You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Let Go

One month later

I slowly open my eyes and am delighted to see Alaric sleeping soundly. He looks really peaceful. His am is draped over my stomach. I try to slowly move his arm so that I can go to the bathroom but he just tightens his hold. I freeze and look at him again. I think he is still sleeping. I try again and this time I am successful. I go pee and brush my teeth and wash my face. I walk back into the room and see that he is still sleeping so I decide to go into the kitchen and make him some breakfast.

As I'm making breakfast, I think back to this past month that we have been together. After the whole ex girlfriend fiasco, we really talked about everything. He went into extreme detail about his relationship with her and everything that happened after. It was very shocking to hear that he has had a lot of one night stands but I can't get mad because he has been honest about them and why he started sleeping around. After he told me everything, I realized that I love him. I haven't told him yet and I'm terrified to because he might not feel the same way about me. I told him about my life before coming to LA. It was a very short talk because there isn't much to tell. After we got everything out in the open, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. Since then, we went back to how we were before. I see him every evening except when he goes out of town. He is a very honest person so I trust him when he goes and performs. Sometimes it does get annoying when we are out and girls fawn over him, but if I am going to be with him, I have to get use to it. He never flirts back with them or does anything to make me uncomfortable. He gives them autographs or takes a picture with them, but never anything more.

I finish making our breakfast and put it in the microwave because it doesn't seem like he is going to be getting up anytime soon. I get dressed to go running and head out the door. When I run, I get a lot of different song ideas. It allows me to clear my head and brings me a sense of peace. I've been running a lot more lately because sometimes being with Alaric causes me to panic. It's not him at all, it's the spotlight that I'm concerned about. I know that eventually we will have to go public out or relationship and it scares the shit out of me. I don't want to be used to get to him or have people judge me because I'm not the typical woman he has been with. He constantly reminds me that I am everything he wants but I'm skeptical because he has been with model like women in the past. I finish my run faster than usual because I was so lost it thought.

I get back to his apartment and he is waiting for me on the couch. He has kind of a worried and relieved look on his face.

He stands up from the couch, "There you are. I didn't know were you went and I got a little worried."

"I'm sorry. I went for a run and didn't think you'd wake up before I got back."

He smiles, "yeah I figured that when your keys and phone are still here. How far did you run?"

"I only ran 3 miles today. I made breakfast." I say as I point to the microwave. "go ahead and eat. I'm gonna shower real quick."

"ok, thanks baby" he gives me a quick kiss and heads for the kitchen.

I take a hot shower to ease my muscles from the run. We don't have any plans today so I am just going to wear one of his t-shirts so we can spend the day watching movies. I finished getting ready and go back into the living room. He is already done and trying to find something to watch on the tv. He looks at me and smiles and then looks down at what I am wearing and his eyes darken. I bite my lip and sit next to him.

He gulps, "what do you want to watch?"

"Anything is fine with me."

He nods his head. He turns back to the tv but I can see that he keeps glancing at my legs. He puts on a random tv show and turns to me and slams his lips against mine.

He groans, "baby, you are killing me being dressed like this"


He is kissing me hard while his hands are roaming over my body.

"Ok, we should stop before we get to far." He pulls away from me.

I pull him back to me, "I don't want to stop" I whisper.

His eyebrows shoot up, "Are you sure?'' he whispers back.


"ok, lets go to the room then", he gently takes my hand and leads me to the room.

We are sitting on his bed and he starts to gently kiss me.

"If at any point you want me to stop, just tell me and I'll stop right away." he says softly.

I nod my head. I am nervous as hell. I love him and he has been so patient with me. I can't see myself with anyone but him. I want to give my virginity to him.

As we are kissing, he slowly takes off my shirt. He pauses, "you still sure about this?'' his eyes are full of lust but I see concern in them as well.

"yes I'm sure."

He nods his head and slams his lips against mine again. The kiss is hot and I am soaking wet. He starts kissing my jaw and down to my neck. He starts nipping and sucking and I let out a moan. I take off his shirt and feel his hard abs and chest. He starts to grab my breasts and pulls down my bra. He starts to kiss down my chest until he takes my nipple in his mouth and sucks gently. I grab his hair and moan again. He does the same thing to my other nipple. He starts to kiss down my stomach and stops just above my pantie line. I only had on his t-shirt, bra and underwear on.

He looks up at me again as his fingers hook in my panties. He is silently asking me if he can take them off. I gulp and then nod. As he is looking directly in my eyes, he slowly slides them down my legs and drops them on the floor. He then starts to kiss my stomach again and his kisses get lower and lower. He spreads my legs and I hear him inhale sharply.

"so wet" He whispers and then I feel his tongue lick my slit. I moan loudly. It's a very different sensation but it feel amazing. He continues to lick and suck my clit. My hand are in his hair. I am breathing hard and moaning. I feel his finger enter my hot hole and it feels uncomfortable. He pauses to let me get use to the feeling. after a few seconds he starts to move his finger while he is still licking and sucking my clit. I am lost in euphoria. I feel him enter another finger and I moan even louder. I start to feel my stomach tighten and a different sensation starts to build up.

My legs start to shake. "that's its baby, let go. Cum for me" He says and that is my undoing. I cum hard. He still moves his fingers inside me letting me right out the high.

He then comes up and kisses me. I can taste myself and it's an odd taste but it makes me more aroused. I sit up a little and reach to push his boxers down. As they slide down his thighs, his cock springs out. My eyes widen at the size of it. How in the hell is that going to fit inside me?

He must notice my expression because he slightly laughs. ''Don't worry, it will fit. It's just going to hurt at first, ok? I'll go as slow as possible"

I nod my head as I lie back. He gets in between my legs and kisses me again. ''Are you sure?'' He asks one more time.

"yes I'm sure".

"ok" he whispers and starts to kiss me again. I feel the tip and my entrance and he slowly starts to push it is. I inhale sharply at the odd feeling.

"relax baby" he kisses me again. I feel burning and slight pain. He pauses, "this is going to hurt a little ok,im sorry" he whispers then pushes in all the way and tears through my purity. Fuck, it hurt a lot but I try not to cry so we can keep going. He doesn't move anymore so I can get use to his size.

"Are you ok?'' he asks me again. I only nod because I don't want him to know that I'm in pain. After a moment the pain subsides I start to squirm under him to let him know that he can move again.

He slowly pulls out and then pushes back in. there is a burning sensation but then its starts to turn into pure pleaser. I start to moan and I hear him moan too.

"Fuck baby, your pussy is choking my cock. I don't know how long I'm going to last"

He starts to pick up the pace and I wrap my legs around him. This is the most pleasure I have every had. I start to feel the pressure build up again.

"Faster baby" I moan out. he starts to fuck me hard and fast. I cum again and after a few more pumps, he empties himself in me.

He lays on top of me while we catch our breaths. He slowly pulls out of me and I wince. He lays besides me and we just lie in each others arms for a moment.

He looks and me and gently grabs my chin so that I'm looking back at him. He says softly "I love you Arryn."

My breath hitches.

After a moment of just staring into his eyes, I whisper, "I love you too."
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