You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Get You Back

Alaric POV

I just finished my set, and I am exhausted. I'm happy I can perform on these talk shows, but they are late-night ones, so my sleep schedule is getting fucked. I exit the dressing room, but Jason stops me before I can leave.

"Let's have a drink before we go back to the hotel."

"Nah, man, I'm tired," I say dismissively. I really don't want to go to a bar. I want to go back to the hotel and call Arryn. I know she is still up writing a song. She's been working hard on this one.

"Come on, just one. The bar is right across the street from our hotel. It'll only be like an hour" He gives me a pleading look.

I look at my watch. It's only 10. So it's only 8 in LA. I groan. "Alright, just one."

"Fuck yeah" He fist pumps the air. I laugh.

My bodyguard Jones drive us to the bar. It's a smaller but nice upscale bar. I order a Jack and coke. I plan to sip it the whole time.

"How are things going with Arryn?" I look around to make sure no one is close enough to hear our conversation. The last thing I want is someone to talk to a reporter about what I've said about her. Everyone is curious about our relationship since it was leaked.

"Everything's a good man. I asked her to move in with me."

His eyebrows shoot up. "Wow. I didn't know it was that serious with her. I didn't think you'd ever get serious about someone else again after R-"

"Don't fucking say her name." I cut him off. Just thinking about her pisses me off.

He put his hands up in surrender. "I'm sorry, bro."

I sigh. "I didn't think I'd ever want to be in a relationship again either. But Arryn changed that. She's different from anyone I've met. I love her."

He nods his head. "I can tell. You look happier. Even happier than you were when you were with R-........her."

This time I nod my head. When I think back to my relationship with Rebecca, I feel stupid for not seeing the signs that she was playing me. I was blinded by her body and by the sex.

Jason and I sit there for a little over an hour. We talk about small things, not wanting to get into anything deep right now. Finally, we decide to leave and head back to the hotel. It's only across the street so we can walk.

Jason gets off on the floor before mine. I'm looking at my phone, about to call Arryn as I walk into my room. Right before I press call, I hear someone move. I look up, and my eyes widen. The last person I want to see is in my fucking bed, wearing some skimpy outfit.

"Hey, babe." She purrs, trying to sound seductive when it sounds like she is out of breath. I hold back a laugh. My anger starts to rise.

"What the fuck are you doing here? How did you get into my room?" My voice raises.

"Aww. I know you're glad to see me." She smiles. I already had my phone out, so I secretly text Jason and tell him to get security. I then call Arryn. I don't want this to get back to her somehow and think I purposely had this crazy chick in my room.

"How did you get into my room?'' I grit out. I quickly look down and see that Arryn answered the phone. I hope she is listening, and it isn't her voicemail.

"I just told the front desk that I was your wife and wanted to surprise you. It was easy, actually." She laughs lightly.

"You need to leave."

She gets up from the bed and walks over to me. I get a closer look at what she is wearing, and it's a see-through lingerie dress. She must think I'm checking her out because she smirks at me.

She runs her finger down my chest. "you know you want this." She whispers. I have to stop myself from throwing up on her.

I take a step back. "What I want is for you to leave my room." I sneer at her.

She looks shocked but quickly masks it with a sneer. "I know that ugly bitch doesn't do it for you. Talk about a downgrade. Your little rebound girl is pathetic."

I glare at her and take a small step towards her. "If you say one more thing about her, I will throw you out myself. Get the fuck out of my room." My voice is low, and from the fear in her eyes, she knows I will. I have never put my hands on a woman and don't ever want to, but this chick is making me furious.

She smirks at me, but I can still see some fear in her eyes. "I didn't think you were actually serious about her. I figured once the press got wind of your little relationship, you'd call it quits once you saw that she couldn't handle the spotlight."

My eyes widen a bit. ''You did that?" You can hear the disbelief in my voice.

"Duh. When I saw her at your apartment, I quickly figured out who she was." She said with a bored tone. She steps towards me. "I'd do anything to get you back. I love you. We are supposed to be together." She smiles sweetly.

I look at her like she has grown two heads. She is out of her mind. She must think my silence is an invitation because she takes a step closer and tilts her head up to kiss me. Right before her lips press against mine, it registers in my mind what she's doing. I jump back and try to get as far away from her as I can. I look at her with disgust.

"Listen to me closely." My voice is harsh. I need her to understand.

"I do not love you. We are not going to get back together. I am in a relationship. I LOVE HER. You need to leave her AND me the fuck alone." I say as clearly and slowly as possible.

Just as she is about to speak, my door swings open, and Jason and security walk through the door. I've never been happier to see them.

Jason looks at me and silently asks if I'm alright. I slightly nod my head. The security guards and talking to her and asking her how she got in. She has the nerve to say I gave her the key after I told her to come. I quickly tell them what she told me about how she got access to my room. They tell her that she needs to leave or they will physically remove her.

She looks at me with pleading eyes. I look at her with disgust and then turn away. Pfft. Like I would help her. I almost laugh out loud at the thought.

The security guard hands her a robe, and she throws it on the floor. He rolls his eyes and grabs her arm to take her out of the room. She rips her arm out of his grasp. She looks at me with wild eyes.

"Watch your back, Ric. This isn't over." Her voice is hard and dripping with venom. I roll my eyes at her. She then stomps out of my room.

Jason is texting someone, and I'm guessing it's my lawyer. I'll have to ask him when he is alone. The security guard apologizes to me and then exits. Jason follows him out, and I'm left alone. I take a deep breath. I'm ever more exhausted from all of this bullshit. My eyes widen when I remember that Arryn was on the phone. Shit. I look at my phone, and the call isn't active.

I see that she hung up when I was talking to the security guard, and she sent me a text a minute ago. I smile at the text. It's simple and sweet.

Arryn-Talk when you get home. I love you❤️

I take a shower and get into bed. I look back at the text and smile again. I know we are going to be ok.
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