You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Something About You

Alaric POV

Things have been going really well lately. It's been 4months since the hotel incident. When I got home, Arryn was waiting for me. She looked very pissed off. I thought she was going to leave me, but instead, she just hugged me. She said she was glad that I called her so she could hear the whole thing. She was only pissed because it was her fault that our relationship is public. Arryn has had to adjust big time being in the spotlight. It's not something she is used to, but she doesn't mind it anymore. I have become popular in the past months. Every song I've released has been number 1 on the charts, and most of the songs have been produced by Arryn. We make a good team in the studio and outside as well.

We do get into small arguments often. She doesn't agree with me on a lot of things and is very opinionated. We always come to some middle ground. I love her more and more each day.

Tomorrow I have a small show, and I have rehearsals tonight. Arryn is with me here this time. She has been to a few shows, but she likes to stay back home to work. She says she wants to let me work and not distract me, but I know she doesn't like to come because of all the women that throw themselves at me. They never get anywhere with me anymore. She's also been ambushed by multiple women that I've had sex with. She is always respectful but puts them in their place. It's always a sight to see and makes me desire her even more.

Tonight, I am trying something a little different with my set. I will be playing the electric guitar, and one of my backup singers will take the lead. As I'm getting on stage, I notice that my only female backup singer Gracie isn't here. I ask everyone where she could be, and no one has seen her all day. Jason is trying to get a hold of her.

I see Arryn sitting in the front room, and she looks a little worried. An idea pops into my head. I put down my guitar, and I get off the stage and sit next to her.

"Everything ok?'' She has worriedly.

"No, it's not. Baby, I need a big favor from you."

Her eyebrows rise slightly. "Hmm. What's the favor?'' She looks skeptical. I know she has an idea of what I'm going to ask.

I put on my best puppy face. "Can you please sing lead for this soundcheck? I have lyrics that you can read from. It would really help me out."

She sighs. "Yes, I can. But if Grace doesn't show up tomorrow, you're gonna have to find someone else to sing because I won't. Right now is fine because no one is here."

"Thank you so much, baby. Jason is trying to find out what's going on with her." I grab her hand, and we both head for the stage.

I hand her the lyrics, and she looks over them. She looks at me and then back down to the lyrics.

"Can y'all play the song first so I can hear it before I sing?''

I nod my head. We start to play, and I watch her. I love watching her get lost in the music. Her eyebrows are furrowed, and she is reading the lyrics. She puts her hand up to stop us.

"Ok, I'm ready." She takes a deep breath. From the corner of my eye, I see Jason standing in the front row, and it looks like he is recording. I'll have to ask him why when we are done.

I start to play, and when it's time for Arryn to sing, she starts, but it's not the lyrics I wrote for the song. I look around at my band, and they are just as shocked as I am. Her lyrics sound better than what I had. I start to listen to her and really get into the music. She sounds absolutely amazing.

When the song finishes, everyone is standing with their mouths wide open in shock. I never knew she could sing like that.

"Where the hell did that come from?'' I try not to sound too shocked.

She chews on her bottom lip. "I'm sorry I changed the lyrics. When I heard it the first time, the idea of these lyrics just came into my head."

"you just made up the lyrics as you were singing?''

She shakes her head. "I already had the chorus written, but when you played the guitar, it all just came together, and the rest was done on the spot. Please don't be mad.'' Her eyes start to glisten.

"Oh baby, I'm not mad at all. I'm surprised as hell. I didn't know you could sing like that. wow." I am in awe of her. She is really talented.

She blushes. "Thanks, it's really nothing."

I roll my eyes at her. Jason comes barreling into us. "Arryn, you have to sing that song tomorrow. It was great and way better than what this guy wrote." He basically begs.

Arryn shakes her head quickly. "No, no, no, Alaric already agreed that if I rehearsed, he wouldn't ask me to sing tomorrow. Y'all can use what I wrote, but have someone else sing it." Her response is firm, like I knew it would be.

Jason sighs disappointedly. "Alright, let's hope Gracie can sing it as you just did. She got lost, so she should be here shortly."

As I nod my head, Gracie comes running through the door, apologizing for being late. I let her know about the change in lyrics for the first song, and she looks a little wary, but she reads what Arryn has written and looks happy.

We get back on stage and start the song again. She sounds good but nowhere as good as Arryn, and she can't hit the high notes at all. We have to adjust the key, so it's more comfortable for her. Everyone looks a little disappointed that Arryn won't be singing the song. They know that she doesn't want to be on stage, so they will have to be alright with Gracie singing it.

After we are done with rehearsals, Jason finds me and shows me the video he took of Arryn singing. At first, she looks a little awkward and stiff but then starts to relax and looks like a true performer. I ask him to send it to me.

Arryn and I head to the hotel for the night while everyone goes out for drinks. I want to get my girl back to the room. She looked sexy when she was singing, and it's turning me on thinking about it. As we are waiting in the elevator, I can't help gently slide my finger up her bare arm towards her shoulder. I feel goosebumps rise on her arm as I am touching her. I take a step closer to her and stand behind her. She automatically leans back into me. I bunch her long hair on the move it all to one shoulder. I gently grab her shirt and slightly pull it down I can kiss her shoulder. I then start lightly kissing my way up her neck to her jaw. I can hear her fast breathing. I spin her around, and she crashes her lips against mine. I remember we are in an elevator, so I pull back. I look at her, and I see fire and lust in her eyes and her red swollen lips. She is almost panting with need.

As the elevator door opens, she practically drags me to the room. I'm trying to get the door open, but her hands are all over me. I finally open the door. Our clothes automatically start to come off, and I know I'm going to take her on as many surfaces in the room as possible.
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