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Open Your Heart

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After the tragic loss of her husband, she closed herself off from finding love. Her siblings and her kids want her happy again. Will she open her heart?

Brianna Breckenridge
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Chapter 1

THIS STORY WILL BE MOVING TO GALATEA! You will know when it’s only three chapters which they will allow me to keep on other platforms and have me direct everyone to Galatea. It will be up on March 13th


Lucy sat there in her living room at her house, holding her newborn baby in her arms while she watched her three year old daughter playing with toys on the floor.

“Mommy?” Lily said.

“Yes sweetie?” Lucy asked.

“I miss Daddy,” Lily said.

“I know baby, me too,” Lucy said. She was married to the love of her life, Brad, for four years. She got pregnant with Lily on their wedding night. She was eight months pregnant with her second child, Olivia, when her husband was killed in a car accident on his way home from work. A woman had a seizure and hit him head on. He died instantly while she succumbed to her injuries two days later in the hospital. She had her brothers and her sister there for her.

“Hello?!” Lauren said.

“Hey sis,” Lucy said.

“Auntie!” Lily said.

“Hi baby girl,” Lauren said.

“Where’s Colby?” Lily asked.

“He and Danny are with their daddy at home napping,” Lauren said.

“Baby is sleeping,” Lily said.

“Yes she is, I came to get your grocery list sis,” Lauren said.

“It’s on the table,” Lucy said.

“Okay sis,” Lauren said. She got the list and hugged Lily and kissed Olive on her forehead and hugged Lucy.

“I’ll be back with your stuff,” Lauren said.

“Thanks sis,” Lucy said.

“You’re welcome,” Lauren said. Lauren left. Lucy got up and gently laid Olivia down in her bassinet by the couch.

“Mommy?” Lily asked.

“Yes baby,” Lucy said.

“Can we go to the park?” Lily asked.

“When your sister wakes up, we will go,” Lucy said.

“Okay Mommy, I luv you,” Lily said.

“I love you baby,” Lucy said. Lucy stood at the back door to the backyard and just stared out the door with tears running down her cheeks.

“Mommy,” Lily said.

“Yes baby,” Lucy said.

“It will be okay, you have me and sissy, and uncles and auntie, and Colby and Danny,” Lily said.

“I know baby,” Lucy said.

“You want Daddy,” Lily said.

“I’ll always will,” Lucy said. Lily ran to her and hugged her legs.

“We will be okay, Mommy,” Lily said.

“How did you get so smart?” Lucy said.

“From you Mommy,” Lily said. Olivia started crying. She went and picked up Olivia and checked her diaper and changed her and fed her and got her dressed. She got the stroller out and texted her sister to let her know that she was walking down to the park. She helped Lily get her shoes on and they went to the park. She let Lily go play on the playground while She sat on the bench by it with Olivia.

“Hey sis,” Nick said. She saw Nick coming towards her with Daniel and Colby.

“Colby! Danny!” Lily said. They ran to the playground to play with her. Nick sat down beside her.

“Hey bro,” Lucy said.

“My wife still shopping?” Nick asked.

“Yeah,” Lucy said.

“How you holding up?” Nick asked.

“I’m trying to be strong for my girls,” Lucy said.

“We are all here for you,” Nick said.

“I know,” Lucy said.

“Hi Nick!” someone said.

“Hey buddy,” Nick said.

“Danny and Colby here?” the guy said.

“Yep they are playing with my niece on the playground set,” Nick said.

“Okay,” the guy said.

“Kyle, this is Lauren’s sister, Lucy,” Nick said.

“Hi Lucy,” Kyle said.

“Hi nice to meet you,” Lucy said.

“I’m sorry about your husband,” Kyle said.

“Thank you,” Lucy said.

“Is this Olivia?” Kyle asked.

“Yes this is her,” Lucy said.

“She so precious,” Kyle said.

“She is precious, Kyle lives next door with his brother and nephew and niece, his brother, Kevin is a single father to a little boy and a little girl, they are a year apart, his wife died giving birth to his baby girl,” Nick said.

“Our parents died last year and I’m still underage so my brother became my guardian since he’s the oldest, my other brother is in college out of state,” Kyle said.

“Uncle Kyle,” a little boy said.

“This is Bentley and his sister Brittany who is shy,” Kyle said.

“Hi!” Bentley said.

“Hi there,” Lucy said.

“Hi,” Brittany said.

“Hi sweetie,” Lucy said.

“Are you sad?” Bentley asked.

“Yeah I am,” Lucy said.

“Why?” Brittany said.

“Because someone I loved very much passed away recently,” Lucy said.

“Our mommy passed away,” Bentley said.

“I heard that from your uncle here,” Lucy said.

“I never met her,” Brittany said.

“Oh sweetie I’m sorry,” Lucy said.

“Bentley,” Colby said.

“Coming,” Bentley said.

“Wait for me!” Brittany said. They ran to play. Kyle sat next to Nick.

“School out today?” Nick said.

“Yeah that’s why I have them,” Kyle said.

“And why my wife can get out of the house,” Nick said.

“She’s their babysitter?” Lucy asked.

“Yeah she is a stay at home mom you know,” Nick said.

“And why aren’t you at work?” Lucy asked.

“Sis, it’s my day off,” Nick said.

“You aren’t on call?” Lucy asked.

“No, there are others who can do the same job I can,” Nick said.

“You aren’t worried about losing it,” Lucy said.

“Sis, I’m a doctor, you know, they always in need of doctors, they don’t want us overworked,” Nick said.

“Can’t do the job right if you are overworked,” Kyle said.

“That’s right bud,” Nick said.

“What does your brother do?” Lucy asked.

“He’s a police detective,” Kyle said.

“My husband was a lawyer,” Lucy said. They sat there watching the kids on the playground.


Quick note from author:

Thank you for reading my stories. Please don’t criticize the way I write by pointing out the ‘he said she said’ parts. I want my style to be different from others and want everyone to know says what in my stories instead of everyone guessing who said what. It’s the way I have always written since I started over 20 years ago. Please only send positive comments and reviews. Keep the negative stuff to yourself. It will not change my way of writing and I won’t change my way of writing so keep those negative stuff to yourself. Have a good day and thanks for reading.
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