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He Wants Me

It's Monday morning, and I am so excited for today that I hardly got any sleep last night. I decide to get up earlier, so I can put a little more effort into my appearance. After my shower, I blow-dry my hair, so it's straight instead of slightly wavy. After I finish my hair, I put on my normal mascara and eyeliner, and I decide to add a little bit of red lipstick under my normal chapstick. It gives me just a slight tint on my lip which is noticeable because I normally don't add any color to my lip. I also decide to add just a bit of blush. Instead of just going with my normal jeans and a blouse, I decided to wear a fitted tank with a nice cardigan that I bought this weekend. I still wear my vans because I can not walk in heels. I look in the mirror, and I feel like a whole new person. I grab my bag, keys, and phone and go out the door to grab a coffee and something light to eat before heading to the studio.

As I walk into the building, I walk over to Jane, who is already smiling at me brightly. I say hello to her and head to the recording room so I can talk with Damien. Hopefully, he isn't too busy because I'd really like to start to meet with the artists I'll be working with. I quietly walk into the room after noticing that the recording light is on. He briefly looks up and waves me in. I can hear the melody of a song playing, and it sounds amazing and could be a sad song. I stand next to Damien and look through the glass at the person singing. My eyes widen when I realize that it's fucking Alaric in front of the mic and he looks completely focused on what he is singing. He can't be a singer. He has to be helping Damien out of something. There isn't any way that he is a singer. I can't hear what he is singing, so I can't tell if he is good.

Damien pauses the music and hands me headphones so I can listen. He tells Alaric to start from the top. He doesn't press play yet. He turns to me and tells me to give my honest opinion when the song is done, and then we can sign the contract. I nod my head because I'm stunned that I'm about to hear Alaric sing. Alaric never looks up from his notebook, so he doesn't notice that I'm in the room listening to him. Damien presses play, and as Alaric starts to sing, I become completely entranced by his voice. It sounds so full of emotion, and the lyrics are speaking his story.

After he is done with the song, he still doesn't lookup. He looks completely lost and vulnerable. This song must have a lot of meaning because I can see the many emotions on his face. First is sadness and heartbreak, then it quickly changed to hatred. After he composes himself, he starts to exit the booth and looks surprised to see me standing next to Damien. He covers his surprised expression quickly and smirks at me. He must notice my completely shocked face that I can't get rid of.

"Well, I didn't know that I had an audience today," He says as he quickly checks me out and looks at Damien.

"I want her opinion on whether we should radio play this song," Damien says and looks at me expectedly.

They both stare at me, waiting for me to answer, but I still in shock. After a few moments, I finally compose myself and rethink the song to give my opinion.

Clearing my throat, "Well, I think that it is a compelling song, even though it is a slow song. I think that it would speak to many people who have had their hearts broken and give them the feeling that they are not alone. But," I pause for a somewhat dramatic effect and turn to Alaric, "its sounds like it is a very personal song. If it does become a hit, which I believe that it could be, you would have to be prepared to answer personal questions about the song and the meaning behind it. In the end, it's up to you on what we do with it." I answer honestly.

Both of them are now looking at me, shocked, clearly not expecting the answer I just gave.

"Damn, that was the most professional answer I've heard in a long time. You are going to be a great producer, kid. I really lucked out when I hired you." Damien blows out a breath. At the same time, Alaric stares at me with what looks like adoration in his eyes.

Damien looks at Alaric, waiting for him to answer what he wants to do with the song.

"I want to release it as my latest track. I'm ready to answer any questions anyone has about the song. I want to release the song Arryn and I did together, but she won't let me," He says with a chuckle and glances at me.

Damien is about to speak when Alaric answers him again, "But I would like for Arryn to help on this song and be producer on more of my music. I really like her work. No disrespect, Damien. She doesn't have to be the lead on it, but I would like her opinion and work on my songs."

Damien looks slightly shocked to hear that he wants me to work with him, and I am once again completely speechless.

"Yes, that is exactly what I was going to suggest on some of your work. She seems to work well with you. She can help and take the lead on some of the work we are going to do when I can't."

He then looks at me, "but please let me know if I am giving you too much work. I know you are just starting, and I don't want to burn you out before you even get a chance to really do some work. we can take this one step at a time."

I nod my head at him because I know I'll be a stuttering mess if I try to speak.

"Cool. Let's go to my office and get the contract signed so you can get to work," Damien says and gets up and walks out the door.

I stare at Alaric and slightly narrow my eyes at him. "you never told me that you were an artist here and not a producer."

He chuckles and then smirks at me, "I never said that I was either, baby."

"Don't call me baby," I say through gritted teeth.

He then gives me a shit-eating grin, "Baby, you look so hot when you are mad. I'll see you in a bit. We need to get this song done asap." He sends me a wink and walks out the door without letting me respond.

I stand there like an idiot, and my anger rises over my fast-beating heart. I have to work with that ass. I hope he doesn't call me baby all the time. That would not look good for me. I leave the recording room and go to Damien's office to sign the contracts. I really hope working with Alaric doesn't come back and bit me in the ass.
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