You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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Alaric POV

I just did the blood test, and I can't believe that I have to do this. How much more can this bitch do? I would have never have dated her if I knew she was this crazy. Why would she wait all this time to drop this major bomb?

Arryn lightly grabs my arm and snaps me out of my thoughts. She stands up, so the doctor must be calling her back. I hope nothing is wrong with her. I've noticed she's been so tired lately, and she's been very moody.

The nurse asks her normal questions, and she basically tells her that I'm making her get seen, and I smile because damn right I'm the reason. I chuckle to myself. She is told to pee in a cup, and we are waiting for the doctor to come into the room.

"So, how do you feel about all this?'' She asks me with concern. I'm glad she is here with me and isn't pissed. I would have been.

"I'm just numb right now. I want to get this over with, so I can get her out of our lives. She is causing so much drama, and she is the cause of the problems we've had." I answer honestly. If it weren't for her, Arryn and I would have never broken up, and I'd have been there in the first few years of my kid's lives. I get angry just thinking about it.

I see Arryn's eyes soften. I know she is going to comfort me and calm me down, but the doctor walks in. He asks the same questions, and Arryn answers them. The nurse walks in with a piece of paper. The doctor reads it and smiles.

"Well, it seems that the reason for the dizziness and the fatigue is because you are pregnant, Ms. Saunders. Congratulations." He says warmly.

I look at Arryn, and she is just as shocked as I am. We don't say anything but stare at each other. I have no words to say right now.

"I'm going to have the nurse bring in the ultrasound machine to check how far along you are. I'll be right back."

He walks out and gives us a moment. I stand up and walk towards her. She looks up at me, and tears start rolling down her face.

"Baby, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I ask softly.

"I'm sorry, Ric, I didn't do this on purpose. I don't know how this happened."

Does she think I'm mad? Oh, baby.

"shush, shush. Baby. I'm not mad at all. I'm so happy. We are gonna have another baby." I soothe her.

"Are you sure?"She sniffles.

"Yes. I'm so excited. I want to have as many kids as you'll give me, baby. I love you." I smile brightly.

The doctor and nurse walk in with a machine. He tells Arryn to lie back and lift her shirt. He squirts some gel on her stomach and starts to move a wand-looking thing around.

"Well, there is your baby. I'd say you're about 9weeks.Yo-'' He pauses. "Congrats, you're having twins! I'll refer you to an OB and schedule an appointment for 2 weeks."

Twins again! Oh shit!

The doctor and nurse leave, and I help Arryn wipe the gel off.

She glares at me. "Really, Ric? Twins again? I'm going to kill you."

I try to stifle my laugh, but I can't help it. I laugh out loud. She glares more. "I'm sorry, baby. I'm just that good."

She smiles. I'm so damn happy. I can't wait to be there this time. I give her a big kiss as we start to walk out to go pick up the twins. As we are walking out of the building, I hear a shrill voice speak up.

"Well, well, if it isn't my future husband and the home wrecker."

I stiffen and internally groan. Not now. This bitch is going to ruin our good mood.

I turn to look at her and notice that she has the little boy with her. Arryn notices, too, and she squeezes my hand. With him being here, I'm not going to talk shit to his mom.

"Rebecca.'' I nod at her. I look down at the boy and smile. He gives me a funny look and turns to his mom. She doesn't even look at him. She stares at me, expecting me to say something.

"Well, aren't you going to say hello to your son?" She sounds annoyed. I gulp. I don't want to acknowledge that he's mine when I know he isn't, but I don't want to hurt the kid's feelings.

"Dat no daddy,'' The boy speaks up. The wicked witch pales and glares at him. I smile slightly.

I bend down and look at him in the eyes. "You know your daddy, buddy?" I ask sweetly.

He nods his head and opens his mouth to speak, but she grabs his arm and pulls him away from me harshly.

"Hey, don't be so rough with him, "I speak up. Regardless if he isn't my kid, she shouldn't treat him like that.

"Mind you're own business, Ric." She spits out.

I fake like I'm offended. "Well, it's my business if he's my son, right?" I challenge her.

She scoffs and flips her hair over her shoulder, and drags the boy away. She looks like she is a terrible mother.

"Wow." I hear Arryn say as she is staring at them walk away.

"I know. I know." I say, shocked.

My phone buzzes in my pocket, and it's my lawyer. She texts me and tells me to go to her office asap.

I turn to Arryn. "It's the lawyer. She wants to meet me."

"Ok, I have to go pick up the twins. I'll see you at home?"

"Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I'm done."

She nods her head, and I kiss her and walk her to her car.

I get in mine and drive to the lawyer's office. I get there and wait in the reception area to tell me she is ready for me. She comes out to get me, and we walk to her office. She looks chipper. I hope it is good news.

We sit down, and she smiles at me. I wait for her to speak. My palms start to sweat. I'm nervous.

"Well, we just got the child's birth certificate and his medical records. It seems like the timing is right for her to have conceived the child around when she claims she was intimate with you in the hotel. His birthday matches with it as well. But," she pauses and hands me the birth certificate. I look over it, and when I read the father's name, my eyes widen. No fucking way!

Someone else has signed his birth certificate. Do you know who that person is?" I look at her. I clear my throat.

"Yeah. That's my brother. Twin brother, actually." Her eyes widen.

"Well, no wonder he looks like you. Did you know she was involved with him?"

I shake my head. "No, I haven't spoken to him in a few years. We have a difficult relationship." My mind is blown. No wonder the kid looked at me funny. He must have thought I was his dad but then noticed I wasn't.

"What's going to happen with the DNA test. He's my identical twin." I ask cautiously.

"That's a good question, Mr. Hayes. I'll have to consult a doctor about this." She looks shocked as well.

She speaks up again. "Give me some time, and I'll get back to you when I find out more. I'll contact you." She stands up.

"Thank you." I shake her hand and leave.

This just got so much more complicated.
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