Love Clash

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Chapter Four

Isabella couldn't move an inch with apprehension as Weston came to a halt right in front of her. He stared at her with disbelief.

"You can stay here but remember that I'll never like you. You can never be a sister or family to me. You'll forever be an outsider, a temporary and unwanted houseguest in my eyes," he stated in a tone devoid of any emotions.

Isabella felt hurt by his words. "Why do you hate me so much?" She asked with her voice choked and hurting.

Weston looked at her, his eyes clouding with confusion. Why he hated her so much? He himself didn't know. She made him feel extremes of everything, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, concern, worry, everything and he had no idea why. He ignored her question. He didn't know himself why she made him behave this way. He didn't want her to call him bro just like she called Hudson. Even if their dad adopted her, he could never be her foster brother. So it was better to be enemies than anything else.

"Will you be able to stay home alone?" He asked gruffly.

Isabella nodded. She was disappointed that he didn't answer her.

"I can stay if you want me to, " he offered, feeling amazed at himself to have offered her such a thing.

"I don't need you," she told him walking towards her room. He didn't listen to her at all, simply walking off towards the living room. He switched on the TV and started watching the news having decided that somebody needed to baby sit her since she was new here. But mostly he didn't trust the guys living around.

After two hours, Isabella felt hungry. She could hear the TV in the living room which only meant that Weston was very much at home. She didn't know why he stayed back when he hated her so much? She didn't need him. She was capable of staying alone at home having done so in the past. Now that he was here, she was constantly in fear that he would say things to her which would hurt her. She had no idea why he said those hurtful things to her. Why he hated her when she had never done or said anything hurtful to him. The sound of the doorbell made her jump.

Did aunt Henrietta return? Hopefully, she went down the stairs to see Weston walking towards the door after casting her a brief, angry glance. Isabella froze seeing the angry look he gave her. He opened the door and his jaws dropped seeing their neighbor Timothy Drew, the slithery snake standing there with a fake, sugary smile in his face. He could sniff the presence of a girl from far, far away. His face paled seeing a furious Weston.

"Hey, Wes. You didn't go to school today?" He asked, as if he hadn't expected anyone right now. His eyes kept darting inside as he hunted for his prey, the sweet girl whom he had seen here from his balcony. He was also with them at Radcliffe High and from the looks of it, he too didn't go to school today.

"Neither did you. So what brings you here?" Growled Weston, his blood boiling at the sight of him. He gave a furious look at Isabella who stood frozen at the steps, scared of Weston's mood. Weston was furious with her. He had asked her to stay away from the window, yet instead of coming down and joining him in the living room, she had stood again at her window and invited Timothy of all people. She could have joined him instead as he was waiting for her for two long hours. He didn't go to school because of her, dammit! He was as it is furious with her and now Timothy's presence made him all the more mad.

"I just came to say hello to aunt Henrietta. That's all. Why else do you think, Wes?" He gave a nervous laugh. Weston had enough! His hand shot out and he grasped Timothy's neck. Timothy looked scared.

"Tell me the truth." Asked Weston, looking so deadly that Timothy's face paled and he looked scared out of his wits end. There was no knowing what Weston could do. The whole school feared Weston and his best friend Cody. No one ever wanted to cross their paths. Timothy didn't think in his wildest dreams that Weston would be at home.

"I just came to say hello to your sister. Just a friendly hello, that's all," he stuttered nervously. Weston's grip tightened and Timothy went pale as he struggled against Weston's hold.

"She.isn'," he gritted out, looking like he would murder Timothy completely. "Stay away from her. She's totally off-limits," he gritted out. Timothy's eyes widened with confusion as he struggled more to get free. Weston lowered his voice to a sinister hiss. "She's mine," he added as Timothy gaped at him, dumbfounded. Weston left his hold on him, happy to have been able to convey the message that he wanted to.

Timothy grinned at him, mocking him. "You're worse than me, dude. How can you f*cking like your sister?" He said, taunting Weston with a evil smirk on his face. Weston's hand shot out and he punched Timothy right on his face. The force of the punch was so much that Timothy staggered and fell on his butt. A gasp escaped Isabella and she panicked, not knowing how to stop the fight. It looked like Weston would kill the other boy. Blood dripped from the boy's busted lip and broken nose which he wiped, his eyes mad with fury. He gained his balance and jumped up all of a sudden, his face fierce and spiteful. He too punched Weston the same way that he had.

Isabella shrieked with horror as tears fell from her eyes. She had never seen such guys fighting for each other's blood in her entire twelve years of life. She had always lived a sheltered and protected life and went to an all girl's school where the girls were anything but this. Weston looked at her with concern. Timothy escaped seeing his opportunity and Weston banged the door shut. He strode towards her but she was too scared to face him. Would he kill her too? She whirled around and started running up the stairs leaving Weston dumbfounded. He had been involved in more serious fights where he had be carried to the hospital. This was nothing in comparison to all that. Why was she blo*dy screaming? He followed her upstairs. If he didn't calm her down, his parents would punish him rigorously.

"Isabella, wait," he called her aloud for the first time using her name. Isabella ran inside her room with fright. Weston wasn't giving up at all. He followed her inside and caught up with her in two strides. He caught her arm and whirled her around to face him.

"Let me go. Please don't kill me. I'll go away from here. I promise you Weston, " she sobbed, looking too scared to do anything. Weston's mouth hung open. He just stared at her wordlessly not able to comprehend what to do to stop her from panicking. His mom would be here in two hours and if she didn't stop crying, he would be stuck with a tutor for a month! He was desperate to make her stop.

"Hey, why should I kill you? I was just saving you from that bad guy," he explained to her but she just shook her head.

"I'll stay away from you, I promise. I'll never go downstairs when you're at home, I promise. Please spare me. Please don't hate me, " she sobbed, making Weston's eyes go round with shock. He stood frozen hearing her words. Was he so bad that she feared him so much? Couldn't she see that he was just looking out for her? Couldn't she like him just like she liked Hudson? Couldn't she smile at him just like she smiled at Hudson?

"I don't hate you, Isabella, " he told her, feeling a strange hurt in his chest, seeing her tears. He knew he had been a d*ck to her since the day she came here but that had nothing to do with hating her. He wasn't good at explaining his feelings since all he did in his eighteen years of life was be the bad boy of the house. Now suddenly, he didn't know how to console a panicked girl. So he did just what he saw Hudson do to console her in the morning. He pulled her into his arms and held her close to his chest.

Isabella was stunned beyond thinking when Weston pulled her into his warm chest and held her tightly, his fingers stroking her hair. She had expected him to make her his next target after the guy left but instead he was here hugging her? "Shh, don't cry, Isabella. I won't hurt you, " he breathed into her soft, silky hair.

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