You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Alaric has been on tour for 2months now. He's only been home once since he went on the road. I have fully moved into his place and gave up my apartment. I miss him so much. We talk as much as we can, but he is swamped, and I understand that.

Things have slowed down for me here. I'm still popular, but the paparazzi have left me alone. Alaric has told them to back off and give me privacy, and it has helped a little.

I've been slowly considering recording some of my own stuff and letting Damien put it on the radio. We have talked about doing this a lot. He wants me to reach my full potential, and I do not hate the idea as much as I use to.

I'm on my way to the Dr. because I haven't been feeling well this past week, and Alaric has been begging me to see someone. He is distraught that something is wrong. I think it's a stomach bug. So, I'm just doing this to ease his mind.

I'm seeing a private Dr. that Alaric uses to ensure my privacy.

I call Alaric for what feels like the millionth time today. He hasn't answer or text me since yesterday, and I'm starting to worry. I'm giving him some time before I call Jason. I don't want to seem like a clingy girlfriend or anything.

Finally, the nurse calls me into the room. She takes my blood pressure and vitals and asks why I'm here today. She tells me to pee in a cup, and the Dr. will be with me shortly.

While I'm waiting in the room for the Dr, I get a text from an unknown number. It's a video. I'm about to click play, but the Dr comes in, so I lock my screen and put my phone away.

"Hi, Ms.Saunders. How are you today?" He smiles.

"I've been better." I try not to sound harsh. I don't really want to be here.

"Well, I see that you have been vomiting for the past week and are very tired."

I nod my head.

"Well, we ran some tests on your urine, and it seems that you are pregnant, Ms. Saunders."

My whole world stops. My ears start ringing, and I feel like I'm going to pass out.

"Ms. Saunders, are you alright?" He looks at me worriedly.

I gulp. "P-p-pregnant?" I stutter out.

"Yes, you're pregnant. Let's get the ultrasound machine in here and see how far along you are and if everything is ok with your baby. Ok?" He stands up and exits the room.

I can't believe that I'm pregnant. No, he must be wrong. Alaric and I always use a condom. Well mostly. Shit. I can't believe this.

The Dr comes back in with a machine and tells me to lie back and lift my shirt. He puts a probe thing on my belly with warm gel. He moves it around on my belly and is looking at the screen.

He points to the screen. "See, right there, that's your baby. Oh, wait, babies. You're having twins. You're about 14weeks. Congratulations." He prints out a few pictures of the babies and hands them to me.

"I'm going to refer you to an OBGYN, and you'll see her within 2weeks. She will give you more information about your pregnancy. Any questions?"

I shake my head. I can not speak. I need to puke and then pass out.

"Ok. Have a good day, and congrats again." He smiles warmly and exits the room.

I sit, stunned. I can't believe it. Alaric and I are going to be parents. Oh fuck. How am I going to tell him? Is he going to be mad? I hope not.

I leave the building and go back home. I call Alaric again, and he doesn't answer. I need to tell him, but I don't want to tell him over the phone. Maybe I can fly to where he is. I wish he would answer his phone.

I get home and sit on the couch. I call Alaric again, and his phone is off. He must be rehearsing or something.

I call Jason. He answers and tells me that Alaric is doing a soundcheck. I tell him that I'm going to go and surprise Alaric, and he says it's a great idea because he is sad. I laugh lightly. He gives me all the info about where they are staying and arranges everything to fly there. The flight is only 3hours so I'll get there a little after the show is done.

I pack and bag and head to the airport. I take the ultrasound and pray that he won't be upset.

My flight has landed, and I see a car waiting for me. It takes me to the hotel, and Jason told the front desk that I was coming so they could give me a key. His security team has been more cautious with him, and I'm glad.

My flight got delayed a bit, so it's 11 pm. I take the elevator up to his floor. I take deep breaths to calm myself. As I walk to his door, I stop and try to calm the hell down. He's going to be excited to see me and hopefully excited about our babies.

I open the door, and it's dark in the room. I don't turn on the lights because he must be sleeping.

I walk through the hall towards the door that I'm assuming is the room.

My heart is pounding. I don't know why I'm so nervous.

I open the door, and my eyes widen. The first thing I see is clothes all over the floor. The clothes are his, and it looks like women's clothing too.

I walk closer to the bed and see him lying in bed, naked, and an equally naked woman next to him. They are sleeping.

My eyes start to water. This is why he hasn't answered my phone calls. He is cheating on me. Did Jason know? No, he couldn't have. He wouldn't have told me to come if he did.

I stand there like a creep and take a closer look and realize that the woman is fucking Rebecca.

"ALARIC!" I shout out and flick the lights on.

Rebecca wakes up immediately, and she fucking smirks at me.

Alaric stirs a bit and groans. He finally opens his eyes and sees me, and smiles. His smile drops when he sees that I'm crying and furious.

He sits up fully and looks over and sees Rebecca, and his jaw drops open. He jumps out of bed, and he is completely naked. He doesn't even try to cover himself as he comes towards me.

I put my hand up to stop him from getting closer, and I step back.


"This is is why you haven't been answering my calls since yesterday?" I cut him off. My voice is shaky, but I don't care. My hot tears are now streaming down my face.

"No, baby, let me explain." He pleads.

"How the fuck are you going to explain being asleep and naked with her, who is also naked, in your bed?" I say sarcastically.

He stands there stunned. He has no words. He can't explain this because he knows he's caught red-handed.

I look at Rebecca, and she is sitting up in his bed with a smug expression.

"You can have him. He's nothing but a fucking liar and cheater. You deserve each other." I say calmly.

I look at him and wipe my tears away harshly. "This is over, personally and professionally. I'll call Damien and arrange everything. I'll be out of your apartment as soon as I can. Don't call me or text me."

I turn away, and he grabs my hand. I pull it away from him and walk away without looking back. I slam the door closed and head to the elevator.

When I'm about to leave through the front, I hear Jason calling my name.

"Arryn, what happened? Are you ok? Why are you crying?"

"Ask your friend," I say through gritted teeth.

I turn away and quickly find a cab to go back to the airport to get my stuff. I have no idea what I'm going to do now. I put my hand on my stomach. Don't worry, babies, we will be ok without him. I'll do whatever I have to.
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