of the main entrance for the last time and walk to my old but in good shape, 2012 black Honda Civic. I spent so much of my own savings on my car, and my mom only gave me some money to put towards it. She offered to buy me a brand new car, but I didn't want to know what the catch was, so I turned her offer down.

I decide to drive straight to work instead of going home because I can't deal with the disappointed look my mom gives me every time I walk in the door. I honestly don't know why she is disappointed in me. Maybe, it's because I have zero friends and I'm not social. When she was in high school, she was the most popular girl, constantly reminding me of it. We are complete opposites personality-wise. Although I got my bright blue eyes from her, I have black hair and golden brown skin from my father. At least, that's what my mom told me when she finally had the courage to tell me about him. He walked out on her when I was born because he didn't want to put his music career on hold for a family. Maybe that's another reason my mom is so disappointed with me. I'm leaving her and trying to pursue a career in the music industry instead of being a realtor or a "stable job," like her.

Luckily, the diner is only 10 minutes away from school, and I always keep at least one uniform in my car. As I walk into the diner, I accidentally bump into Sarah, the diner's manager, and the owner's daughter.

"Shit, sorry Sarah, I didn't see you there," I say while she is giving me an awful glare that she eases off her face once she realizes that it's me.

"It's alright, Arryn. I thought you were some jerk customer who bumped me on purpose,'' she says while slightly laughing. Mostly high school kids come to this diner, and they are rude as hell. I have hidden plenty of times when they have come in so that I wouldn't get cussed out.

"How's the day been?'' I ask. I want this day to be over already so I can go home and finish packing. I have slowly started to pack all my things to move to LA. Most of my packing is done, but I still have last-minute things to pack.

She rolls her eyes, she gives me a bored tone, ''you know damn well that it is sooo slow! School is out, so no one wants to come here. I've had like 10 customers all day. I can't wait until we close early today."

"Why would you close early?'" I ask, confused. We've never closed early before. I rack my brain to remember a special event today, but I am drawing a blank.

She gives me a hard stare while flailing her arms around dramatically, "you know we are closing early for your graduation! I've told you this for the past month! There is no way I am missing it!"

"I told you not to close for my graduation. I'm not even going to cross the stage," I say through gritted teeth. I don't want to spend any more time with the kids in my class. I wasn't bullied or anything. I was just invisible. Sometimes I wondered what it would have been like to make a friend at school, but then I quickly tossed that thought aside when I remembered that I would be leaving as soon as I graduated.

"Ugggggh, I thought you were just joking," she says while giving me the pout face.

I try not to laugh, and I pout with her, "no, I wasn't joking. I'm leaving in less than twenty-four hours, so I need to finish packing and get ready for the long drive."

Putting her hands on her hips, "fine! We are still closing early, and I'm making you a decent meal and also lots of leftovers for your drive." She gives in easily because she knows that I'm not a social person. I don't have social anxiety or anything. I would rather be alone, listening to music.

"Alright, alright" I give in, not wanting to argue with her. She's been like an older sister to me since I was 16 and first got this job. I owe a lot to her. She has always been there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on or wanted advice. She always listened when I got into fights with my mother about my future. She was sad when I told her that I was moving away, but she knows that it's always been my dream to move out of this town and work in the music industry.

"Let's go, babe. We've got some work to do," she says while pulling me into the kitchen.
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