Love Clash

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Chapter Ten

Isabella was embarrassed beyond words. She was just twelve and he was six years older and saw through her so easily. She walked slowly back to where Anna Sophia was waiting for her.

"What happened? Why do you look like a tomato?" Asked Anna Sophia curiously. Isabella just kept pouring a bottle of water down her throat instead of answering. Anna Sophia noticed that Weston was sitting with his friends but his eyes were upon them. "Never mind. You don't need to tell me. I don't want Weston to catch us discussing him again. I wonder how you're still alive, how he didn't throttle you?" She asked, deep in thought.

"I think I know why. He likes you," said Anna Sophia. The water sputtered out of Isabella's mouth at her friend's controversial statement. She coughed and coughed trying to calm herself.

"Shut up Anna. Don't say such things please. He hates me and so do I, " she pointed out, quickly finishing her food. They were done and about to leave when Hudson walked in with a tall, slender, model-like girl with gorgeous jet black hair and cold grey eyes. Anna Sophia turned her back towards them.

"My sister's here. Hurry let's get of here," said Anna Sophia, suddenly panicking. Isabella found it strange that she should behave this way with her own sibling. She didn't ask any questions and they were about to leave their table when Mikaela blocked Anna Sophia's way.

"Well! Well! You've found a little friend for yourself, haven't you now?" She asked sarcastically.

"Mikaela mind you own business, " said Anna Sophia, trying to brush past her.

"So is your friend too weird like you are?" Aske Mikaela with a nasal chuckle.

"She's my sister, Mikaela. Why the f*ck should she be weird? Mind your language, " said Hudson. Mikaela's jaws dropped and she checked Isabella out from head to foot. Isabella could feel the pure hatred in her eyes.

"Hey Hud, just a minute please," one of Hudson's team mates called him and he excused himself and jogged towards him.

"I went for a holiday and when I returned, my boyfriend has a sister. Isn't it suspicious? I hope you don't have any designs on him?" Asked Mikaela.

"Not all girls are like you, okay?" Retorted Anna Sophia furiously. "C'mon Isa, let's go." Mikaela caught Isabella's hand.

"I know that you're Hudson's foster sister. The whole school is talking about you. But remember one thing kid, if you have any designs on my boyfriend, I'll have you murdered," she hissed.

"Really? Will you be alive to murder her?" Growled a furious Weston, standing behind her. "Leave Isabella now before I forget who you are," he gritted out. Mikaela paled and released Isabella's hand immediately.

"W Weston, I w was j just talking to her," she stammered with panic. Isabella and Anna Sophia went behind Weston. They were young and too scared of Mikaela.

"If I ever see you bullying Isabella again, I'll twist your little hand. You won't be able to graduate, " he warned in a menacing tone. Mikaela trembled like a leaf. It was clear that she was shit scared of Weston. "Get lost!" He growled in a low voice. The whole cafeteria was empty seeing Weston's fury. It was obvious that no one wanted to be in his bad books. Mikaela ran out sobbing to find Hudson who had gone to see his coach.

Weston turned towards the two girls. He raised his hand and touched Isabella's cheek. "Are you okay?" He asked softly. Isabella was too stunned by the warmth of his rough hand on her cheek. She stared up at him too dumbfounded to even speak. "Go to your class, Isabella," he said, staring down at her.

Isabella nodded and walked away followed by an excited Anna Sophia who seemed to be bursting with excitement. The moment they were out of Weston's sight, Anna Sophia turned to her. "See? I'm now 100% sure that he likes you. The way he touched you so tenderly after blasting my sister, aah! I would have died and gone to heaven if Hudson ever did that to me," she said and then covered her mouth seeing Isabella gape at her.

"I knew it. I knew that you like bro," said Isabella with a grin.

"Shh, don't say it. Mikaela's minions are everywhere. Someone will hear us and she'll make life difficult for me, " said Anna Sophia with a sigh. They went inside their class. The teacher hadn't arrived yet.

"Why is Mikaela so different from you?" Asked Isabella with curiosity.

"She's just like my dad while I'm my mom's carbon copy," said Anna Sophia, looking very sad.

"Does she misbehave with you at home too?" Asked Isabella. Anna Sophia nodded and then sighed.

"I hate my home. I hate my family. I only love you mom," she told her quietly.

"Why? Do you want to tell me?" Asked Isabella, gently.

"My parents are divorcing, Isa. Everyday dad shouts and beats my mom. Mikaela beats me. Mom and I will go away to my grandparents house in New York after this semester's over," said Anna Sophia and Isabella stared at her dejectedly. Her only friend in this school would leave. She didn't like this new school any longer.

"Why does your dad behave that way? It's so wrong. Your mom should complain, " said Isabella.

"Dad likes another woman whom he wants to marry. My mom is very soft natured and simple. She's scared of dad. My dad is a lawyer and he has lots of money and contacts. So we're leaving. We don't need them in our lives," said Anna Sophia.

"I'll miss you Anna, " said Isabella.

"Me too," said Anna Sophia. The teacher walked in and the classes resumed and the two friends didn't get any opportunity to talk. Soon school was over for the day. Isabella didn't budge and Anna Sophia looked at her with concern.

"Don't you want to go home?" She asked her.

"Yes, Weston will drop me home. He asked me to wait here for him," she told Anna Sophia who had a knowing smile on her face.

"Don't deny it. I know you two like one another, " said Anna Sophia. Isabella's face flushed at her words but before she could answer her and deny everything, Weston strode into the class. Everyone paled. This was the first time he had entered seventh grade. His eyes searched for Isabella and then found her.

"C'mon Isabella, " he said, his voice echoing as there was a pin drop silence in the whole classroom. Isabella waved at Anna Sophia and walked towards Weston. He caught her hand and pulled her along with him towards his motorcycle, ready to get away as quickly as possible.

"Why are we rushing?" Asked Isabella, unable to keep up with his huge strides.

"I have other work to take care of, " he told her gruffly. However in reality he knew that Hudson's practice had been postponed and he would appear any minute to take Isabella home. Weston didn't want that to happen. He wanted to be the one to drop her home. They reached the parking area and he led her towards his motorcycle. He climbed onto it and wore his helmet. Then took out a spare helmet for her. It was actually too big.

"Weston it's too big," She said hesitantly, trying to adjust it on her head. She didn't want him to get mad at her again and go away without her.

"Come here," he ordered to her surprise instead of getting angry. She walked over to him. He adjusted her straps to make the helmet fit. "It'll be a little loose. Cody and Hud use it and you're basically a dwarf," he shrugged, his lips twitching.

"I'm not a dwarf. I'm twelve. When I grow as big as you, I'll be taller than you," she argued angrily. Weston laughed.

"Sure," he said as he finished with her and started his motorcycle. "C'mon hop on." Isabella climbed on and he raced ahead as she clung to him for dear life. Yet she loved the feel of him against her, it made her feel alive. She had no idea why everyone feared him so much. She didn't fear him that way! She was aware that she was just twelve and he was six years older and most of all, he was her foster brother. She shouldn't be thinking of him along those lines at all. She didn't want to. She wanted to remain aloof towards him but couldn't. His hot and cold behavior towards her didn't let her think straight. She had no idea what to make of his behavior anymore. If he hated her so much why did he have to look out for her?

His behavior, his actions were so contradictory from his words that they all confused her further. Weston drove over to a casual cafe and parked his motorcycle there. Isabella looked around the place. It was full of youngsters. "Why are we here, Weston?" She asked him with curiosity.

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