Never Let Me Go

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It’s been twenty years since she saw the love of her life. He has suddenly returned as her boss and she doesn’t understand why, but she’s determined to figure it out. ———————— "I wish I didn't leave that night, but I had to Val. You don't understand." I want to believe him, but I sit quiet and lean my back into the chair. The autumn trees catch my attention, mesmerized by the brown and yellow leaves that have fallen onto the grass. He says something again, but I can't make out what it is. A cold hand brushes against mine making me quickly pull it away. "Did you hear me?" "What?" I rub my hand almost as if I was trying to rub away the feelings he brings upon me. "I said," He pauses while taking a deep breath. "That night meant a lot to me, I hope you know that." "If that we're true then you would have stayed. You wouldn't have abandoned me for twenty damn years." "Is that what you think I did?" He questions while rubbing the back of his neck. "You think I abandoned you?"

Romance / Drama
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I knew I shouldn't have drank that much last night, but I'm so damn hardheaded. It was either the loud music giving me a massive headache or the fact that my eighteen year old daughter treated me like I was the child and she was the adult.

Divorce is a bitch. I'm just going to say it.

You think you love someone and know them inside and out, but you're clueless as a sack of potatoes. People change and he sure as hell did.

Okay, I won't blame it all on him— I was the problem too. Our marriage was very important to me. Trying so hard for eighteen years for the sake of your child isn't the way to go.

Catching him with my best friend was apparently his way of going.

And that made it much more easier for me to go as well.

Walking into work, with a massive hangover, I take a seat at my desk and see Ashley with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"I wonder what it's like to be a kid again."

She takes a sip of her coffee while I study her sarcastic tone. Her cheeks turn into a light pink color as I bark back. "I wonder what it's like to mind your own damn business."

"You know I always have to put my two cents into everything."

"And that's why no one likes your ass around here."

"Only you, Val." She grins, making it harder for me not to smile back.

She's lucky she's my best friend around here.

"If you were someone else I would probably deck hand you right about now." I laugh, leaning back against my chair as I turn on the monitor to my computer.

Her dirty blonde locks fall against her shoulders as she giggles with me. "I'm honestly surprised that you haven't yet."

"Me too."

The next few hours go by and I'm amazed at how much work I got done. Several emails, documents, and quotes later made lunch time approach rather quickly.

I could use a sloppy ass burger right about now.

Would vodka interfere with that? Yeah, probably.

Ashley and I head onto the highway to one of our favorite places to eat.

Ronald's Fatty Meat.

Honestly, I go there just because of the name.

We take a seat outside, feeling the amazing California breeze, and I'm instantly feeling much better. Maybe it's because Ash told the waiter to bring me a pitcher of iced cold water for the drunk.

"How's Cynthia doing?" She mentions as she takes a sip of her sweet tea.

I gulp down about five sips before answering– pretty much trying to get over the brain freeze and nausea combined. "Great actually. She applied for college at three places, just waiting to hear back from them."

"What about Fred?"

"Do we dare say his name?" I choke, feeling sick all over again.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize this was Voldemort we were talking about."

I stare into her soul as our waiter sets our food down on the table. Once he leaves I open my mouth. "He's the same Fred. There's nothing really to say."

If he wasn't doing my best friend then he was balls deep into work.

Or was it the other way around?

"Such a shame." She sighs, taking a handful of fries into her mouth.

Instead of carrying on this wonderful conversation, I eat my burger in silence as she does the same. We tip our waiter once we are finished and head on back to work.

There's a lot of commotion coming from the conference room as we arrive back. You could hear the gathering from the elevator as you stepped out into the hallway.

"Was there a meeting we weren't aware of?" Ashley says, walking beside me through the hall.

I shrug and shake my head. "No clue."

A few girls snicker against the wall, whispering to one another like some school girls gossiping about a crush.

I take that as my cue and proceed... with caution.

"What's going on?" I whisper, trying to match their level. Ashley laughs and nudges me with her elbow.

"We have a new marketing manager," Gina exclaims, letting Sarah follow. "He's the hottest man I have ever seen."

"Wow," Ashley murmurs sarcastically. "You're kidding?"

"No." They shout in unison.

Oh, Jesus. They really are fan-girling right now— or whatever these kids say nowadays. Perks to my daughters generation.

A few more people leave the conference room letting a very tall man appear against the doorway. He is muscular than I would have imagined, hence the biceps bulging through his light blue tux. A dark full beard compliments his jaw line, forming around a pair of mauve nude lips, and baby blue eyes that is hard for anyone to miss.

He catches me noticing for a minute as he stares back at me, almost as if he recognizes me from somewhere.

I try to gather my thoughts while Ashley whispers into my ear, but I'm star struck and sensing what feels like déjà vu.

"Is this a damn staring contest?"

I blink suddenly, returning to earth and quickly shake my head. "I don't know what just happened."

"He can't take his eyes off of you." She admits.

"Mr. Penn?" Our project manager, Mindy, says standing oh-so close to him. "Why don't you introduce yourself to everyone at River Estates?"

I'm puzzled the minute she said his last name. I knew it was his last name because I think I knew exactly who he was.

Those blue eyes brought everything back.

"Penn? As in Elijah Penn?" I call out, letting everyone look my way— especially him.

I couldn't believe it.

How dare he do this.

After all this time.

He slowly nods, before opening his mouth, but unfortunately I beat him to it.

Maybe it was the vodka still in my system, or the fact that someone I cared about more than myself returned back into my life, but this was absolute bullshit.

"What in the absolute fuck?"
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