Love Clash

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Chapter Fifteen

Weston waited impatiently for Isabella's call. Two hours had passed by and yet she didn't call him. Unable to wait any longer, he started his motorcycle and rode over to her friend's house. Parking his motorcycle, he walked all the way to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and a young girl of Isabella's age peeped out. Seeing him, she froze, her eyes widening with panic.

"W Weston, I haven't d done anything, I s swear, " the girl stammered.

"Hey chill! I'm just here for Isabella. Mom send me to fetch her, " he said with a lazy smile. Isabella peeped through the door too and was surprised to see him so soon. She opened the door wider.

"I'm not going home now, Weston. I had just started to enjoy myself. Why are you here? I didn't call you, " she told him. He caught her hand and pulled her outside. The other girls gasped and ran inside somewhere to hide.

"You've enjoyed enough. Let's go," he said impatiently.

"My bag is inside," she said. Weston went inside with her, not leaving her hand as she collected her bag. Melinda and Kaylee watched hidden from the en-suite of Kaylee's room, trembling with fear. "Weston leave my hand," Isabella gritted out.

"No, you'll go and hide like them," he said. "Hurry, let's get out of here. " Isabella rolled her eyes as he dragged her out of the house. He handed her the helmet and wearing his own, he climbed onto his motorcycle. Isabella adjusted her helmet and climbed onto it too. Weston rode towards an ice-cream parlor in the neighborhood and Isabella smiled. He remembered after all!

Parking his motorcycle, he grabbed her hand and walked inside. Isabella stared wide-eyed at all the pictures of mouthwatering ice-creams all around the place. If she could, she would have devoured every possible flavor that they had.

Weston led her to the counter and they looked through the vast array of flavors available. "What will you have?" He asked her, smiling at the confused look on her face.

"I want to have all of them. I can't decide. Can you choose for me please, " she asked, not taking her eyes off the ice-creams. Weston nodded.

"One Neapolitan banana boat topped with cherry sauce and chopped pecans, please," he said, glancing at Isabella busy licking her lips. "Another will be a buttered pecan cone, " he ordered. He paid for their treats and waited at one of the tables.

"What was that you ordered for me?" She asked curiously.

"Buttered pecan?" He asked with a smirk. Isabella shook her head.

"No that's for you. I will have that Nea thing with cherry sauce, " she told him. Weston chuckled. He was amazed at himself. He had declined Cody's cool offer of going to the Strip to enjoy the evening and come here instead. Cody would laugh his a*s off if he heard that the almighty and scary bad boy Weston Gray was sitting with a thirteen year old and ordering sweet treats for her.

"So what do I get in return for this treat?" Asked Weston. Isabella looked at him deep in thought. What would she give him?

"I don't know what to give you. I don't have any money to buy you anything," she told him, looking puzzled.

Their order was ready and Weston got up to get it. When he came back, Isabella gasped seeing her delicious treat. She had never seen such a delightful ice-cream in all her thirteen years of life. There were scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors in hot fudge sauce and an added cherry sauce with chopped pecans sprinkled all over. She grinned seeing it and the moment she placed a spoonful into her mouth, it melted. She closed her eyes with pleasure. Weston sat watching her, too hypnotized to look away. He even forgot his own treat.

"Mmmmmmmm, I could have this all day and night. I love it, Weston, " she said, opening her eyes and looking at him. Seeing a strange expression on his face as he stared at her, she blushed.

"I'll finish yours too if you don't eat it," she told him. Weston smiled and looked away, eating his own treat and glancing at her every now and then. His was finished in two minutes and he sat watching her enjoy hers, licking the spoon too after every bite.

"Do you want a taste?" Asked Isabella, seeing him watch her. His glance fell to her lips. They were the exact shade of the cherry sauce that she was licking. He did want a taste but he was already eighteen and she was just thirteen and forbidden for him. In all his eighteen years of life he had done every possible naughtiness but he hadn't ever felt the need to pursue any girl, or kiss any girl ever. Girls feared him and he was awkward around them. Then why did he feel this strange attraction towards Isabella who was too young for him?

"Yes," he answered hoarsely, looking away. He knew he couldn't get a taste even if he wanted to. This was wrong although it felt so right to him. Was he a bad boy? Was he wicked for harboring such thoughts about his foster sister? Isabella wasn't at all aware of his inner turmoil. She was lost in her ice-cream. His answer made her pick up a spoonful of her treat.

"Here, open up. Taste it. I can't share much, okay?" She blabbered, feeding him a spoonful. Weston smiled at her innocence. She had no idea how beautiful she was and most important of all, she had no idea what was going on in his mind. She hadn't matured mentally to deal with the tornado called Weston Gray.

Afterwards when she had finished her treat, Weston grabbed her hand and they walked towards his motorcycle to go home. The whole way, Isabella rested her head on his back feeling a strange sense of satisfaction and comfort from it. The warmth of his broad rippling muscles calmed her, soothed her and made her feel wanted. Weston rode slowly like a bullock-cart since he had no wish to reach home yet. Isabella didn't mind since she was happy to lie against his back. They reached home finally and he parked his motorcycle. Isabella climbed down and handed him her helmet.

"Thanks for the treat, Weston, " she said softly. Weston's eyes flashed with emotion.

"That won't do. Give me something in return, " he asked, his eyes flashing expectantly. Isabella didn't have anything to give him.

"I don't have anything to give you, Weston," she told him. Weston shrugged.

"Give me what you can, " he pointed out. Isabella thought for a moment and then walked closer to him. Weston's eyes widened with hope. She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Blushing furiously, she ran inside the house with her heart beating rapidly. Weston was bowled over by that innocent kiss and he kept sitting on his motorcycle, his fingers touching the spot on his cheek where she had kissed.

"Isabella, " he groaned, closing his eyes, feeling his heart beating faster and faster. He knew this couldn't go on. He had to get her out of his mind. He rode off towards Dave's house. Maybe if he spent some time at his house playing tennis, he would be able to calm his rapidly beating heart.

Isabella was in high spirits. Her heart wanted to sing with joy. Being with Weston brought out emotions which were always extreme, either extreme hatred or extreme happiness. She kept remembering the kiss she gave him and couldn't control the different strange emotions that crept into her heart. Would he make fun of her? Would he kiss her back? How would she face him now? What was he thinking of her? Was he thinking of her at all? 'He has received better kisses from grown up girls. Why would he think of you, Isabella?' Said her inner mind. Her inner turmoil went on as she helped her mom make dinner. Strangely Weston had disappeared and she didn't see him at all. She didn't want to acknowledge it but she missed him. Hudson wasn't home for dinner too as he had a party at one of his teammate's house. Isabella waited for Weston to come home for dinner but he didn't.

"It seems the boys have other plans tonight. Honey, Isa let's start," said David Gray. So they started eating and uncle David asked her about school.

"Sweetie, you're hardly eating," her mom said, serving her a second helping of the shepherd's pie that she had made.

"Mom, I'm too full," said Isabella.

"Isa, Weston told me that you need a laptop? Come with me tomorrow, I'll buy you one," said uncle David.

"Yes, uncle David. Thank you, " she said, gratefully.

"That's not fair. Shouldn't you call me dad?" Said uncle David. Isabella blushed.

"Yes dad," she agreed feeling grateful.

After dinner, Isabella rinsed the dishes when she heard Weston come home. Her heart started beating rapidly again hearing his booming voice from the living room. She could smell the intoxicating scent of his cologne from the kitchen. She was sure now that she was developing a crush on him!

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