Love Clash

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Chapter Seven

It was Monday and Isabella was ready to go to school with Hudson. He drove her to his school, discussing the rules and regulations on the way. From what he told her, she could understand that Hudson was the star quarterback of his school's soccer team and as such he was very popular.

He parked his car and led her towards the huge school building. Isabella was acutely aware of all the strange looks that she'd been getting from everyone. Each and every student stopped short in their tracks and stared at them.

"Why are they all staring at us, bro?" She whisper asked Hudson. He just waved her question off.

"Let them," he told her. He led her towards the administrative office to collect her stuff and then took her towards the lockers. "Here, this one's yours, " he said. Again Isabella was acutely aware of everyone stopping to gape at them. She found it very weird. It seemed as if no one had any other work to do than gape at her.

After she was done arranging her locker, Hudson offered to take her to her classroom. They were twenty minutes early and Isabella was glad of Hudson's help. He was really the best brother a person could have. As they were walking towards the left wing where the classes for the junior high school were held, they saw Weston with two boys, sitting on the window sill of the long never ending corridor. To the right of the corridor was the right wing where the High School children had their classes. He looked stunned suddenly seeing her with Hudson but soon looked away.

"Hey Hud, where are you going?" Asked one of the guys of his group, looking at Isabella with interest. Isabella avoided looking at Weston and his friends. She didn't want him to again threaten her and insult her. He didn't want her to acknowledge him, so she just respected his wish.

"To seventh grade," said Hudson with a smile and a wave.

"When did you start taking an interest in kids?" Laughed the boy. "Won't you introduce us to your new friend?" He asked with a smirk.

"Let it go, Dave. It's none of your business what my brother does or doesn't, " warned Weston.

"Yes Weston's right. Stop this Dave, " said Cody, sitting beside Weston.

"Why should I? She looks quite interesting. I want to be introduced too. I wanna know why Hudson is interested in this chick?" Said Dave with a laugh.

"She's my sister Dave. Mind your language or else, I'll report you to the admin office, " warned Hudson before catching hold of Isabella's hand and pulling her towards her class. Dave looked stunned. After Hudson was gone, a furious Weston caught Dave's collar, his eyes looking mad with fury.

"Don't you dare make a pass at her. You won't live another day, if you do," he hissed. Dave grinned at him.

"When did your mom pop out such a hot sister for you guys? As far as I know you two didn't have any siblings, " grinned Dave. Weston tightened his hold on him, his blood already boiling by now.

"She's Hudson's foster sister, not mine. My parents have adopted her. She's off the limits for all of you. No one will mention her to me after this, I'm warning you," he gritted out. Dave gaped at him, not comprehending anything of what he was talking about. How could she be a foster sister to his twin and not him? Weston released his hold on Dave and strode away towards his class, already pissed off by the events of the morning.

Cody, Dave followed Weston to their class. "I'm confused dude. How can the chick be Hudson's sister and not Weston's?" Whisper asked Dave. Cody shrugged.

"I think he likes her. He learnt cooking for her, shh, he'll hear us," said Cody.

"What? I can't believe this!" Exclaimed Dave. "Now I'm starting to get it."

"Don't tell Weston. He'll get mad. He's in denial. He thinks he hates her the most in the world but I know. I'm his best friend after all," said Cody.

"So am I, " said Dave.

"Yes, we both are," said Cody.

Hudson walked in at the last minute and sat with his best friend, Dean. Weston felt a strange restlessness all throughout the morning. He noticed how all the boys in his school were staring at Isabella and that made him all the more angry. Why did their dad had to admit her here at Radcliffe? He saw how she preferred looking at her feet than at him. He didn't ask her to stop looking at him? She could hold Hudson's hand but couldn't look at him even once!

It was lunchtime and he went to the school cafeteria with a grinning Cody and Dave. "Why the f*ck are you two laughing at me?" He asked, looking pissed off.

"We aren't laughing at you dude. We're happy that the boring classes are over," said Cody. Weston nodded absent-mindedly as he scanned the entire place for Isabella. Did she make any friend yet? Was she hungry and crying in a corner? He saw Hudson and Dean munching on burgers in one corner.

"You guys grab hold of a seat for me. I'll be back in a minute," he told them, jogging out of the cafeteria towards Isabella's class. He had seen Hudson walking towards Isabella's class earlier so walked up and peeped inside. He saw Isabella sitting alone, gazing out of the window, watching other students playing in the sprawling compound. She was so engrossed in her world that she hadn't even noticed him come in. He stood behind her and felt a little bad for her. Despite knowing them, here she was all alone and hungry while they both were enjoying themselves. He saw her watching two girls of her class eat ice-cream and giggle away at some joke.

"Why don't you make friends with them?" He suggested. Isabella jumped hearing his voice. She looked very scared as she clutched at her heart.

"W what are y you d doing here? I didn't do anything. I didn't tell anyone about myself. I didn't tell anyone about you either, I swear," she said with wide eyes. Weston watched her beautiful electric blue eyes look at him with surprise. She didn't look happy to see him.

"I know. I just came to check if you've eaten or not," he shrugged, feeling awkward.

"I'm not hungry. Go away Weston," she said, turning back to her window. Weston muttered angrily in his head.

"Rot here alone then," he said and walked out of her classroom. He lost his appetite and walked off towards the gym room. Cody and Dave searched for him everywhere and finally found him working out like mad.

"Hey we were waiting for you. C'mon let's grab something fast," said Cody, trying to get him.

"I'm dying of hunger, man," grumbled Dave. They both caught Weston and dragged him towards the cafeteria to eat. Suddenly Weston saw Isabella sitting with Hudson and Dean, happily munching a sandwich. His whole body shook with pent up frustration and anger. He hated her now with a vengeance and swore never to look out for her. How could she eat while he was starving himself thinking about her?

"I think I could eat everything that's there. I'm famished. Let's go and grab what we can," said Weston, rushing to get their food. Cody and Dave exchanged glances. What just happened? Cody nudged Dave and pointed towards Isabella. Their eyes widened as realization dawned upon them. They understood it all.

So after break time, classes continued as usual. Isabella didn't adjust so well on her first day at a co-ed school having studied at an all girls school all her life. She couldn't make a single friend and felt all the more lonely. Hudson was the best brother, ever and took good care of her. Some of the girls gave her jealous looks but she ignored them just as Hudson had asked her to. In the morning just as Hudson had left, two girls had asked her how she knew Hudson and that was it. They avoided her after that.

Isabella didn't like this school with all the students only staring at her all the time. She felt awkward although she was good at her studies and had answered all the questions correctly throughout the day. So when school was over, she was eager to go home but strangely Hudson wasn't there at the school's parking area when she reached it. After waiting for ten minutes, she was worried. She went back to the school building to look for Hudson and Dean but didn't find them. She didn't know their class and didn't know what else to do. She knew that she would rather stay at school all night than ask Weston for help. So she walked towards the main gate to think of a way to get home. Maybe she could ask someone if they had seen Hudson.

She was about to approach a girl who was staring at her phone beside her when she heard Weston's motorcycle. Looking up, she saw to her horror, Weston coming towards her riding his motorcycle. She turned around to hide from him. She had sworn in her head that she would never acknowledge him at school.

However, to her dismay, he simply came to a halt right in front of her and turned to look at her. There was no escape.

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