Love Clash

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Chapter Twelve

The next day Isabella didn't see Weston at school. It was lunchtime and she looked for him everywhere. When she didn't find him at the cafeteria, she was worried. What was up with him? Was he unwell? Thousand questions crept into her mind and she was very worried and restless all day.

"Somebody's missing someone," sang Anna Sophia is a sing song voice.

"I'm not," said Isabella, glaring at her. Anna Sophia laughed.

"Caught you. I didn't mention your name even once. See?" Said Anna Sophia with a chuckle. Isabella's face flushed with color and she looked away. She noticed that Cody and Dave were also missing. Something was up and she was curious to know what. But who could she ask? She was sure Hudson knew everything but he would be suspicious if she asked him.

"C'mon spill, girl. Are you missing Weston?" Whisper asked Anna Sophia.

"Not at all. I'm just concerned since he has a habit of getting into trouble, " said Isabella. She would rather die than admit that she was actually missing Weston.

"Oh, that's all?" Asked Anna Sophia, looking disappointed. Isabella nodded. She saw Mikaela kissing Hudson at one corner of the cafeteria. Anna Sophia followed the direction of her gaze and gasped upon seeing her sister with Hudson, busy making out with each other. Her eyes filled with tears and she stood up. "Let's go to class, Isa, " she said, brokenly as big fat tears fell from her eyes. Isabella didn't argue. She held Anna Sophia's hand and they both quietly slipped out of the cafeteria.

They sat down in the class and waited for classes to resume. Anna Sophia looked very upset. "Are you okay?" Asked Isabella with concern. Anna Sophia nodded.

"Mikaela knew that I love him still she went ahead and had a bet with her friends. She always tries to kiss him right in front of my nose to hurt me more. You know, this weekend my parents are signing the divorce papers, Isabella. I don't think I will be staying in Vegas much longer, " she told her. Isabella's world crashed at the news. Anna Sophia was her only good friend. If she left, Isabella would be all alone at Radcliffe, with no one to talk to.

"When will you leave, Anna? I'll miss you a lot," said Isabella with a pale and sad face.

Anna Sophia hugged her. "Don't worry, we'll always keep in touch," she promised. The other students walked inside followed by their teacher and classes resumed again. Afterwards when school was over, Hudson drove her home.

"Why are you so quiet, pumpkin?" Asked Hudson, since Isabella hadn't spoken a word since she had climbed into his car. She didn't wish to talk to anyone. Her only friend was leaving and she didn't have anyone else to talk to.

"My friend is going away forever, " she told him, quietly.

"Make new friends, " suggested Hudson. Isabella was quiet.

"Would you mind if I asked you something, bro?" She asked him.

"Shoot," said Hudson.

"Do you love Mikaela?" She had to know since Mikaela was evil and had threatened her earlier. She wanted to know how serious he was about her.

"Not at all. She's playing with me and so am I, " shrugged Hudson.

"I'm glad bro. I don't like her. She threatened me that day and Weston saved me from her, " said Isabella. Hudson looked a little mad.

"She threatened you? You should have told me before. What did she say?" Asked Hudson. Isabella told him what had happened and he looked furious.

"I didn't see Weston today at school?" She couldn't help but ask him.

"He's not well. He has returned home after we left for school. Mom called me to inform, " said Hudson.

"Oh, I didn't know. His friends were also missing from school so I was wondering what happened, " she shrugged casually.

"Cody got grounded for drinking last night and Dave helped Weston shift," said Hudson. Isabella was more curious. She wanted to know what happened to Weston. She wanted to know whether he too drank or not. A million questions ran through her mind creating havoc but she couldn't ask Hudson so much. He would surely get suspicious. Her heartbeats accelerated at the prospect of seeing Weston at home. Would he be bedridden or unconscious? How sick was Weston? She just couldn't stop worrying.

"Oh, next week I have back to back exams coming up. I need to prepare well. Will you help me bro?" She asked him. Hudson nodded.

"Sure pumpkin. Anytime, " he promised. He parked his car in their garage and Isabella jumped down, ready to dash off into the house. Hudson followed her. They saw his mom sitting in the living room, watching the TV and correcting some answer scripts. Weston lay sprawled on the sofa with his eyes hooked to the TV too. They both looked up as Isabella and Hudson entered the house. Isabella noticed Weston's gaze hooked upon her from the moment he saw her but she didn't meet his gaze at all.

"Go freshen up and I'll fix you something to eat," said their mom. Isabella nodded and went upstairs. Hudson sat beside his mom explaining about his talk with his school counselor. Weston got bored.

"I'll go and lie down for a while," he told his mom and went upstairs but instead of going to his room, he walked into Isabella's room.

"What did you do at school today?" He asked, sitting on the edge of her bed. Isabella froze on her way towards her closet. She turned to face him.

"Nothing much. It was a bad day for me, " she told him with a shrug. Weston's face brightened up and his lips twitched as he suppressed a smile.

"Why? Did you miss me so much?" He asked with a smirk. Isabella's face flushed with embarrassment at being caught.

"Never. I just received back to back shocks. Firstly my best friend announced that she was going away to New York forever. Then nearly all the teachers announced exams for the coming week," she said rolling her eyes.

"That's really bad news," agreed Weston.

"Yeah but Hudson has promised to help me with my studies, " she told him. Weston's eyes flashed with jealousy.

"I could also help you," he offered feeling offended that Isabella could ask Hudson but not him.

"But you're sick, " pointed out Isabella. Weston got up and walked towards her, leaving her watching him with wide eyes. What was he upto now?

He came closer to her and leaned down to her level, staring into her eyes. "Look at me. Do I look very sick to you?" He asked. Isabella looked into his twinkling blue eyes, scanned his face thoroughly.

"You don't look sick at all," she concluded. Weston grinned.

"You're the only one who caught me. I didn't want to stay with Cody and study all day but he wasn't letting me go, so I put up a drama and it worked, " grinned Weston.

"What about mom? She didn't notice?" Asked Isabella curiously.

"Mom's too busy correcting answer scripts to notice," he shrugged.

"So I wonder how you saw through me, " he muttered softly, stretching to his full height and looking around her room. He picked up her personal diary which she updated everyday. Since childhood she had the habit of writing down her feelings and emotions into a diary. It was very personal to herand she hated it if anyone else touched the diary without her permission.

"Weston, keep that back immediately, " she yelled, rushing forward to grab the diary from his hand. Weston held it higher beyond her reach with a victorious grin on his face.

"This isn't funny, Weston. That diary is mine and I hate it if anyone touches it," she gritted out. "I'll scream if you don't give it back." At this point of time she hated Weston with a vengeance. How dare he touched her personal stuff?

"So what secrets have you written down here? I'm curious. Have you written about your growing feelings for me?" Chuckled Weston, trying to flick through the pages.

"No, I will never write lies. I hate you Weston and will always keep hating you. Give me back my thing else I'll damage everything that you hold dear, starting with your motorcycle, " she threatened. Weston stared at her.

"You can't do a thing to me dwarf," he said with a bigger smirk. She charged at him with all her strength, pushing him towards the door.

"You think wrong then. Don't underestimate the power of Isabella Harrington, " she pointed out. Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, she tried to snatch her diary away from his hands but couldn't. Weston stared at her with his eyes sparkling with something that she couldn't fathom.

"I like this fire. Keep it up. It makes you all the more interesting, " he said, dropping her diary onto her study table and walking off but in his mind he was very much interested to read what she had written in her diary. Did she really hate him or did she like him? He had to find out.

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