You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Why Is She Here?

Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love and being a couple. For me, it's about my twins' birthday. Ric was surprised as hell when I told him the twin's birthday is on Valentine's Day. He asked how my labor was, and I was nervous to tell him. Of course, he picked up on it and told me that he wouldn't get upset or anything if I didn't want to tell him.

I decided to tell him. I told him that I was headed to his place to tell him about the twins but heard Rebecca's announcement about their engagement and went into labor that evening. He got really pissed. Not at me, but her because he could have known about them and been there for the labor. I told him not to dwell on it and to move on.

We are currently decorating a little bit for the party. Ric came bright and early to have breakfast with us and to help with the party.

He has been great this past week. He has been coming over every day to see the twins. He has stayed over a few times and slept in Hannah's room that she has here. He loves to help get the twins ready for bed and to have breakfast with them. He has to leave during the day to go to the studio or do interviews, but he always comes back right after.

Being this close to him is making me fall for him all over again. He is such a good father. My heart aches every time I see him with the twins. And my core throbs just by looking at him. We have had some moments where we were close to kissing, but I always pulled away. When he is close to me, my stomach flips, and I get wet instantly when he touches me. I want to give him another chance, but I'm afraid. He said he would wait until I am ready. He told me even though he thought I cheated on him, and he was waiting for me. He didn't have sex with anyone while we were broken up. I was relieved when he told me that.

When the twins fall asleep, we have talked about everything and agree on most things that have to do with the twins.

I snap out of my thoughts as I hear Allyn running to the kitchen. She has her princess dress on and looks so beautiful. A few seconds later, I hear Ric and Alaric. I look at them and see that Alaric is only in his pull-up.

I raise my brows. "Why isn't he dressed?"

Ric smiles at me. "He said he wants to wait until the guests arrived so he won't get dirty."

"Did he say that, or did you?" I put my hand in my hip. My 3 year old can talk, but he's not talking that well.

"He did." He tries to hold back a laugh. But Alaric giggles loudly and gives him away.

I just roll my eyes at them. "If you wanna be late for your own party, then that's fine with me," I say nonchalantly.

"No! Party!" Alaric yells and runs to his room to get dressed. I knew that would do it.

Ric just chuckles and walks over to me. He puts his hands on my waist, and my breath hitches.

"Happy Valentines Day, baby," He huskily whispers in my ear. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. It sends shivers down my spine, and I press my thighs together.

"Mhm" is all I can get out. If I open my mouth, I will moan. I know I am dripping wet just from being this close to him.

I feel his lips gently touch my shoulder. I am panting now. I feel his tongue on my skin, and I moan out loud. He presses his body closer to mine, and I feel his rock-hard dick rub against my ass. I just about exploded from him doing that. I feel his lips make their way up my neck. I turn around so I can finally kiss him, and the doorbell rings.

"Fuck" he whispers.

I try to take a step away from him, but he holds my hips tight. He leans to my ear. "This isn't over. We will continue tonight." Then he steps away from me and heads for the door. I can see him adjusting himself, and I try not to laugh.

I turn to the fridge to get the drinks out. I can hear Ric talking to someone. It sounds like Jason.

"Hello, A-A-Ron," Jason says with a big smile.

I roll my eyes at him. "Hey loser"

He comes and hugs me. I haven't seen him since that night at the hotel.

"It's been a long time. You look damn good. Mmmm," I blush at his compliment.

"Back off, my girl Jason." Ric grits out.

"I didn't know she was still your girl" Jason has a shit-eating grin on his face.

Ric groans. "Oh, shut up. Why did we invite you?"

"Cause I'm the life of the party." Jason shrugs.

Ric and I laugh out loud at the same time. I hear the twins coming from the hallway. Ric stands from his chair and grabs their hands. He knows they are a little shy about meeting new people.

"Alaric and Allyn, meet your Uncle Jason." The twins are clutching his legs, but they wave at Jason.

Jason looks shocked but recovers quickly. "Hello, hello. Happy birthday. Are you ready to party?" I roll my eyes. Of course, he asks that damn question.

The twins just nod their heads. "Go play in the living room while we wait for the rest of your party guests," I tell them, and they both run off quickly.

"Well, I'll be damned. No DNA required bro. They both look just like you." Jason pats Ric's shoulder.

"I said the same thing, man. But we did a test anyway. Results should be here any day."

Jason looks at me. "Why are you torturing that poor girl with a boy's name. She's going to had it when she gets older." He laughs a little.

"It was my grandpa's name. I wanted to name at least one kid after him, and I just had to name our son after his father. So I figured I'd just give her his name. And I have a boy's name, so it's not too out there."

"Yeah, true. At least she got your eyes." Jason smiles.

"That's all she got." I chuckle.

"My boy has some strong genes." He fist-bumps Ric. I roll my eyes again. The doorbell rings, and I go to answer it.

The party was a success, and the twins are in bed early. They had a fun day running around and eating cake.

Jason and Hannah are still here, and we have a few drinks to wind down from the day. They seem to be hitting it off. I haven't ever seen Hannah look so shy around someone. That's how I know she likes Jason. I just hope Jason's player ways won't hurt her.

I am sitting next to Ric, and I can feel him makings circles on my thigh. It's making my heart pound and my core throb.

The doorbell rings, and I furrow my brows.

"Is anyone suppose to come over?" Ric asks me, confused as well.

"No. No one knows I live here. Except for you guys and Damien. It could be him."

I get up and open the door, and it's the last person I expect to see. My eyes widen. How the fuck? I narrow my eyes at her.

"What do you want?" I say through gritted teeth. I need to control myself.

"I'm here for Ric. He invited me." Her tone is bored.

Did he invite her? What the fuck? He said he hasn't spoken to her. He's lying to me? Did he invite her to our kids' party?

I'm just staring at her, thinking of what to say, but nothing comes to mind. I'm too shocked. How could he do this?

"Are you going to let me in or what?" She gives me attitude. Ha. Fuck this. Let's play.

I open the door so she can walk past me and into my house. She tips her chin up and walks in like she owns the place. I close the door and walk behind her.

Everyone's jaw is on the floor, and they looked shocked. I look at Ric, and he looks like he has seen a ghost. So he must have told her that he was here. Fuck, I'm dumb. I was going to give in tonight too.

"Hey, babe," she purrs out as she walks closer to Ric. I stop and watch their interaction. She sits next to him and puts her hand on his chest. That action must snap him out of his daze because he shoots up from the couch. Everyone stands up with him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"His voice raises at her.

"I came to spend time with you on Valentine's Day." Her tone is sickly sweet.

"Why?" He makes a disgusted face.

"It's the day of love and our engagement anniversary."

Everyone gasps. He takes a step back from her, and his eyes narrow. "We aren't engaged. Hell, we aren't even together. How'd you know where I was?"

She flips her hair over her shoulder and ignores his question, and looks around. "Birthday party? I thought this was a Valentine's Day party?"

No one responds to her. Everyone just stares. Ric looks like he is about to blow his top. You can practically see the steam coming out of his ears.

I can't take this silence anymore. I look at Ric and try not to yell at him. "Did you invite her here?"

He slightly flinches. He looks hurt that I asked that question. He starts walking to me, but fucking Rebecca stands in his way.

She looks at me and smirks. "Of course he did. How else would I get the address? He must not have expected you here."

I furrow my brows and look at Ric and silently ask him what the fuck? He has the same look on his face. I look at Jason and Hannah, and they have the same look as well. Does she not know this is my house?

I look back to Ric, and he mouths out, trust me. I nod my head.

He steps to Rebecca and grabs her hand. "Did I not tell you the time when I invited you?" His voice sounds even, but I can see the disgust in his eyes.

"No, just the address." She says sweetly.

He nods his head. "Well, you missed the whole party. We were just leaving."

She furrows her brows. "Leaving? I thought this was your apartment?"

He cocks his head to the side. "Hmmm, no. It's Jason's." He takes a step closer to her, and I can see the heart in her eyes.

"If this is Jason's place, why would you text him the address?" Her eyes widen after she asks the question. I try not to look shocked as hell.

Ric takes a step back from her, and his face twists in disgust. "How would you know what I text Jason?" His voice is low.

"Uhm. You told me silly." She tries to lie.

"When? I don't remember." His voice is slightly raised.

"Uhm. Uhm." She has fear in her eyes.

"Just tell the truth. Please." He's trying not to sound mad, but I can see it in his eyes. I want to be in his arms to calm him down, but I want to know what this bitch is doing here.

She looks at me and then back to Ric. She sighs. "I cloned your phone. I can see everything you. I read the message you sent to Jason and saw an address. I thought this was your place. Someone told me you were moving to New York and I couldn't find your new address anywhere. I just wanted a chance to talk to you." Her voice and face sound sad, but I can see the evil glint in her eyes. Ric must see it, too, because he looks fuming all over again.

He looks at Jason. "Did you get all that?"

Jason looks smug. "Sure did."

He looks at me, and his eyes soften. "Baby, she has one minute to leave. If she doesn't, then call the cops."

I open my mouth to answer, but this bitch cuts me off and looks at me with a smirk. "Ok, babe. I will."

Ric laughs loudly. "You must be fuckin crazy if you think I was talking to you."

He brushes past her and puts his arm around my waist. Her face twists with anger.

"Why would you get back with her? She cheated on you!" Her face is dark red.

Now it's my turn to smirk. "And how exactly would you know that?"

She puckers her lips. Then smiles evilly. "Just wait. This isn't over yet." And she quickly walks out the door.

Jason walks behind her and locks it, and then turns to us. "I got that last part too. It's already been sent to your lawyers. This needs to end. She's becoming a big problem, and that can harm both of our careers." He looks serious. He's in manager mode.

"I don't care about my career. I only care about Arryn and the twins' safety. I will handle this as I should have years ago." He gently grabs my hand and squeezes it.

Hannah grabs her bag, "well, this was exciting, but I'm tired, so I'm going to head out. I only had half the drink, so I'm good to drive. Call me tomorrow, Ryn. I'll be here Sunday for the park." She walks over to me and hugs me, and whispers, "get your man, babe." She winks and me and walks out. Jason says bye as well and follows her out.

I turn to Ric and gulp. He is looking at me like a predator tracking his prey. He stalks up to me and gently grabs my chin. He's looking directly into my eyes. Waiting for me to pull away. When I don't, he crashes his lips to mine. I feel his hands grab my thighs, and he pulls me up. I immediately wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me to my room without breaking the kiss. He lays me on the bed and kisses my jaw and down my neck.

"If you want me to stop, tell me now," he whispers. I look directly into his eyes. I'm breathing hard.

"Don't stop."

He smirks and grabs the hem of his shirt, and throws it off. His eyes are filled with lust. I know it's going to be a long, pleasure-filled night.
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