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A lost Angel

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Ruby:"Can't you stay with me for one more day? Can't you ask you Deity to have mercy on you? I can't live in this world with out you. I know you can't leave me neither. Please stay." Evaan:"I'm sorry. I have to go. It'll be alright. Its better this way" Ruby: "I'll die if you leave me" Evaan:" close you eyes, 'make her forget about me'. I'm sorry Ruby. Its better this way."

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

In heaven,

Deity: Angel Evaan. You have been choosen to sent to earth for fulfill a duty.

Evaan: Yes my Lord. I am here to fulfill my duty.

Deity: Your duty is related to a girl named Rub...............

The sender accidently pushed the button to sent him to earth before the Deity finish his order. He reached an unfamiliar place. He was shocked to see the earth for real. He was wearing a white gown. Every one were staring at him. He ran away from the crowd. He hide from the people and changed himself into causal dress. He was wandering in the city. The city was huge with somany people. It was already evening. So everyone were busy running back to their home. He was ammused to see the lights in the building at night. Chattering people. Busy city and everything. He was passing by in between two building. He heard a voice. He ran towards the voice. He saw three me. Two of them were standing and looking down with a smirk on his face. The other was sitting down and talking to someone. He was holding the shoulder of a girl pressing her to the floor. She was struggling to stand up. Her mouth was shut with his other hand. He removed his hand from her shoulder and slaped her twice. She closedher eyes and started weeping. Then she heard a thud-noice. When she opened her eyes she saw that the three of then were lieing on the floor. They were badly hurt but still breathing. She was shocked to see them. She look around and saw Evaan. She looked at his eyes. It was ocean blue. He was wiping his blooded hands with his hand kerchief. He looked serious. He looked at her. She was still in the floor. He forwarded his hands towards her. She grabbed his hand and stood up. she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He was handsome as heaven. She was standing really close to him. Their body touched each others. She could feel his warmth. She was blanked. She fell in love with him at first site.

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