Love Clash

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Chapter Five

The first thing Isabella felt was his intoxicating smell which made her snuggle more into him. Strangely she didn't feel anything brother-like in him just like she felt with Hudson. The feel of his rough, tanned fingers on her hair felt so magical that she immediately calmed down, acutely aware of his muscular arms wrapped around her. She could stay like this forever!

"I'm okay," she said softly into his chest when he kept holding her close.

Weston was so lost in the young girl that he had lost his senses for a few minutes. Her soft body melted in his arms and he felt so good that he wanted to protect her and keep her in his arms forever. Her voice suddenly brought him to his senses and he quickly released her as if scalded. What the heck was that? He had never hugged girls before then why the f*ck did he hug this girl who was his enemy? 'To save my a*s from getting punished, why else?' reasoned Weston in his head.

"You dare not say a word about this to anyone, " he warned her, his eyes flashing menacingly. Isabella nodded meekly. She had no idea how she was so lost in his embrace a few minutes ago. This guy would always be evil who could only threaten her and be mean to her.

"I won't, " she promised. Weston stood for a brief second staring at her as if he wanted to say something but then he turned and walked out of her room abruptly shaking his head. Isabella released the breath that she'd been holding.

Weston went to his room and sat on his bed bewildered by his own actions. He wanted to make it clear to Isabella that he wasn't her brother at all and if she had any plans to call him, 'bro', then she should drop it immediately. He had no sister and even if he wanted one, it wouldn't ever be her! However he decided to speak to her about it later when his dad adopted her. He couldn't risk making her upset again. Hudson walked in and glared at him.

"Why didn't you come to school, Wes?" He asked him suspiciously. "Were you threatening Isabella?" He couldn't help asking.

"Why should I? For your kind information, Timothy was here after mom left. If I weren't here to save her, your precious sister would have already become his next target," gritted out Weston. Hudson's face fell and he stared at his twin with disbelief.

"So soon? How did he sniff her out in a day?" Asked Hudson with surprise.

"He saw her from his house," informed Weston with a shrug.

"We have to enroll her into our school soon. It isn't safe for her to stay alone at home. I'll talk to mom and dad," said Hudson. Weston shrugged as if he didn't care but deep in his mind, he didn't want Isabella to join his school. He ruled there and and he didn't want anyone to call her his sister. He had no sister. Hudson left to freshen up.

Their mom arrived an hour later and started fixing them all a quick lunch. "Aunt Henrietta you could tell me what to do. I can make lunch instead. You look so tired," said Isabella making aunt Henrietta look so relieved.

"That's so sweet of you dear. You can cook?" She asked, looking surprised.

"Yes, mom was sick so I used to do the cooking at home," she informed her.

"That's so sweet. You're the best daughter, Isa. I'm sure your mom was very proud of you, " she said, hugging the girl briefly.

"Thank you, aunt Henrietta. So, what do I make?" She asked hesitantly.

"Anything you like," she shrugged, going to freshen up. It was the first time she didn't have to rush home and fix up a meal. Weston glanced into the kitchen every now and then to see what Isabella was upto. Hudson came down and grinned seeing Isabella inside the kitchen, making lunch.

"Hey, little pumpkin, what are you doing?" He asked, going upto the counter to check what she was upto.

"Making ham sandwiches," she told him. His eyes brightened as he watched her cook.

"That sounds delicious, " he said.

"Boring," said Weston, leaning against the door of the kitchen, watching her make the scrambled eggs. Her face fell at the retort, making her want to hide away from Weston's scrutiny.

"Don't eat then," shrugged Hudson. Weston shrugged but didn't answer as he watched Hudson helping her, laughing and joking all the time. Jealousy clutched at his heart and hd swore in his mind that he needed to learn cooking from Cody's housekeeper if not his mom. They made the scrambled egg, tomato, ham and cheese sandwiches and Weston had to accept in his mind that they looked kind of delicious. Isabella quickly made some shrimp and mayonnaise salad to go with the food.

Their mom came back and was surprised to see the delicious food ready and waiting to be devoured. "C'mon children. This is the best treat for me. I was so tired," said their mom. Weston felt left out as he was so clumsy in the kitchen that he couldn't help Isabella like Hudson did. He looked pissed off and extremely jealous when a smiling Hudson and a proud Isabella carried the food to the table. No one said a word to him, not even Isabella. In fact, she didn't even ask him to taste what she made! He simply picked up his keys and walked out of the house, feeling claustrophobic and unwanted in their presence. It was like he was a stranger in his own house.

He went to the park where he usually played soccer with his friends and sat down, staring at his phone. Hudson had sent him a picture of himself devouring the delicious food. So his a*sh*le twin had understood how exactly he was feeling! He got up and rode to Cody's house, feeling determined that he would learn some cooking.

"Cody, where the f*ck are you man?" He yelled, not seeing him in his room.

"Can't a guy pee in peace?" Yelled back Cody from his en-suite. "What's up, now? Have you left home again?"

"Yeah, man. Can you ask, Macy to teach me to cook?" He asked Cody, impatiently. There was a pin drop silence from the washroom. Cody came out in a minute with his jaws dropped to the floor.

"Come again? Did you say that you wanna learn to cook?" He asked, watching him closely.

"Yeah, so what? Everyone needs to know," shrugged Weston. Cody walked up and touched his cheek.

"Are you sick?" He asked with concern. Then his eyes widened as realization dawned upon him. "Does this have anything to do with that girl who's living with you?" He asked. Weston scowled and looked away from Cody's curious eyes.

"I knew it. I knew that you're falling for her," exclaimed Cody excitedly.

"No, I hate her. She's taken over my house, she's snatched my twin away and my parents too. I'm like an outsider at my own house, dependent upon her. I hate this life, dude. I'm just waiting to graduate and then move off to New York for good," he said, holding onto his head.

"That's bad, man. I say, why don't you move in with me till you graduate?" Suggested Cody. Weston thought about it. He could leave home for a few days to figure out why he was over acting around that kid at home.

"Done. I'll get my stuff tonight, " he agreed. They went downstairs to have lunch and discussed what had been done at school. He told Cody about Timothy and his fight.

"You need to get away man. Exams are coming up and if you don't study, then forget all your dreams of getting away," advised Cody. Weston glared at him stunned by his advice.

"I don't believe this! You've grown serious man. What's gotten into you?" Asked Weston. Cody sighed.

"Dad warned me. He will hand over the family business to Shane, my cousin. I have to study, dude," he said in a solemn tone. Weston sighed.

"Fine, we'll study together. Deal?" He asked. Cody smiled.

Later Weston went home to pack up his stuff. Hudson was welcome to bond with his new sister as much as he could. He saw that his mom was busy with the dinner preparations for their guests, John Campbell and his wife Gabriella Campbell. His dad was checking the bar while Hudson and Isabella were helping in the kitchen. Cosy family indeed! Only he didn't belong here. He climbed up to his room and started packing quickly before the guests arrived. At last he was done. He had brought Cody's car to load his stuff and move out. He took his stuff downstairs when Hudson turned to look at what he was upto.

"Hey Wes! Where are you off to?" He asked wiping his hands on a kitchen towel and walking towards him. His mom and Isabella too gaped at him. His dad looked up at him.

"What's up, Wes?" Asked his dad, taking in all the cartons and luggage.

"I'm moving in with Cody, dad," said Weston with a poker face.

"Are you leaving home?" Asked his mom, looking shocked.

"Yes," said Weston, glancing at Isabella to see her eyes fill up with tears.

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