You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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It's been a little over two months since I first went on a date with Alaric and the date was absolutely amazing. We went to a small intimate diner and ate and talked for hours. After, we went back to his place and watched a movie and kissed a lot. I let him know that I was a virgin, and he was a little shocked but was a complete gentleman the whole time. He said that we would go at my pace because I've never been in a relationship before.

We've spent almost every day together, and when I don't see him during the day, I go to his place in the evening. We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's together. I decided not to go home for the holidays, and Alaric doesn't speak to his family either, so we decided to spend them together. My mom was a little pissed that I decided not to go home, but she got over it. I decided not to ask her to come here because I knew it would lead to a fight, and I didn't want that to happen.

Whenever we are alone at his place, we have gotten hot and heavy a few times, but we've kept all the touching above our clothes. He hasn't pressured me into anything, and I am grateful for it. I do feel a little bad for leaving him with blue balls all the time, but he tells me that it's ok.

He is currently on the road for 4 days, and it'll be the longest that we have been apart since we started dating. Damien is aware of our situation, but no one else knows that we are together. I don't want to be in the limelight or anything, so he respects my decision by keeping us on the low for now. He has become very popular lately. His latest song has been number 1 since it was released. He has been working like crazy to finish his album, and hopefully, he can go on tour. I've taken a step back from producing him because Lanie has been climbing the charts and is a rising star. I have written 2 more songs for her, and they are in the top 40, and I couldn't be happier.

Alaric has given me the key to his apartment to go over there anytime I want while he is away. He doesn't like when I'm alone in my apartment when he is out of town, so he kindly (not really, more like demanded) asked me to stay at his place until he gets back. I don't mind because it has a great view and is a really nice place. He has the most comfortable bed. I have been lying in it for a while and trying to write a new song for Lanie.


It's 9 pm. Who the fuck could be coming over right now? I quickly grabbed my phone and called Alaric because he didn't tell me that anyone would stop by. His best friend and manager Jason is on the road with him, so it can't be him. I remember when I first met Jason. It was a shock because I already met him once in the coffee shop. We were both shocked. Alaric got slightly pissed and jealous because Jason had mentioned me to him, not by name because he didn't know it, and I could tell by Alaric's eyes that Jason said some things about me.

Shit, my call goes straight to voicemail. He must still be on stage. The knocking continues, so I send Damien a text and tell him to tell Alaric to call me as soon as he can because he is there with him too.

I get up and go to the door and look through the peephole. I can't really tell who it is. All I can see is blonde hair. I opened the door, and a beautiful blonde-haired woman is standing there in a tight red dress.

"Uhm, can I help you?" I ask her, trying not to sound rude.

She rolls her eyes at me. "Where's Ric? Is he back yet?'' Back? How does she know he is gone?

"He's not here," I say with a bored tone. Who is this chick?

"Are you his new maid or something?'' She asks with a sneer. Maid? I didn't know he had a maid. I've never seen one since I've been here. I've been the one to clean.

"Uhhh, no. I'm his uh, friend?" I say as more of a question than an answer. I'm not really sure what exactly I am to him. I'll have to ask him when he gets back. Hopefully, I don't sound like one of those girls that pull the 'what are we?' questions.

She scoffs, "Look, if you are his fuck buddy, then just say that."

My eyes widen. "noooo, that's not what I am." Fuck buddy? Does he have those? Oh, hell no.

She starts laughing, and it's really high-pitched, and I try not to cringe. "look, honey. If you are here to fuck him, then say that. He's a God in bed. No need to deny it." Great, she has slept with him. Does she still?

I don't know how to respond to that, so I stare at her with wide eyes. After a moment, I decided to ask her who she is.

"Who are you?'' My voice sounds weak.

"Rebecca," She says, and as I'm about to ask another question, she drops a bomb on me, "his girlfriend."

WHAT THE FUCK? His girlfriend? I never thought to ask if he had one. I assumed he was single. He spent all this spare time with me. Well, damn, I feel so fucking stupid.

"Oh" is all I manage to get out. She rolls her eyes at me.

"Tell him that I've been calling him and for him to call me as soon as he gets back from his show. And tell him I stopped by and I miss him." then she flips her hair over her shoulder and walks away.

I close the door and lean my back against the door. I can't believe he had a girlfriend this whole time. I've been falling for him, and he has just been playing me. I need to leave and go back to my place quickly. I hurry up and grab my stuff and drive back to my place. Before I left, I made sure to leave the key on the counter with a note.

When I get back to my place, I finally break down and cry. I really feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. What am I going to do about work? It's going to feel so awkward working with him now. How could he do this to me? I thought he really liked me. I hear my phone ringing, but I don't have the strength to get up. I know it's either Alaric or Damien. Most likely Alaric because his show should be done by now unless he went out after. But he told me he wasn't going to go to the after-party and go back to the hotel to talk to me. I cry even harder just thinking of how sweet he has been. He never made me question him. He never gave any clue that he had a girlfriend.

I suddenly feel inspired to write a song, but I can't stop crying, so I decide against it and drift off to sleep instead.

After sleeping like shit, I finally decide to get out of bed. It's Saturday, so I don't have to work today. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't go anyway. I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. My hair is a mess, and my eyes are bloodshot and swollen. I cried more than I have ever cried in my life. My eyes start to water again, just thinking of how much prettier that girl is than me. No wonder she is his girlfriend. They look like the ultimate power couple, and I'm just plain and boring. I grab my phone, and I'm shocked with all the text messages and missed calls I have. 30 texts from Alaric, 15 missed calls, and 5 voicemails. Damien only called me twice and texted me 3 times. Reading all the messages from Alaric and listening to the voicemail, he sounds distraught. I'm not going to call him or text him back. He can call his fucking girlfriend. Just thinking about it, I start to get angry. I'm not going to be the side chick anymore or fuck buddy, as she called me. I text Damien and tell him that I no longer want to work with Alaric. He texts back instantly and asks why but I tell him that I'll talk to him about it on Monday. Immediately after he says ok, Alaric calls me again. I ignore the call and decide to turn off my phone. I eat a yogurt and decide to go back to bed for the rest of the day.
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