Love Clash

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Chapter Fourteen

The next day Isabella dragged herself to her class. It was the last two months of this term and she was eagerly looking forward to the weekend. They were loaded with projects and activities to increase their GPA scores before eighth grade. She was partnered with the two girls who had asked her about Hudson on her first day of school. She had noticed them looking towards her with interest many times but they never came forward and introduced themselves.

"We need to meet up after school to discuss how to go about this damn project," said one of them. Isabella nodded.

"Why don't you'll come over to my house?" Asked another.

"Let's first introduce ourselves. I'm Melinda and this is Kaylee. We know you're Isabella," said Melinda. Isabella smiled.

"Glad to know your names," she said with a friendly smile.

"Would Hudson and Weston object if you make friends with us?" Asked Kaylee hesitantly. Isabella shook her head vehemently.

"Why should they? They don't rule my life," she told them and they looked at her admiringly.

"I like your attitude, girl. Friends?" Asked Kaylee, stretching her hand for a shake. Isabella smiled and held her hand.

"Friends, " she answered. Even Melinda held onto their hands, covering them with both of hers.

"Friends," said Melinda. Isabella was now relieved to have again found friendship. She obviously couldn't get through school without friends! So after school they planned to meet up at Kaylee's house which was walking distance from hers. Hudson dropped her home and went for soccer practice while Weston reached home in a fury five minutes later. The whole day Isabella had been busy with different activities at school and didn't see Weston.

"Wes, did you meet your counselor?" Asked his mom.

"Yes," he said gruffly glaring at Isabella. Isabella had no clue what she had done now.

"Mom, I made two friends. They're my project partners and I'm meeting them up right now," said Isabella. Her mom looked at her worriedly.

"Where are you meeting up?" She asked, looking worried as she went into the kitchen. Isabella followed her inside.

"At their house, mom. Don't worry, " she told her mom. Weston couldn't hear the rest of their talk inside the kitchen. Isabella ran out to her room to freshen up, looking extremely pleased. Weston was furious hearing about her plans. How could she make friends with guys? It didn't enter his jealous head that they could be two innocent girls. He followed her angrily to her room and caught her hand before she could go to her closet. He swung her to face him.

"You could have called them here. You don't need to go to anyone's house, " he gritted out. He was furious and extremely jealous thinking of the two guys with whom she was about to spend her afternoon.

"Let me go, Weston. You don't own me. I can do whatever I like. If mom doesn't have a problem then who the hell are you to interfere?" She demanded.

"I do own you, dammit. You're my.. ," he stopped and looked at her blankly.

"I'm your what? Sister? Responsibility? What?" She asked with disgust. She was done with his double talk. Why couldn't he make up his mind about what she was to him?

"No, you're none of those. You're just mine," he muttered almost in his mind, looking down with a puzzled expression on his face. Isabella's mouth hung open at his answer. Now what did that mean? "Whatever, you can't just hang around with hormonal teenage guys at their house. It's not safe and I can't allow it," he said with finality in his tone. Isabella stared at him with disbelief.

"What makes you think that I'm hanging out with guys?" She asked impatiently, groaning at his weird thoughts. Weston looked confused. He hadn't thought about anything else. He had gone crazy and all good sense had deserted him when he heard of her plans. So he just stared at her sheepishly.

"Oh, aren't they?" He asked with a comical expression on his face.

"No, they're just Melinda and Kaylee, the girls I showed you on our first day, remember?" Reminded Isabella. Weston's face brightened as he remembered the two ice-cream eating and giggling girls.

"Yeah yeah, I remember. But nevertheless, I'm dropping you there. Here take my other mobile. Give me a call when you're done. I'll come down to bring you home," he said like an order.

"No Weston. I'm not a child. I can walk down to Kaylee's house. I won't go with you, " she protested as he punched his number in his other mobile and handed it to her.

"I'm not taking no for an answer," he told her strictly.

"Weston, they're scared of you. They won't be friends with me anymore if I go with you, " whined Isabella but Weston wasn't listening to her.

"Get ready and I'll drop you," he told her and Isabella felt like tearing out her own hair with frustration.

"You're horrible Weston. I'll celebrate the day you leave for New York, " she told him. Weston smirked and leaned in towards her.

"I don't think so. You'll be in tears seeing me go," he told her softly, his eyes having a strange spark in them.

"Never," she told him, staring straight into his eyes. Weston just grinned and raised his hand to mess her hair. Satisfied with the mess, he left a furious Isabella and walked towards his own room. He dropped onto his bed and lay there with a smile on his face, remembering the feel of her silky, smooth and baby soft hair on his fingers. Why did she have to be his foster sister? Why couldn't they have met under normal circumstances? If only she would have been a little more older than her thirteen year old self! There were so many such conditions but alas the reality was different and he had no clue how to curb his growing attraction towards Isabella. His family would kill him if they ever found out. She was forbidden for him.

Isabella stomped her way towards her closet. Seeing her messy hair she got more mad at Weston. Now all hopes of having friends were finished. She changed quickly and decided to sneak out and run all the way to Kaylee's house before Weston could even realize that she was missing. She packed her backpack and slowly opened the door and peeped out of her room. There was a pin drop silence. Had Weston fallen asleep in his room? She sneaked out and down the stairs without making a single noise. As she tip toed towards the front door looking behind her back to see if Weston was following her or not, she collided with a wall.

"Are you sneaking out?" Laughed Weston. Isabella gaped at him. So he wasn't in his room? He was waiting for her at the front door all the time? She should have known and used the back door instead! Isabella went red with embarrassment.

"Yes, so? I'm not going with you, Weston. Don't you have other work to do?" She asked impatiently. He caught her hand and pulled her towards his motorcycle.

"No, this is the most important work I have, " he told her looking serious and determined. "C'mon hop on. "

"Next time I'll just puncture the tyres of this thing, " said Isabella with a glare.

"Don't even think about it. I don't spare people who mess with what's mine," he threatened but strangely Isabella felt that he implied at something else. She wore the helmet he handed her and strangely it fit her perfectly.

"Is this new?" She asked with curiosity.

"Yes, I bought it especially for you," he told her.

"Thanks, you're so kind," taunted Isabella.

"I know I am. You can rest your head on my back if you're tired, " he offered.

"I'm not tired. I'm angry with you. So no thanks," she told him pointedly. Weston was disappointed but didn't say a word. However, after a second, Isabella laid her head on his back and he smiled, loving the feel of her against him. With her soft arms around his torso and her soft cheek against his back, he could ride non-stop, forever. He rode slowly not wanting to reach her friends house but it wasn't far off and he reached in two minutes.

Isabella left him and climbed down from the motorcycle. "Thank you Weston, " she said quietly. Weston nodded, looking at her wordlessly. He just couldn't figure out what suddenly happened. She was breathing fire a few minutes ago and now suddenly she was all soft and sweet.

"Have you taken the mobile phone that I gave you?" He asked with concern.

"Yes," she nodded.

"Call me when you're done. I'll treat you to ice-cream before going home," he whispered, leaning closer. Isabella's eyes brightened up.

"Really? I love ice-cream. I'll call you," she said with a happy grin on her face as she walked into the house. Weston sat watching her but in his mind he was determined.

"Now you just love ice-cream soon you'll love only me, Isabella," he swore, starting his motorcycle and riding away.

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