Love Clash

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Chapter Eleven

"It's a friend's birthday party and she has invited me. C'mon you can relax," he said impatiently. Isabella's eyes immediately widened with shock. She? Was it his girlfriend? Or maybe one of those bitchy girls who would cling to him all the time? She didn't have any wish to go in and witness it. She would rather go home instead.

"Aunt Henrietta would be angry with me, Weston, " she reminded him. She couldn't say no to him but since she wasn't invited, she didn't want to impose.

"No, she isn't at home, " said Weston, parking his motorcycle and grabbing her hand. "Stay close," he told her. Isabella noticed that he had a habit of grabbing her hand all the time. She saw that there was a mini golf gaming zone inside the venue where a birthday party was being hosted. Delicious appetizers were being served and young girls and boys were laughing and enjoying themselves. Thankfully, they were of all age groups.

Isabella tugged at his hand and he leaned towards her. "Weston, we didn't buy any gifts," she reminded him.

"I'll give her something later," he brushed her off. They walked in and and a girl, a few years younger to Weston rushed out to hug him. Isabella's heart constricted with jealousy seeing the way she hugged Weston. "Hey Vicki, you're crushing me. By the way, happy birthday," he wished her. She released him and peeped around him as if looking for some one.

"Thanks, " she mumbled when her eyes fell upon Isabella.

"Who's this, Weston?" Asked the girl called Vicki.

"This is Isabella, she's staying with us. My dad adopted her," said Weston. The girl's eyes widened with realization.

"Hi Isabella, you're so cute," she said, coming forward and pinching her cheeks. "I'm Victoria, Weston's friend. So glad to meet you."

"Happy birthday, Victoria, " said Isabella already green with jealousy. Was she Weston's girlfriend? It was clear that Weston cared about her and she didn't fear him at all like the other girls did.

"Thanks. So are you too into Radcliffe?" Asked Victoria with curiosity.

"Yes," said Isabella.

"Cool, I'm also there, I'm in ninth," said Victoria. "We'll meet up at school sometime," she said. Then turning to Weston, she said,"I like your sister. "

Weston's expression immediately changed and he looked like he would break Victoria's neck. "Mind your tongue Vicki. Isabella isn't my sister," he pointed out. Victoria grinned.

"Whatever," she said. Isabella was more jealous by now. What was cooking between the two? She wasn't at all scared of Weston. "C'mon, you two, let's go. I didn't invite a lot of people, only you and Cody, my cousins, my brother, and a few friends. Cody didn't come?" Asked Victoria casually.

"I don't know about him. He didn't tell me anything," said Weston with a shrug. Victoria looked a little disappointed but quickly recovered and led them to the delicious appetizers.

"Help yourselves. There's mini golf. We'll start that game soon. Why don't you guys also give in your names. They're forming teams," said Vicki walking away towards her younger cousins who were fighting over a few balloons.

"Do you wish to play?" Asked Weston ans Isabella nodded enthusiastically. Of course she would love to play. She had never done anything like this before.

"Yes please," she said, giving him a bright smile, all her jealousy forgotten. He had that power to control her emotions. He grinned back and again grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the place where some attendants were taking down names of participants. Later they roamed about inspecting the venue when the matches started. It was real fun and Isabella didn't want to leave at all. They played like crazy people and devoured the delicious food when Weston's phone buzzed with an incoming call from his mom.

Isabella froze. They had forgotten to keep track of time. "Gotta go, mom's back," said Weston, looking sheepish and guilty. Isabella rolled her eyes. Now she would be in trouble and thrown out of the house.

"Hey Vicki! Catch up later. Thanks for having us, " yelled Weston, impatient to leave.

"Going already, Weston? Stay till the cake cutting at least," she yelled back.

"Sorry. Mom's mad. Need to get Isabella home right now," he informed. Isabella waved at Victoria and they walked out. Weston started his motorcycle.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Asked Weston as they fixed their helmets.

"Yes, I like your girlfriend, " she told him and he shot her an odd look as if inspecting her minutely. Although she liked Victoria, she was extremely jealous of her. Weston looked at her and shook his head, sniffing around with an amused smirk on his lips.

"Something's burning, don't you think?" He asked. Isabella rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"Maybe your black heart, out of fear. After all aunt Henrietta won't spare you," she pointed out. Weston laughed, a happy, carefree laugh. He leaned in towards her.

"Firstly, my heart is golden and secondly, Weston fears no one in the world. Remember that, " he boasted. Then he started his motorcycle. Isabella climbed onto it, straddling it and held onto him just like before as he sped off towards home. Isabella's heart started hammering in her chest out of fear. Would aunt Henrietta and uncle David yell at her and throw her out? She laid her head on Weston's back out of fear.

"I'm scared Weston. Would aunt Henrietta throw me out?" She asked with fear. Weston chuckled. "Why are you laughing?" She asked him with frustration, raising her head.

"Mom's a softie. She's too kind to throw you out. I've committed so many crimes and broken all laws yet I'm with them. So relax. She's just worried about you," Weston comforted her. "You can rest on my back, if you want, " he added. It felt nice that she had sought his warmth, his protection. A fierce feeling grew in Weston's mind, wanting to protect Isabella from all harm. She laid her head on his back as he rode slowly home. Thinking about everything that had happened since morning, she found herself warming a bit towards Weston. He wasn't so bad as he portrayed himself to be.

They reached home and he parked his motorcycle. She got down and handed him his helmet. The front door flew open and an agitated and worried aunt Henrietta stormed out followed by Hudson.

"Where the hell did you take her, Weston?" Asked his mom, furious at him.

"To Vicki's birthday party, mom. We ate, played golf and now we're back. That's it," shrugged Weston.

"Couldn't you have informed me atleast, Wes? I was so worried to see Hudson at home on time but Isabella missing. You should learn to be more responsible, " yelled his mom.

"It's not his fault, aunt Henrietta. I was bored so he took me to a birthday party. There were kids younger than me there. I'm sorry that we forgot to inform you," said Isabella trying to protect Weston. He was only trying to give her a good time. She was so bored staying at home all her life, with no where to go to. Aunt Henrietta calmed down while Hudson shook his head and went inside. Weston stared at Isabella with his mouth hanging open. All his life, he had received beatings, scolding, punishments and everything but apart from Cody and Dave no one had ever stuck to him or tried to look out for him. Isabella's innocent words to save him, bowled him over and he felt touched.

His mom smiled. "Okay but don't let this happen again, sweetie. Whenever you go somewhere, inform me first. Okay?" She said. Isabella nodded.

"Yes m mom, I mean, aunt Henrietta," she stammered out. His mom seemed touched as tears of happiness fell from her eyes. She pulled the young girl into her arms and hugged her close to her bosom.

"You can call me mom, sweetie. It will make me the happiest mom in the world, " she said softly. Weston gaped at the two but strangely he didn't feel jealous at all. He knew Isabella needed a mother right now to lead a normal life and grow up normally. However despite everything there was a tiny little thought that wouldn't just go away. If Isabella called his mother mom, then would they force him to treat her like a blood-related sister?

"I'll come back this weekend, mom," announced Weston when his mom had released Isabella. His mom smiled.

"Thank you Wes. I'm still waiting to taste your cooking," she reminded him, walking into the house with a happy smile on her lips. Weston walked back to his motorcycle.

"Won't you come inside?" Asked Isabella, as her cheeks flushed with color seeing Weston's eyebrows quirk at her question. His eyes looked amused seeing her blush.

"Why? What will I get for going inside?" He asked curiously, his words edged with meaning.

"I just asked. Forget it. So where are you off to?" She asked curiously.

"To Vicki's party, where else?" He answered. Isabella's face fell. So he was going back to his girlfriend.

"Oh, enjoy with your girlfriend," she said, turning around to walk away. Weston's hand caught her wrist, stopping her in her tracks.

"She's Cody's girlfriend, not mine. No need to get yourself so worked up," he said, releasing her and speeding away, leaving Isabella, flushed, embarrassed and gaping after him.

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