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All That Glitters

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When she is not working at a secret branch in the CIA that is also the service that is run by her very protective dad. Chloe is living with her adoptive parents. What happens when she finds one of her nine brothers with a new girlfriend and somehow she is clouded by jealousy to think she is being replaced. Follow Chloe as she struggles though her boy trouble,family drama, crazy missions and emotional breakdowns. enjoy.... ‼️MATURE CONTENT‼️

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

As I walk through the glass doors of the main entrance of the agency I can't help the chill that runs through my spine. Being a decorated agent is one thing but messing up your missions is another.

And what makes it even worse is the fact I might be the directors daughter. Ok maybe not might more like am. Am so dead.

The best thing is that no one know who I am, so I walk swiftly to the elevator and lucky for me it dings open just as I get there and an agent I don't know walks out...ok so maybe I know zero agents in this agency.

See am Chloe Jones most decorated agent in the SA (Secret Agency) yeah yeah I know not very smart. No one now's me they only know agent 12 any not the gender age or discription.

I just never cared to learn or know anyone as far as i know about this agency I'm the only solo agent. Agents here work in teams but because am the directors daughter I get this my way. Not always but sometimes.

I slide my card on the red light and press the button for the top level and dad's office, not everyone has one of this, dad's office is out of bound. Another one of my priviledges.

I play with the helm of my hoody as I wait to get to his floor. I'd be lying if I said my nerves aren't getting the best of me.

After about five long boring minutes the elevator door dings signaling I've arrived to my doom.

I walk down the clean hallway to his glass door through which I see his staring at his computer with lines of concentration on his forhead.

I push the door open and walked inside. I carelessly drop miself on the chair opposite his desk.

"Twelve do you not know how to knock" he asks never lifting his eyes from his work.

" Oh no no no I would never hurt my hands knocking ,glass they have better use breaking bones if you know what I mean"I say with a smirk.

" Thanks for the reminder" he says lifting his head from his work and giving me a disapproving look.
Oh damn.

"Twelve! eight times you have messed up eight am not giving you another chance to mess up again"

" I know sir and am sorry but you got to cut me some slacks here I do get the work done" he looks at me with a rised eye brow" eventually?" I say giving an innocent sweet smile.

" Am done with your entitled attitude am done!! your attitude in general"

" Am getting fired?" I ask with a frown.
"I wish, if situations were different I'd have fired you seven mistakes a go" he said rubbing his forehead. His stressed now I fell bad.

" So what are you going to do to me?" I asked a bit curious and afraid, with this guy you never know.

"Your joining a team and here is everything you need to know about them, you move in with them today" he says pushing a file towards me.

I full on laugh at his weak attempt of a joke. After a good laugh " now now Wilfred tell me what your really doing to me." I say with a laugh but his very serious.

" Your serious?" I say with a a frown. He nods his head i pick up the file and flip though it, damn!my eyes almost pop out he's not joking.

"Can I still get fired I'd really appreciate it if just fired me please dad" I say giving my best puppy dog face.

" Your joining this team and nothing is getting you out of this, nothing even my love for my daughter."

" But-"

" But nothing young lady it's about time I put my foot down."

" I understand" I am everything you might think I am at the moment but one thing am not is disrespectfull. Well I am but not to dad.

"That's my girl" he said with a tired smile.

I may be against all this but I can tell his troubled and an not adding to it. My love for this man will make me walk through the fires of hell very soon. Some how I think I just did.

"Dad when did you last get some well needed rest?" I ask a bit conserned.

" I don't even remember I'm just working on something very critical and I need to get it done fast"he says rubbing his tired eye.

" Oh! Just promise me you'll get some rest"
His overworking himself and at his age it's not healthy I love my dad and I don't want him sick. Am not ready to lose him again.

"I will I promise now go get settled in with your new team."

"Okay Dad"I stand and walk to his side of the desk and kissed his forehead he gives me a small smile.

"Bye princess " he says as I exit his office I wave at him and left.


After packing my things and stuffing my things in my car I set off to the address on the file dad really went all out the file has everything but am lazy as fuck so I just took out the address alone.

As I pull up in the driveway of my new 'home'. I realise damn! this place is huge. The agency always did go all out.

I'd been offered a house almost as huge but I was alone and a big house was just over doing it.

So here I am standing outside my car looking at the ditailes of this mansion damn it's huge I wonder how it looks inside. But am sure I'll miss my tiny one bedroom apartment either way.

I walk casually to the trunk of my car and take out my two huge suitcases and a duffle bag
They were really heavy what do I have in there anyway rocks?

Well no just some military grade weaponry am very possessive or is it protective over my weapons I like them close they give me a sense of protection.

I put the duffle bag over my shoulder and shut the trunk of my baby.

I drag my suitcases towards the front of the massive house.

When I got to the door after lifting my suitcases over the small flight of stairs. I've never been gratefully and proud of myself for all the heavy lifting I do.

I drop my duffle bag from my shoulder,it was getting sour from how heavy the bag was.

I take a dip breath and pushed the door bell for a few seconds before withdrawing my finger. I'm doing this for dad I really don't like people. And that is something considering I have nine brothers.

I heard some footsteps running towards the door and seconds later the door flew open to reveal a girl around my age or older by afew then again what do I know.

She had platinum blonde hair that reached her waist she had blue cat like eyes a tiny nose that went well with her face and some full pink lips and smooth fair skin she's attractive I'll give her that she's about five foot nine which is something for my short five foot four.

I've always hated that I'm that short.
"Can I help you?" She asked in a sharp direct voice with confidence .
"I think your expecting me the director sent me?" I more like asked.
"Oh really you must be here to drop agent 12's stuff when will he show up anyway."

Ok so ouch! can't a short five foot four girl brown hair that gets to the middle of my back, green eyes... could not be agent 12 and come on they think twelve is a guy what type of world do we live in where a woman can't be as powerful.

"I think your mistaken I am twelve" I say firmly. I understand she doesn't know me no one does anyway but it still isn't exiting at all am offended really.

"Yeah right we all can dream...do you think his hot I do but shhh don't tell Greg I said that he would kill me, just kidding"

I sink my hand into the back pocket of my pants to retrieve my badge. am so done with this chic who I don't know but am sure it's in the file that I did not read.

She's really getting on my nerves I wipe all expression from my face and opened the booklike budge that has a picture of me the SA seal and the words agent twelve in gold. I shove it to her face and for a second there I thought she turned blue. A smirk graces its way to my face.

"OMG twelve is a girl" she said a little fearful with some excitement as well.

"That is agent twelve to you and am not a girl" I say firmly.
"Am so sorry....guys agent twelve is here?"she shouted.

Once she was done I heared footsteps run towards as, who lives here baboons?

Four boys run down the stairs.

"Here she is guys" the girl before me tells them. As she moves to the side to give the boys an opening to see me.

"Wait agent twelve's a girl"

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