Love Clash

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Chapter Thirteen

The next whole week there was an enmity between Weston and Isabella as she came up with unthinkable places to hide her diary everyday knowing that Weston was hellbent upon finding and reading it. Weston's eyes twinkled with excitement as he now was determined to find out what precious secret it contained. So with Isabella's exams going on nearly everyday, it was only Hudson who came to her rescue. She wouldn't allow Weston into her room, far from teaching her.

After her exams were over, she was over the moon seeing her GPA scores. "Thanks bro. You're the best," she said hugging Hudson. Anna Sophia had left for New York after appearing for her last examination and Isabella had cried a lot that night but she knew that she had no phone number to contact Anna Sophia again. She had lost her only friend forever. She had to move on and make new friends but it seemed like an impossible task to Isabella. So she spent her breaks at the school library.

"We're going on a camping trip to Mt Charleston tomorrow. Are you boys interested?" Asked their mom. Weston gave her a hopeful look.

"Why can't we go this Saturday instead?" He asked and Hudson groaned.

Their mom looked from one to the other. "What's there this Saturday?" She asked curiously. Isabella too was interested to know. She forgot her enmity and listened to their conversation with interest.

"It's prom night, mom, " groaned Weston. His mom's eyes widened with excitement, remembering her own prom night.

"Oh, get your tuxes ready then, boys? Who are your dates? This is so exciting!" Said their mom as Weston gave her a bored look. Hudson smiled. Of course, he would go with Mikaela. Weston looked at his mom with horror.

"No, it's bullshit! I'd look stupid wearing a tux and dancing with dolled up girls. No, I'd rather drink at a pub," said Weston much to his mom's horror.

"Are you out of your mind, Wes? Your underage for Christ's sake! If you want we'll go camping this Saturday but goodness! No drinking," said his horrified mom. Weston grinned giving a jaw-dropped Hudson a victorious look.

"But mom, I'm attending prom night with Mikaela, " protested Hudson. He was surprised how easily Weston had manipulated his mom's mind in a second. His mom grimaced.

"You're still with her? Then you'd better come along with us," said his mom. Weston agreed.

"Exactly. I would rather die a bachelor than be with such a manipulative b*tch," said Weston. Hudson got up and left the room in anger. "Let him be angry, mom. He should choose a girl who loves him instead of Mikaela. "

"Mind your language, Wes," scolded his mom and Weston grinned at her. "Do you know of any girl who loves him?" Asked his mom, curiously.

"No but I'm sure there will be someone when he grows up, " said Weston with a shrug. "What's the hurry?" Isabella too agreed but didn't speak a word about Anna Sophia. So his mom got up to plan their trip and Weston watched Isabella with interest.

"What?" Asked Isabella looking pissed off. Why did he have to stare?

"Truce?" He asked with a small smile playing on his lips which immediately had Isabella on high alert.

"Only if you leave me and my diary alone, " said Isabella, with eyes flashing fire. Weston held his hands up in surrender.

"Deal. I give up," he said but his eyes danced with mischief. Isabella had no clue whether to believe him or not.

"Okay then but I'll be watching you," she told him. Weston grinned and leaned in towards her.

"Don't watch me so much, you'll fall for me," he teased. Isabella looked at him with disgust.

"You're disgusting. No girl will ever fall for you," she told him.

"Don't challenge me, Isabella," he warned her.

"Why? Are you afraid to lose?" She asked getting up to walk away but he caught her hand.

"Weston never loses. I'll ensure that you're the first one to fall for me, " he said in a menacingly low voice. Isabella's eyes widened at what he had just threatened.

"I never will, Weston. Remember, you're my foster brother?" she pointed out.

"I'm not your brother and we aren't related by blood so just wait and watch," he told her in a threateningly low tone making a shiver run down her spine. What would he do? Did he really mean that?

"We'll see about that, " she shrugged, extracting her hand and walking away towards her room with her heart beating like crazy. She would always be alert and she would never fall for him, she swore in her head.

After that talk with Isabella, Weston swore in his mind that he would compel Isabella to fall in love with him before he left home. How dare that slip of a girl challenge him? So he went about scheming and plotting new ways to help him implement his plans.

Isabella had no idea how serious he was. She was just twelve and she was more interested in the upcoming camping trip than to think of Weston. She researched about Mount Charleston on Hudson's laptop with interest. She had never gone on a holiday even when her parents were alive. She had always seen her dad unwell and stressed while her mom was always worried and over-worked. It was a very difficult and different life from the one that she was leading now.

Isabella and their mom went into the kitchen to make dinner when Weston strode into the kitchen. "Move everyone. I'm gonna make dinner for all of you," he announced, making their jaws drop. His mom chuckled and left the kitchen.

"It better be edible, Wes, " she said with a chuckle.

"Just wait till you taste it, mom," he said. Isabella was about to leave too when he caught her hand to stop her. "Where are you off to? You're my assistant, " he pointed out. Isabella rolled her eyes.

"Okay, what do I need to do?" She asked, extracting her hand. Why did he need to catch hold of her hand all the time?

He gave instructions and she followed. Working with Weston was interesting as he had weird ways of doing things. In a few minutes dinner was ready, skillet pork chops served with rice, green beans and broccoli. Isabella helped Weston carry it all to the table. It was delicious in fact.

"This is awesome, Wes. I never knew you could cook so well," said his mom, looking ecstatic.

"Yes, it's quite good. Well done son," said his dad.

"Very good Wes. By the way who taught you?" Asked Hudson.

"Thanks, " said Weston, looking a little awkward at all being praised so much. "Cody's housekeeper." He noticed that Isabella hadn't said a word to him even after finishing the food. Did she not like it? He had made it especially to woo her after all! He had to try harder now.

After dinner, while Hudson and his mom rinsed the dishes, Isabella went up to her room. Seeing his opportunity, Weston too went upstairs, straight to her room. "You didn't like the dinner?" He couldn't help but ask her.

"Yes, it was good," she admitted, sitting at the window again. Weston strode towards her and looked outside furiously, checking the neighborhood guys.

"Why do you have to sit here?" He asked in a pissed off tone.

"Then what else do I do? I've finished seventh grade and eighth hasn't started yet. I don't have a mobile or laptop. I don't want to read right now. What else do I do?" She asked him impatiently. She was tired of him dictating to her what she should do. "Look I will be thirteen next week so officially I'll be a teenager. I can look out for myself. I don't need you to tell me what I should do or shouldn't. Just because of those guys living there, why should I hide?" She said more impatiently.

Weston looked surprised. "You'll turn thirteen next week? When?" He asked as if that was all he caught on from that lengthy speech of hers.

"Next Wednesday, " she informed him disinterestedly.

"Mom should know this. We'll have a party," he announced, running down the stairs to inform the whole family before Isabella could protest. She had no friends so whom would she invite on her birthday? She rushed out to see her family's reaction. 'God, hope they don't show any interest in my birthday. I'd rather not celebrate it,' she thought. But the news created a stir and her mom already started planning a party at home. She invited her sister and her family, Hudson and his best friends, Weston and his best friends already.

"You can invite your classmates, Isa, " said her mom. "That way you will make some new friends at school."

"No, I'll just call Victoria, Cody's girlfriend from school. I don't want anyone else, " she shrugged, remembering and missing Anna Sophia the most. So now the family had two events coming up, the camping trip and then Isabella's birthday.

As they retired to their rooms for the night, Weston smiled as he stared at the ceiling. Mission Woo Isabella had started with full swing. He had only a month to fulfill his target. He would make her fall in love with him!

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