You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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I Want Her

Alaric's POV

I'm sitting here next to Damien, slightly frustrated because we've been here since six am, and I feel like we haven't accomplished anything. I've only recorded a few pieces of the song that I wrote when the Wicked Witch left me. This piece means a lot to me. It gives an insight into how I felt when she told me that I wasn't 'famous enough' for her. I loved her and thought she was going to be my future. Before her, I didn't sleep around as much. I only had a few past relationships, if you can call them that. They were more of just dating, and then it fizzles out before anything serious took place. When I met her at a club, it started as a casual hookup. Then, it started to develop into something more. I only had a few singles that were out, and I was known. I wasn't a big star or anything yet, but I had just been signed, and my manager and producer knew I would soon be at the top of the charts. I started to see her as someone I could build a future with. She was a model and wanted to start acting, so I supported her whenever I could. She started slowly moving into my place so she could escape her roommate. I didn't mind that she was spending more time at my place than she was hers. I truly enjoyed her company, and the sex was amazing.

After a few months of dating, I officially asked her to become my girlfriend, and we went public. Soon after, things started to change. I was in the studio a lot more, and she started going out more often and started complaining that I wasn't spending time with her. And her attitude started to change from slightly bitchy to a complete bitch whenever she didn't get what she wanted. I tried hard to keep my recording schedule as least as possible and didn't do as many shows to spend time with her. When I did need to go on the road and do shows, I made sure I brought her along to spend time together. But after a few shows, she started getting extremely jealous for no reason. She would tell me that she could tell that I was singing to the women in the audience and that I never looked at her when I was singing, which wasn't true. I always looked at her, but I still had to look at my fans. I never even thought of another woman when I was with her. I was entirely devoted to her. I thought we started to work things out until one day I came home early from the studio and all her shit was packed. She started going on and on about how I didn't love her enough and loved music and my "groupie hoes" more than her. I tried to tell her that I didn't, and she was all I wanted, but she just kept going on and on. Then she throws a grenade and tells me that she never loved me and she just wanted me so she could become famous, but I wasn't famous enough for her. I stopped talking after that and opened the door and told her to leave. She left without a goodbye, and I was broken.

After that, I started to get drunk and hook up with a new girl every night to numb the pain of her leaving. When I wasn't getting drunk or fucking random women, I was writing and recording. I wrote this song at my lowest when I couldn't handle the pain anymore.

My manager and best friend Jason were always there for me and got me out of the slump. It's been 8 months since she left, I am finally in a good place. I am ready to record this song and finally close the chapter on her. I have a feeling that this song is going to be a number 1 hit. And if I can get the beautiful Arryn to work on it with me, then I know I can make it a hit.

I get up from my chair and tell Damien that I will record the song in one take. As I stand in front of the mic, I start to think of all my feelings when she first left. I remembered everything she said to me and how I felt my heart shatter when she walked out the door. Damien starts the music, and I sing a few bars, but then he stops the music and tells me to take it back from the top. I am lost in my bitterness and heartbreak when he starts the music again, and I give the song everything I have.

I finish the last note and stare straight at the mic. I fight back my tears and remember why I wrote this song, and I say goodbye to her. I take deep breaths because I start to get mad as fuck at her for being a bitch and leaving me. I didn't know she was basically a damn gold digger when I met her. I should have seen the signs, but I was too blinded by her hot body to notice.

I walk out of the room and am immediately surprised to see Arryn standing there. Damn, she looks so good today. My cock stirs a little bit. I haven't hooked up with anyone since I last saw her. I tried, but every time I spoke to someone, I just kept picturing her, and it killed the mood for me. Looking at her now, I know that I have to do everything in my power to make her mine.

I tease her a little bit but am a little peeved that Damien let her listen to me sing that song. She surprises the hell out of me when she gives her opinion on whether I should release the song as my next single. She's not like the typical producer who wants to make money off me from working on the song. She also is worried about me answering personal questions about the song. She doesn't even know me, and she's worried about me. Damn, this girl is truly amazing. I need to work with her more. I tell Damien that I want to continue to work with her, along with him, of course, and he agrees. He doesn't seem offended or anything by it. He looks happy.

As he walks out of the room and goes back to his office, I can't help but call her baby and flirt with her a bit. She looks incredibly sexy when she is pissed off. I can't help but picture her under me, moaning out my name. I need to get out of here before she notices the boner in my pants. I give her a final wink and leave the room, leaving her stunned. I need to get something to drink and eat before I see her again.
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