You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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See You Again

Alaric's POV

As my plane lands, Jason and I head for the car that is waiting for us. I didn't plan on performing at these awards. I originally told them no. I didn't want to take a chance and see Arryn. But last week Damien called me. At first, I was shocked to hear from him. After Arryn and I broke up, he moved to New York with her and ended our business relationship. It pissed me off that he chose her over me. So when he called, I said yes to perform. I need to avoid her.

"Are you good?" Jason asks me.

"Yeah, I'm good."

He nods his head. He doesn't ever bring her up anymore. I chewed him out enough about it.

Just being in the same city with her pisses me off. It makes me remember all the good times, but then it makes me remember that awful moment between us and how she ruined it.


"Hurry up, man." I rush Jason. We are driving back to my apartment. I'm trying to catch Arryn before she moves all of her shit out. I'm nervous as hell. I hope she believes me. I have enough to prove that the bitch drugged me and set me up.

We finally pull up to my building, and I hop out and run up the stairs. I barge into my apartment, and my heart falls. She already left. Shit! She gave up her apartment so she would check into a hotel. I wrack my brain to think of where she would go. I need to ask Damien.

Jason finally walks in, and I'm about to ask him to use his phone when I notice he is glaring at his phone. He looks up at me, and he looks worried.

"What's up?" I ask hesitantly.

He just shoved his phone in my hand. It's a video. I press play, and my heart shatters. In the video, I see Damien and Arryn kissing. I recognize the background, and it's at his apartment. Has she been cheating on me this whole time? No, I don't believe this. I watch the video again, and my eyes widen. She's wearing the same clothes that she was wearing when she came to my hotel and caught me with the wicked witch.

"Is this real?" My voice cracks.

He nods his head.

"FUCK!Why would she do this to me?" I feel hot tears stroll down my cheeks. I haven't cried in years. It feels like someone has ripped my heart from my chest.

"I felt so bad that I did all this to her, but she was the one who was cheating on me." My voice is shaky. I hold back a sob.

I wipe my tears. I look around and see that she still has some stuff here, but most of her stuff is gone. I decided to crash at Jason's while I have someone pack the rest of her shit.


I'm waiting in my dressing room for my time to perform. I didn't run into her.

As laying my head back, Jason comes into the room.

"She's at it again."

I roll my eyes. "What's the wicked witch saying this time?"

He laughs. "She's claiming that y'all are trying for a baby."

I burst out laughing. "Is she going to get knocked up by someone and then pin the kid on me?"

"Looks like it."

I groan. Rebecca, or the wicked witch as we like to call her, has claimed that she and I have been in a relationship since she was in my hotel room that night. She's done interviews and showed ancient pictures of us. She's doing anything to be in the spotlight. I tried to deny everything at first, but it was tiring. So I just let her do and say what she wants. I have my lawyers collect all the evidence possible to take her ass to court for this.

Jason tells me that it's time. I grab my jacket, and as I'm walking out of the door, I bump into someone.

I look up, and my eyes widen.

"Alaric," she whispers.

I clear my throat. "Arryn," I say curtly.

She nods and tries to walk past me quickly. Fuck! She's still beautiful as ever. My heart aches in my chest.

"Arryn, wait." I reach out and grab her hand, stopping her. When I touch her hand, I feel shocks flow up my hand and up my arm. I hear her gasp, so I know she felt it too.

She doesn't turn to look at me. So I whisper only loud enough for her to hear. "Congrats on the win. I knew you would," and I let her go. I see her shoulders shake like she is crying, and she walks away quickly.

I take a deep breath. I walk to my band and tell them that we are playing a different song as we get on stage. The music starts, I spot her in the crowd right away.

"This is for you," I said, looking right at her.

As the song ends, I look at her and see that she is crying but trying to hide her tears. I turn away and realize that I am crying too. I still love her. I haven't moved on as everyone thinks. I haven't had sex with anyone else. I haven't even thought of another woman since her. She's still my everything. But she ruined me.
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