You’re My Dream (Book 1)

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New Beginnings

After being here in LA for a month, I realize that most record labels won't just listen to anyone who walks off the street. I don't have decent material to listen to. Everything I have sounds rough because I don't have the right equipment, and my laptop is ancient.

I've been told that I need to go to an open mic night to get my music heard. A lot of label managers go to the clubs and bars to keep an ear out for talent. But as shy as I am, it will take some time for me to go up in front of strangers to sing my songs. I don't want to be famous. I want to produce music and have other people sing my songs. I guess I'm just going to have to find a normal job to continue to live here while I work up the courage to go to open mic nights.

Looking through job listings online, I notice there is an assistant/secretary job posting for a producer at one of the record labels that I had visited a few weeks ago. Reading through the job posting, the pay isn't that bad, and it says I don't need a lot of experience in the secretary position. I need to multitask, which I learned from my two years working at the diner. I immediately apply and hope they get back to me soon. I still have quite a bit of money saved, but I want to start replenishing the amount soon. I don't spend a lot of money, the most I spend is rent and food. The utilities are including in the rent, so it makes it easier to save. I mostly eat small meals to save even more money. I hardly eat out because I feel it is a waste of money when I cook at home. My mom still pays my phone bill. I told her that I would get my own phone line so she wouldn't have to pay any more, but she said she gets a deal on having two lines, so it's cheaper to keep me on. I think it's her subtle way of trying to help me out, but I don't voice my opinion on it. I hope to get this job at the label because it will get my foot in the door. It is something that I desperately need because I went to a bar to do an open mic, and I almost had a panic attack trying to put my name on the list.

A few days later, I got the call that I was selected for the interview. Getting ready for it, I have no clue what to wear. I guess I can wear professional clothes and hope I don't look too bad. I only have a few professional clothing, so if I do get this job and that's what I'm required to wear, then I'll have to dig into some of my savings and shop, which I hate. But I'll have to suck it up and do it.

Sitting here in the office waiting for my name to be called, I'm super nervous. Looking around, I see a few women and men, which I'm assuming are here for the interview as well. The women are professionally dressed, but their clothing is really tight and shows way too much cleavage and skirts that are too short and makeup done like they are going to the club. As I look down and see my clothes, I look just plain and average and hope it doesn't cost me this job. As I continue to pick myself apart, I hear the secretary butcher my name. I want to correct her, but I don't. As I get up with my CV in hand, I look up and see the most handsome man I have ever seen. He doesn't notice me because his eyes are on the brunette with her arms around him, but I can see that he is very tall, even taller than myself, which is something because I am about 5'9, so he must be at least 6'. He is very muscular with tattoos on both arms which means he probably works out a lot. Honestly, he looks like a damn God. I snap myself out of basically drooling over this fine-looking man, and just as I'm about to turn away, he looks up, and we lock eyes. I get lost in the beautiful golden eyes. I haven't ever seen eyes shine as bright as his. He notices me staring and smirks. I turn away and blush in embarrassment. I let out the breath I was holding and follow the secretary to my interview.

As I anxiously await the phone call from Holden Inc., the record label that interviewed me a few days ago, I have filled out dozens of job applications for jobs throughout the city. I'd have to commute, most likely not worth the drive based on the pay, but I can't get too picky when I know I need to start to make money.

I decide to go for a walk, get coffee, and some takeout to get my mind off my anxiety. As I wait in line at Starbucks, I am in deep thought about what drink to get when I feel someone's hand on my shoulder. Looking up, I'm shocked to see the most intense green eyes looking into my blue eyes.

"Hi, excuse me, did you drop this?'' I look down and notice that he's holding my songbook.

"Uhm, yes. Th- th- th-that's mine," I stutter out. Can I be any more of a damn nerd?

I gulp as this devilishly handsome man smiles warmly at me. "Well, here, I didn't read your diary, if that's what you're so nervous about." He smirks after. I slightly swoon.

"Ohh. No, that's not my diary. It's my songbook,'' I say instantly while grabbing my black hardcover book from him, and I feel my cheeks redden.

"Original songs?" He asks me with slight humor in his voice.

Rolling my eyes, "of course, I'm not gonna carry around a book with other artists' work. I would leave that at home." I give him a little attitude. I don't know why I told him it was my songbook.

"Would you like to sit with me and have some coffee?" he asks with a slight smirk on his face. Coffee? With him? I think I'm going to pass out. I've never had anyone ask to have coffee or a date or anything. My face reddens even more. I must look like a damn tomato.

"Uhh, no, I'm going to take my coffee to go and have a walk around the city. Thanks," I rush out, trying not to be rude. Why would he want to have coffee with me?

I see the slight disappointment in his eyes before he covers it and gives a bright smile. ''Well, alright then, here's my card. Give me a call if you'd like for me to have a listen to some of your original songs."

I nod my head and take the card and move up in line. He leaves shortly after with his coffee in hand, and I let out a breath. I look at the card, and it's a simple straight-to-the-point card: Jason Banks, Talent Manager, and his phone number. I'm slightly relieved that he was only interested in having coffee because he believed I was an artist and not trying actually to ask me out. I have zero experience with the male species, and I don't think that will change soon.

Still slightly stunned from the interaction with Jason, I decided to take my coffee back to my apartment and work out. Midway through my workout, I hear my phone ringing. Omg! Omg! It's Holden inc!

I answer the phone after out a breath to calm down.


"Hi, is this, uhm Arryn Saunders?" She pronounces my name like Uhh-ryy-ann.

Rolling my eyes. No one will ever pronounce my name correctly, for fucks sake. Why mom, why?!

"Yes, this is Arryn." Correcting her on how to pronounce my name. It's pronounced like the male name Aaron. Just spelled feminine, as my mom would say.

"Ha, sorry about that. This is Jane calling from Holden Inc. I'd like to inform you that Mr. Holden would like to offer you the position of being his assistant. He'd like for you to start as soon as you can. When would that be?" Her voice is chipper.

"I can start tomorrow." I try not to squeak.

"Great! Be here at seven-thirty am sharp to take you to HR and get form filled out and your ID badge and give you a run down of the company. Do you have a question?''

"Uhm, what's the dress code?" I ask so I know if I need to get an outfit for tomorrow.

"That's a great question. It's business casual but more casual, if anything. We are a very laid-back company, and we like for employees to feel comfortable. You will be running a lot of errands outside the building, so dress nice but comfortable. Any other questions?"

"No, that's the only question I have for today. Thank you so much, and I'll see you tomorrow."

"You're welcome, Miss Saunders. Have a great day. Bye"

"Bye," and I end the call. I can't believe I got the job!!!! I was sure that they would give it to one of the beautiful women sitting there for the interview. I want to call my mom and tell her, but I just can't yet. I start freaking out, feeling like I'm going to have a panic attack. What if I suck at the job? What if I stay stuck in this assistant position forever and never get a chance to be a producer? Sighing, I can't think like that, I need to focus, and eventually, things will work out. I didn't come this far just to be stuck. I get up and go to my closet and look for something to wear for tomorrow. At least I won't have to be uncomfortable in the office every day. After I pick out my outfit, I work out for a little bit, but I can't focus, so I shower and decide to head to bed to get a good night's rest for work.
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