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How I Fell in Love With My Savior

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This a story about a girl who falls in love with the bad boy . " This story is fake by the way " I never thought I would get away from this hell whole and my abusive parents and fall in love with my Savior thought I could finally be happy at least for now . ? Will he kidnap her or he will he find her hurt

Romance / Drama
Montana Burke
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Chapter 1 : The hell whole I call home sadly

This is where it begins. My Name is Alora Dominique Grey .

I am 17 turning 18 soon . Hopefully I can get through my last year of highschool and leave my abusive parents . I have no friends at school . I get bullied but I just ignore them and move on .

As I walk home I noticed my parents are home . Hopefully my beating isn't bad . Everything I do is wrong to them , so it gives them a chance to beat me whenever they can .

So I walk in the house that has blood stains on the walls for them beating me . The walls are grey in living room with a black couch and a flat screen tv .
My so called parents are sitting in the living room watching TV and drinking beer and vodka . They are usually clubing or something. " so why are they home and I know better to not ask or they will beat me worse .

I hope I can get past them and sneak to my room but fate is not on my side today . Alora where are going dad said as he grab my arm and then I knew I was about get hit . " thought you could escape didn't you " "answer me " dad said but I didn't answer him .

So he slap me on my face causing my head to go to the side and blood fill my mouth . So I whimper out a no before he started to kick me in stomach and me begging him to stop , please stop st...stop I tried to stutter out " YOU THINK I SHOULD, STOP REALLY " he yelled and started to punch and kick harder .
My mom comes over here with a beer bottle and smashes it on my head I fill blood comes out . I pass out . They leave me here to bleed and leave the house and don't return .

When I finally wake up I drag my body upstairs to my room and put otmient and wash the blood off my head , stomach and every where else I could find blood and put otmient on my newer bruises and old ones .

I change my bloodie clothes into some sweatpants and tank top and pass out on my bed with my last thought Hopefully tomorrow's better .

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