Love Clash

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Chapter Six

Weston felt a strange sense of satisfaction seeing the tears in her eyes hearing his announcement. "Why do you need to leave home now when you're just months away from your graduation?" Asked his dad sternly.

"I'll study with Cody, dad. I can't concentrate here," he shrugged.

"Fine but if I hear one complaint against you or if you land up in any trouble, I won't save you. You'll be responsible for your own actions. Am I clear?" Said his dad in a very solemn tone. Weston nodded.

"Yes dad. Don't worry. I'm just going to study with Cody, " he told them.

"You're letting him go, David? Won't you stop him?" Said his mom with disbelief and a feeling of helplessness. His dad shrugged.

"He's made up his mind, honey. Let him go," said his dad.

"I'll keep coming and going. Why are you guys behaving like I'm leaving forever?" He asked, looking disappointed.

"Okay, go if you have to," said his mom with tears in her eyes. Hudson just watched quietly, feeling a little guilty that he had tried to make his twin jealous. He felt that Weston was leaving because he pulled his leg.

"Thanks mom, dad. Bye Hud, " he said and then picking up his luggage, he went out of his own house without casting a single glance at Isabella. The moment they heard the sound of a car pulling away, Isabella ran up to her bedroom, feeling guilty. She felt that she was responsible for driving away Weston from his own house. Now he would always hate her!

Afterwards the guests arrived and they all tried to calm down and act normal in front of him. David Gray updated them about Isabella and discussed about the adoption process. John Campbell promised to help him with it. Isabella served them food and helped aunt Henrietta. Gabriella Campbell loved the little girl very much. It was clear that she would grow up into a gorgeous beauty. Having only a son who was sixteen, she had wanted a daughter all her life. After Isabella had left to go to the kitchen, she whispered into Henrietta's ears.

"When Isabella grows up, I'd like her for my Gordon," she told her friend. Henrietta smiled as her eyes lit up.

"You like her very much, don't you?" She asked.

"Yeah, I wish I had a daughter like her," she said with hope.

"Don't worry, I'll send her to you sometimes," promised Henrietta. The two friends discussed about their children and Henrietta told her how Weston left home.

"I don't understand what's gotten into the boy. He doesn't want Isabella in this house at all," said Henrietta with a sigh.

"He's jealous I think. He wants attention. With Isabella's arrival both of you are giving her all the attention in the world and Weston is feeling left out," said Gabriella.

"You're right, Gabby. I didn't think of it from that angle at all," said Henrietta as realization dawned upon her. After the guests left, David Gray and his wife relaxed in the living room and she told her husband what Gabriella had told her.

"That could be a reason. Anyway, leave him alone for sometime. If he has really decided to study, then I think it's for the best, " said David Gray.

"I'll check up with him at school," promised Hudson and his parents nodded. Isabella had gone up to her room and she felt guilty and sad because of Weston.

"The adoption process will take ten days at least. I'll go to your school tomorrow to enquire," said his dad.

The next ten days was very crucial for the Gray family as the adoption process got completed successfully and Isabella legally became a part of them. David gray admitted her to Radcliffe High and Isabella was scared to meet Weston there. Weston heard the news from Hudson in school and couldn't stay away. School started again on Monday and he was restless to go home. Ever since he had arrived at Cody's house, all he did was study with Cody and learn cooking with Macy. He had become quite an expert in ten days and at school too he started doing brilliantly. Even Hudson was amazed to see his scores. So now that it was Saturday, Weston was keen on showing off his culinary skills to Isabella and make Hudson jealous for a change.

He walked into his house and froze seeing Gabriella Campbell, John Campbell and their son, the lanky Gordon sitting in the living room. The way he was staring at Isabella who was in the kitchen had his blood boiling. A surge of intense jealousy coursed through his whole body and he walked straight into the kitchen where Isabella was. No one had noticed him yet except Gordon, who looked away with terror the moment he saw Weston. They went to the same school and like everyone else at school, he too was shit scared of the bad boy of the school.

Hudson wasn't present since Weston knew that he had gone for soccer practice. "What the f*ck are you making?" He growled, seeing her topping some endive spears with crouton and cheese dressing. Isabella jumped hearing him beside her. She had no idea when he had come in. She clutched at her heart and gaped at him.

"W-Weston? When did you come in?" She asked, as her heartbeats accelerated with apprehension.

"Just. So what are these?" He asked, picking up a spear and sniffing it with distaste.

"Starters for the Campbell's. They're into health food stuff," she informed him with an eyeroll.

"Ugh, why the hell did I come here?" He asked with disbelief.

"Why did you?" Asked Isabella, curious by now. Weston looked at her with more surprise.

"Well, well! Someone's gotten bolder here!" He exclaimed. "This is my God damn house, not yours. So I come and go as I wish. You're no one to question me. Get it? You better get this straight for your own good, " he threatened with a hateful look at her and strode out of the kitchen leaving Isabella again upset. She had just asked to understand whether he was moving back in or not. She wanted him to move in, not out of any friendship or something. It's just that she felt guilty for being the cause of his moving out of his own house.

Weston stormed out and his mom saw him. "Wes?" She got up to hug him but he just held up his hand, clearly pissed off.

"I just came in to get a few books," he told her gruffly striding all the way to his room. The guests left after an hour or so after eating the light starters. Weston was about to go back to Cody's place when he heard some sounds coming from Isabella's room. He picked up his books which he needed anyway and walked out, peering into Isabella's room as he strode past. However, he stopped mid-stride when he saw her again sitting at her window, gazing outside. Furious and fuming, he walked inside.

"Haven't I told you not to sit here at the window?" He growled, going to the window and checking the neighboring houses. Isabella jumped startled out of her wits end. She was resting her tired legs and gazing at the distant sun, setting behind the fields where Weston played soccer.

"This is my favorite place. What else will I do?"she asked helplessly.

"You can study for a change. Exams aren't far away," he reminded her. Isabella nodded, getting up from the window to get her books. Weston took another look and then closed her window shut, drawing the curtains close.

"One more thing. I won't acknowledge you at school. Even though dad's taken pity on you and adopted you, we're not related in any way. You'll never be my sister for God's sake! So don't go boasting about it. I won't spare you if you do," he threatened menacingly. Isabella nodded.

"Okay, I'll ignore you too," she told him. Weston nodded and started to walk away but stopped.

"Think of a good excuse before you call Hud, 'bro' at school," he reminded her. Isabella nodded. Weston strode out of her room and down the stairs.

His mom and dad were resting in their room. He peeped in.

"I'll come to visit you in a few days, mom, dad," he promised.

"I heard that you're doing well in your assessments? I'm proud of you, son that you're finally getting serious," said his dad with a smile on his face.

"Thanks, dad," he shrugged feeling a little overwhelmed for being appreciated for the first time in his life.

"Tell me when you're coming again, Wes. I'll cook your favorite food," promised his mom.

"I think next time I'll cook your favorite food and treat you mom. I've learnt cooking too," he said with a grin and a wave, leaving his parents stunned. Although Weston was disappointed that he couldn't show off his culinary skills to Isabella, he realized that it had to wait for another day. He went back to Cody's house and waited for Monday to arrive soon. He wanted his enemy, Isabella Harrington to arrive at his school and know that he ruled there.

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