You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Baby Steps

It's finally Friday, and after working 3 days with Lanie and staying up late for the past couple of nights by myself to finish the song, it is finally done. I decided to keep my voice in the chorus and some parts in the verse to harmonize with her and make the song well-rounded.

I'm patiently waiting at my desk for Damien so that I can let him hear the finished product. I hope that he likes it and doesn't have to push back her slot to be played on the radio. After 30 minutes of going through paperwork and getting caught in the work that I missed this week, he finally comes into the office. He goes straight to his desk and doesn't say anything to me. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to interrupt him or wait until he talks to me. I decide on the former and continue my work. 10 minutes pass, and I hear him groan loudly.

"Arryn," Damien calls out for me.

I stand up and walk to his desk, a little nervous because he groaned, and I'm not sure if it was towards me.

"H-h-hi, Damien. Everything alright?" I stutter and cautiously ask. I really hope that he isn't up with me or with anything that I've done.

He pinches the bridge of his nose, "Yeah, everything's good." He pauses and stares at me. I stay silent, letting him continue.

"Well, no, actually. I have my biggest artist who wants to record a new song, but it's a slow song that I'm not sure will be popular. I'm just trying to decide if I let him record it and release it, or just let him record it and only put it on the album. But anyway, how's the song going with Lanie?" He looks tired.

"It's going really well. It is done, and you need to listen to it and approve it."

He looks surprised, "It's done? Edits and everything?"

"Yeah, everything is complete and ready to be released, if you like it."

"Ok, let's hear it now."

I nod and walk back to my desk and connect to the speaker, and press play. I walk back to his desk, and we both listen to the song. He is sitting back in his chair with his head back and eyes closed. I really hope he didn't fall asleep. That wouldn't be good.

After the song is finished, he is still in the same position, and I stand there quietly. After a few moments that feel like hours, he opens his eyes and looks at me with a bright smile.

"Arryn, this is really good. You did an amazing job with the lyrics, and the melody sounds great. Who harmonized with her in the chorus and bridge?"

I blush slightly, "uhm, that was me."

He nods his head. "yeah, I figured it was. You really do have an amazing voice, and it fits perfectly in the background. It didn't overpower the lead and blended very well. I'll need your signatures on a few forms because your voice will be on the track, and you will get paid for producing the song, writing it, and singing on it."

I bite my lip nervously. "Ok, Damien, just let me know when you need me to sign," and I start to walk back to my desk.

"I have the forms right here if you could come to sign them. Let me call Jane in here as a witness." He grabs the phone and talks to Jane.

"Ok." I stand at his desk and read through the documents. After a few moments, Jane comes into the office, and I sign everything I need to sign. As she heads out, she gives me a genuine smile and looks very excited for me.

I look back to Damien, and he is smiling at me and claps his hands together. "Alright, Arryn. Now that I know you have a talent for producing music, I will be giving you a few artists to work with and see how you do with them. Lanie will be your main artist. I think you will work really well with her and help her take her career up a few levels. You can help her with lyrics and melodies that she already has, and you can also have her sing some of your original work if you'd like. You can also do the same for the other artist that you are being assigned to. One of them is a songwriter, so you won't have to do much for his music, but he needs a lot of guidance in the recording room. He is a live performer, so it will take him time to adjust to the studio. After you complete the songs, send them to me, and I will work my magic and get them heard. If you have suggestions about what should be released and what should only be on the album, let me know. I'll also need you to still work a few days with me as my assistant until I can find a replacement that is as good as you."

I am standing there like a deer caught in the headlights. I can't believe that he is going to let me produce some music. I'll have my own artists to work with. I am finally going to be living my dream.

"I know this is a lot to take in. I'll have a new contract made out for you, so you won't have to sign waivers for every song you complete, and it has your new salary and pay conditions." He says with a smile.

I have no words, so I nod my head.

"You can go home for the day and take the weekend off. When you come in on Monday, find me in the recording room, and you can sign the paperwork, and I can give you the list of who you will be working with. Have a good weekend, and congrats!" He says and stands up to give me a handshake.

I shake his hand with enthusiasm and smile widely. "thank you so much, Damien, for this opportunity. I'll give it my all, and I won't let you or the artists down. Thank you, Thank you. I'll see you on Monday."

He gives me a nod and a smile, and I go to my desk to grab my stuff and walk out the door to head home.

When I reach my car, I can't help but jump up and down. I can not believe this is happening! I decide to do a little bit of shopping to update my wardrobe a little bit and then get take out so I can relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend.
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