Love Clash

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Chapter Nine

The next morning an apologetic Hudson drove Isabella to school. "I'll have practice today too. So I'll arrange for someone to drop you home. Okay?" He told her. Isabella nodded, praying in her mind that whoever it was, it shouldn't be Weston. Images of him kissing that girl was still fresh in her mind and it didn't cause her any happiness. It made her jealous and restless as she declined Hudson's offer to walk her to her class.

"I'm not a baby, bro. I can go to my class on my own," she told him with a grumpy face.

"I know you're all grown up but please let me walk you to your class today. From tomorrow you're on your own," he said, walking alongside with her.

They found Weston sitting at the same spot with the same friends. He watched her with interest while ignoring Hudson completely. Hudson rolled his eyes at him. Weston stared at her for her reaction. Last evening he had seen her sitting at her window watching him play. He tried to impress her with back to back goals when a random girl came forward to kiss him. He wanted to show off more and kissed her but when Isabella shut her window, he lost his interest. He left the girl hanging and just walked off while the girl kept yelling after him. He was interested to know if she was as jealous as he was of Dean.

Isabella walked into her classroom and as usual all the students stared wide-eyed at her and Hudson. What was with everyone at this school? They seem to consider her an alien from outer space. Hudson walked off and stopped in front of Weston.

"I'm sorry Wes for yesterday. Today I have practice again. So will you drop Isa home?" He asked.

Weston nodded. "Yeah," he said not showing the rapid beating of his heart.

Hudson grinned and walked off. Weston's mood brightened and he whistled a peppy tune all the way to their classroom while his two friends walked behind him eyeing one another. They understood him so well!

There were fifteen minutes left for the classes to start and most of the students were loitering in the corridors. Suddenly a very pretty girl with long waist length blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes came inside. She walked up to her and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Anna Sophia Howard," she said stretching her hand out to her.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Harrington, " she introduced herself. The girl looked at her with interest.

"Are you Hudson's sister?" She asked her curiously. Isabella nodded.

"Yes but we're not blood-related. Hudson is my foster brother. His family has adopted me, " she told her. The girl smiled.

"I'm so happy to meet you Isabella. I didn't come to class yesterday and today all of them are talking about you. You see, Hudson is the most popular boy in school and so is Weston. So everyone's interested in you but too scared to approach you," said Anna Sophia.

"Can we be friends then?" Asked Isabella with a shy smile.

"Sure," said Anna Sophia and they shook hands happily.

"Why is everyone scared to approach me?" Asked Isabella now understanding why they were all staring at her.

"They all fear Weston. No one wants to displease him in any way. There's no knowing what he would do to you," said Anna Sophia with a laugh.

"Oh. What about you? Aren't you scared of him, then?" She asked curiously.

"No I'm not. My older sibling is Hudson's girlfriend. They all are in the same class. So I know both of them very well," said Anna Sophia as a strange sadness entered her eyes.

"I didn't know bro had a girlfriend?" Asked Isabella with interest. Anna Sophia sighed and looked down at her hands.

"Yes, he's dating my sister Mikaela. You know, she's playing with his feelings. She doesn't deserve him," said Anna Sophia as a tear fell from her eyes.

"Hey, don't be upset please. I'm sure bro will realize it sooner or later," said Isabella. She had a strange feeling that there was more to this than met her eye. Did Anna Sophia like Hudson? Maybe when they hung out more together, she would be able to find out.

"If Hudson's dating your sister, who is Weston dating?" She asked the question that was topmost on her mind since last evening.

"No one. Weston doesn't date. He just breaks and fights and terrorizes everyone. All the girls are shit scared of his temper to ever date him. But I know that he's very caring about a selected few," said Anna Sophia with a smile.

"Oh like?" She asked wanting to know if he was caring about any girl or not.

"Like his twin, his best friends Cody and Dave and of course his parents," she told her. Then leaning towards her, she whispered, leaking out a secret. "But mostly he cares about his motorcycle. That's his girlfriend, I think." They both giggled and Isabella felt a lot better knowing that Weston wasn't dating anyone. That might be a random girl who kissed him last evening.

Classes started as usual and when it was break time, she and Anna Sophia went to the cafeteria to grab some burgers and fries. "I love the food here and mostly no one to question you why you're eating unhealthy stuff. Right?" Asked Anna Sophia. Isabella smiled.

"I too love unhealthy food," she told her and they fist bumped when her glance fell upon Weston who was staring at her from his table at the corner. She immediately sat with her back towards him. 'Stare all you can. I still hate you,' she said in her head.

"Why is Weston staring at you like he wants to talk to you?" Asked Anna Sophia with interest.

"Stop imagining things, Anna. He might be wanting to threaten me or be mean to me," said Isabella with a sneer.

Anna Sophia stared at her with disbelief. "He's mean to you? Why? You're his sister, aren't you?" She asked.

"He doesn't consider me as his sister. He hates me. He has left home because of me. You know he only threatens me, warning me never to acknowledge him at school but always approaches me himself, " groaned Isabella.

"Are you complaining about me, Isabella?" Said Weston's husky voice as he stood right behind her.

Isabella froze and Anna Sophia paled. "No Weston. We were just talking about s - school," stammered Anna Sophia. Weston's eyes didn't leave Isabella's pale and scared face.

"I want a word with you, alone, " said Weston, standing behind her while the other students near their table fled. Isabella got up reluctantly not knowing what he would do to her.

"I'm waiting for you here," said Anna Sophia and Isabella nodded.

"Hurry will you? I don't have all day," said Weston impatiently. He caught her wrist and pulled her along with him towards the back of the back of the cafe.

"Weston, you're hurting me," she told him but he didn't release her hand. He stopped at a corner and pulled her in front of him to face him.

"I have a reputation here, Isabella. So think before you speak about me," he warned with his eyes flashing with hatred.

Isabella looked down at her feet guiltily. "I just told Anna Sophia that you hate me and don't want me to acknowledge you at school," she told him, panicking a bit. Would he hit her? "I'm sorry. " Weston stared at her scared face and calmed down a little.

"After school wait for me in your classroom. I'll drop you home. I won't go looking for you everywhere, Isabella. Is that understood?" He asked as if giving out some military command.

"Yes," she told him, still looking down at her feet.

"Look at me when you talk to me," barked Weston, feeling a little frustrated at her attitude. He wanted to see her electric blue eyes and read what was on her mind but she seemed to find her feet more interesting than him. Isabella's eyes flew up to his.

"Good," he said, feeling a little calmer.

"I'm shifting back home this weekend, " he told her watching her face minutely. She widened her doe-like eyes.

"Oh, that's good news. You want me to tell aunt Henrietta? She misses you," said Isabella. Weston's mood improved more hearing that his mom missed him.

"Only mom misses me?" He asked her with interest. Isabella blushed much to his extreme surprise.

"Who else did you expect would miss you?" She asked him, avoiding his piercing gaze which seemed to read through her.

"Maybe dad? Or Hud?" He teased her. She blushed more.

"I don't know about them," she mumbled.

"Do you have a problem if I came back?" He asked curiously.

"No, why should I? It's your house. I'm just an unwanted houseguest, remember?" She told him sarcastically. Weston laughed, a happy rumble that came from deep within him. Isabella was mesmerized by it having always seen him glare, yell, threaten and get angry but never laugh. Her eyes went to his lips which looked so plump, red and very very kissable. There were two dimples formed closer to them when he laughed. No wonder that random girl kissed him that way! Weston noticed where her gaze was stuck. He felt extremely satisfied at her reaction.

Leaning closer, he snapped his fingers in front of her to bring her out of her dreamland. "Wait for me after school," he said softly before walking off with a smirk.

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