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Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Age 14

Summer’s almost over and I’m excited to go into my first year of high school. I just turned fourteen in the beginning of summer. I’ll be going to the same school as Dylan and I can’t wait. I put on a pair of jean shorts and a lavender t-shirt. I slip on a pair of my black sneakers and walk downstairs.

“Katie.” My mom softly says.

“Yeah?” I ask. I step off of the last step of the stairs and turn the corner. Both mom and dad are sitting down in the kitchen and they look at me with a mix of guilt, stress, worry and sadness.

“We need to talk to you sweetie.” Mom says. “Come sit down.”

“Okay.” I sit down and look at them curiously. “What’s wrong? You’re kind of scaring me.”

“We have some news, and we aren’t exactly sure how you are going to take it.” Mom says.

“I’m being transferred for my job.” Dad explains. “We have to move to New York.”

“What? When?”

“By the end of the summer, in two weeks.”

“We can’t move!” I say sounding hysterical. “Tell them no.”

“Honey, I already agreed to it.”

“Without us talking about it first? We’ve lived here in California for our whole lives. Why would we move to New York?”

“It’s a good opportunity for us. It’s only a two-year contract and then we can move back here if we want to.” Dad says.

“I don’t want to move.” I cry. “Dylan’s here. He’s my only friend.”

“You’ll make new friends.” Mom says.

“No!” I shout, standing up. “I won’t go!”

I run out of the house with tears streaming down my face and blurring my vision. I run all the way to Dylan’s house and slam my fist against the door. The door opens and I fall into Dylan’s arms.

“Kitty?” He asks, worry filling his voice. “What’s wrong?”

“D…Dylan.” I cry. “I won’t go. I won’t leave you.”

“What are you talking about? What’s happened Kitty?” I don’t answer him, I can’t. I’m too sad about it. I just cry against his chest, getting tears and snot on his shirt. He grabs my hand and brings me inside. He leads me down the hallway and we sit down on his bed.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” He says, wiping my tears away.

“I have to move.”

“What?” He asks, his eyes getting wide.

“My dad got transferred to New York for his job. He said that we’re moving in two weeks. I don’t want to leave Dylan. I don’t want to move away from you.”

“It’s okay Kitty. We’ll figure this out.”

“I’m so mad at my parents. I don’t understand why they want to leave. They say that I’ll find new friends, but I don’t want new friends. It’s not fair. I’m just so scared Dylan, I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t lose me Kitty.” He smiles. “We’ll talk every day, and, in the summer, we can visit each other. We’ll still be best friends.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise Kitty, I’ll always be here for you.” His lips touch mine, surprising me. He kisses me softly and quickly then gives me his signature lop-sided smile. I smile back at him and he holds me in his arms until my parents come to pick me up.


We spend the next two weeks doing everything together and spending every single second we can having fun. By the time that I have to move I’m not as scared as I thought I would be. Dylan has promised that he’ll always be my friend, that he’ll always be here for me.

The worst thing that I’ve ever done is believe his promise, because six months after I move, he stops talking to me. I text him, call him, even send him letters but he never answers.

Then one night he sends me a text that I will never forget.

“Stop trying to talk to me. I hate you, Katie. I never want to talk to you again.”

I stare at the text over and over again until sobs are raking my body. I cry night after night, wondering what I did that made him hate me. He never calls me Katie. Not in the eight years that he has known me has he ever called me Katie. I’ve always been Kitty to him, but now? Now he hates me, and I have no idea why.


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