Love Clash

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Chapter Sixteen

Isabella didn't see Weston after that kiss and her innocent thirteen year old heart fluttered all night as she kept thinking about Weston. She wanted to see him, talk to him, let him hold her hand and mostly she wanted to lay her head on his back. It didn't occur to her once that Weston might be trying to avoid her.

She woke up and got ready for school but to her disappointment, Hudson was the only one she saw at the breakfast table. After breakfast too strangely Weston hadn't put up an appearance and Hudson drove her to school. Melinda and Kaylee greeted her and they discussed the project more as well as a lot of other things but Isabella's mind was stuck on Weston. Where was he? Hadn't he come to school yet?

Weston had reached school too early to avoid Isabella but strangely he only ended up missing her. During lunch break he stood behind a pillar and watched her sitting on the steps of the auditorium with her two friends. She looked a little sad as she quietly listened to her friend's talk. Weston didn't know what possessed him. One look at her and he forgot all his promises to himself of staying away from her. He strode towards the staircase and ran down with his heart beating rapidly.

Isabella looked up to see Weston coming towards her. Her face brightened and she stood up. Her friends gaped with scared expressions on their faces. Weston came to a stop right in front of her, staring at her with a strange expression on his face which Isabella couldn't fathom. He caught her hand and pulled her along with him.

"Weston, where are you taking me?" She asked with curiosity.

"I didn't see you at the cafeteria. Didn't you eat anything?" He asked with concern.

"No, Melinda and Kaylee didn't want to go. They brought a sandwich each from home," she informed.

"And you?" He asked with a worried expression on his face.

"I'm not hungry," she told him. He just snorted angrily and pulled her towards the counter. What was his problem? Why couldn't he take no for an answer? He bought sandwiches for themselves and pulled her with him to a table.

"Sit, " he ordered. Isabella could feel all eyes focused upon them. Seeing the food, she realized that she was actually very hungry. To her immense surprise, Weston too sat down with her to eat. "Wait for me after school. I'll take you home," he told her. Isabella nodded. She wanted to go with him. She could feel his eyes upon her as she ate but she didn't even dare to look up at him, suddenly feeling shy. Would he talk about the kiss that she gave him last evening?

"You should also pack something for yourself everyday since your new friends do," he suggested. Isabella nodded.

"Okay," she told him, briefly glancing at him. Weston wanted to talk a lot but seeing her shyly sitting in front of him, he was tongue tied for the first time in his life. He kept looking for avenues and excuses to get a similar kiss out of her like the one she gave him yesterday.

"Have you finished packing for the camping trip?" He asked casually.

"No, I've never been on a camping trip. I don't know what to pack," she admitted.

"I can help you," offered Weston, his eyes lightening up. He would pack for her and then ask for his gift in return. Isabella nodded.

"Today I'm going with dad to buy a laptop. Thanks for informing dad," she told him.

"I'm coming with you," said Weston, casually. Isabella looked at him with surprise. Why was he suddenly being so nice to her? Did he like her too? No, that was impossible. But whatever it was, her crush on him started deepening and she had no control over her emotions.

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"I'll ask dad to buy you some clothes too. I think you need them, " said Weston, glancing at her exceptionally tight top which she had actually outgrown. Isabella looked at herself and then at him. She was surprised that he had noticed so much when no one else had. Weston had made up his mind to buy her clothes of his choice. She was his after all! That was the sole reason why he had thought of accompanying them.

"I'm done. Thanks Weston, " she said, getting up. Weston got up too and grabbed her hand, walking with her to her class.

"Weston everyone's staring. Leave my hand," she muttered, feeling embarrassed. Why did he always have to hold her hand?

"I don't care," he said, tightening his hold. He released her and she went inside her classroom. "Wait for me here. I'll come down to get you," he told her. Isabella nodded as everyone stared at them. She went towards her seat after Weston left, a small smile playing on her lips. She loved the way Weston took care of her. It made her feel so wanted, so cherished. A deep and overwhelming feeling of belonging spread all over her everytime he was near, as if they belonged to one another.

"Where were you?" Asked Kaylee with curiosity.

"To the cafeteria," she told her. At that point she realized that these two were just casual friends, they didn't care much about her or whether she ate or not. They couldn't replace Anna Sophia. She missed her more than ever.

Soon classes were over for the day and Weston appeared at the doorway with a small smile directed only at her. Isabella's heart skipped a beat and she collected her stuff and rushed over to him. "Let's go," he said again grabbing her hand. He led her to his motorcycle. They adjusted their helmets and were soon on their way home.

"Are you tired, Isabella?" He asked softly. Isabella had no idea why she always felt like resting whenever she sat with him on his motorcycle.

"Yes," she told him shyly, resting her head on his back. A small contented smile broke out on his face and he rode slowly towards home. "Weston, when are you going away?" She asked softly, almost to herself.

"Two more months later," he told her waiting for her to something more but she didn't.

"Oh," was all she said. Weston was disappointed. He wanted her to miss him.

"Why?" He prodded. "Will you be happy if I went away?"

"No," she said in a small voice. That single word held a lot of meaning for him. It somehow made him feel that she liked him. He didn't need to read her diary now to understand that she would miss him when he left, the same way that he would miss her.

"I'll come down on holidays. What so you want me to bring you for Christmas? Make a list," he told her.

"I don't need anything, " she mumbled.

"Still, I insist," he continued.

"Just come home," she shrugged. Weston rode dumbfounded by what she just said. "What are you going to study?" Asked Isabella curiously after a minute of silence.

"Computer engineering at Binghamton University," he answered. Isabella was impressed. He must be very clever to have got through already at such a premier university. She had heard about it from her dad, David Gray. "What about you? What do you wish to pursue?" Asked Weston.

"English creative writing," she said instantly. Weston smiled having already guessed it before she could answer.

"I want to read how you write," he asked cheekily.

Isabella grinned. "You can read anything but my diary," she told him. Weston chuckled, his voice echoing through his back into her ears like a low rumble of thunder.

"Why? What secrets have you written down in it? Is it something to do with me?" Asked Weston in a low voice, teasing her. Isabella's face flushed with embarrassment. How did he know?

"No, not at all," she declined vehemently which made Weston very curious but he didn't pursue the matter further. They reached home and saw that their dad had returned home early. After lunch, David Gray called out to Isabella to take her out to buy a laptop.

"I'm also coming along," announced Weston, with a shrug.

"Why? Do you need something too?" Asked his dad, looking at him curiously.

"No, Isabella needs clothes too. She's outgrows them all. I'm gonna choose some clothes for her," he announced, stuffing his mobile and wallet into his pockets. His mom's jaws dropped to the floor.

"You hate shopping, don't you? Hudson always buys your clothes, Wes," she pointed out.

"Yeah, I've outgrown that stage, mom. I'll need a few things before I go to New York," he shrugged trying to deviate the topic. Actually he had nothing to buy for himself. He was just going for Isabella knowing that she would never choose good clothes for herself out of guilt.

"Alright, come along," said his dad. Weston tightened the band over his head, fixing his hair off his face and walked out. His dad started his car and he climbed onto the passenger seat. Isabella climbed onto the backseat and they were off. Their dad bought her a laptop and handed his card to Weston and sat down at a Cafe in the mall, sipping coffee.

"Buy whatever you want and meet me here when you're done, " he told them. Weston grabbed her hand and started shopping for the first time in his eighteen years of life! If his mom, Hudson, Cody and Dave saw him now, they would have fainted at the sight!


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