Love Clash

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Chapter Eight

"Hop on. I'll drop you home, " he ordered gruffly, giving her a displeased look. The girl standing next to her looked up from her mobile with frightened eyes. She fled from the scene after seeing Weston.

"No, thanks. I'll wait for Hudson, " she said stubbornly, making no move to climb onto his motorcycle. Weston gave her a more pissed off look.

"Hudson has extended practice for his upcoming match. He wouldn't be available before six in the evening," informed Weston with a sneer.

"I'll wait till six for him," she told him, bravely. What was wrong with him? He asked her to not acknowledge him at school and when she was doing exactly that, he was appearing before her all the time. Weston gave her a weary look as if he was done being nice to her.

"Fine then. Stand here for five hours. I don't want dad after my a*s so I was just doing my duty," he shrugged, riding away without giving her a second glance. Isabella sighed and looked longingly at Weston. She should have taken a lift from him instead of being so dumb but his behavior always pulled the wrong triggers in her and she behaved like an impossible kid. She just couldn't wait for these four months to be over but along with Weston, her brother Hudson would also go away to New York. She stood there thinking about what to do when Dean stopped his car right in front of her.

"Hey, Isa, I was looking for you everywhere. C'mon I'll drop you home. Hud's orders, can't ignore," he said with a lop-sided grin. Isabella was extremely relieved to see him. She went up and climbed into the passenger seat with a relieved smile on her face.

"Thanks. I thought I would have to wait for five hours to get home," she chuckled.

Weston took a round of the whole school and decided to return to the same spot where he had left her. He couldn't let her wait all alone for five hours in front of the school and go home himself. He had just wanted to teach her a lesson and make her stop ignoring him and give in. Thinking that she might be regretting having denied his offer, he rode with a smug expression towards the spot. However, his jaws dropped with disbelief seeing her climb happily into Dean's car and drive away. Torn with jealousy he swore that it was the last time he would look out for her. How could she go with Dean and not him? But mostly how could Hudson just leave her stranded like this? He could have informed him. He was his brother and in the same class. How could he trust Dean and not him?

Furious with Hudson, he parked his motorcycle and strode towards the soccer field of the school ready to get answers from his twin. He saw Hudson resting in between practice with a bottle of water. A few of his team mates too were with him. He jogged towards him, his blood boiling more at the sight of him.

"Wes? Whassup?" Asked Hudson, looking at him curiously.

"You knew you had soccer practice today. You could have told me to drop Isabella home, couldn't you? She waited for so long, she was so worried. How can you be so irresponsible, Hud?" Asked Weston, his hands balled into fists.

"I told Dean to drop her, didn't he?" Asked Hudson, looking confused.

"Yes he did after making her wait for forty minutes. Why Dean? How can you trust Isabella with Dean? You could have told me," yelled Weston.

"Chill Wes. What's the big deal if I told Dean? Why are you over-acting?" Yelled back Hudson.

"I'm over-acting? You try to insult me at every chance you get. You try to prove me worthless in front of my parents all the time. You try to prove yourself one step above me in every sphere. There is a competitive spirit inside you against me, I know, I can feel it. I've never in my life tried to prove anything to anyone. I live my life the way I like it but today you insulted me infront or Isabella by trusting Dean more than me. How dare you?" He yelled, shoving Hudson's shoulder. Hudson gaped at him dumbfounded at his little speech.

"Maybe I know why. You want Isabella to only like you, right?" Weston sneered. Hudson mouth hung more.

"Are you in your senses, Wes? Of course I want her to like me but only as a brother, mind you," said Hudson calmly. He was at his wits end seeing Weston confront him like this for the first time in his life. He couldn't understand what the big deal was if Dean dropped Isabella or someone else dropped her.

"I don't think so, Hud. You can't fool me," said Weston, wild with fury. Everyone gathered around them to watch the most interesting fight ever.

"Wes, calm down. I'll talk to you at home, " said Hudson, looking around at all the curious eyes around them.

"I'm not coming home. Remember you had me thrown out?" He sneered.

"What the f*ck are you talking? Are you blo*dy drunk?" Shouted Hudson.

"Huh, I just came to my senses. So tell me what plans do you have with Isabella?" Yelled Weston.

"She's my sister dammit. I already have a girlfriend and you know it," said Hudson. Last month he had started dating the captain of the women's volleyball team, Mikaela Howard. She was a bi*ch but the hottest in the whole school.

"You call that b*tch your girlfriend? She's only playing with you because of a bet with her friends," informed Weston.

"Whatever, that's none of your business, Wes. I'm having second thoughts now. Are you whipped with Isabella yourself?" Asked Hudson. Weston rolled his eyes at him.

"F*ck you!" He yelled, walking away suddenly towards the parking area. He was furious and he rode at a deadly speed, got a ticket midway and then reached Cody's home in a foul mood.

Cody and Dave were discussing him when he strode in. They had searched the whole school for him but couldn't find him anywhere. Then one of their batchmates who was in the soccer team with Hudson recorded the fight between the twins and forwarded it to them.

"What's up with you Wes?" Asked Cody with concern.

"Leave me alone, Cody, " he said gruffly. Hudson's words made him all the more furious. He was just doing his duty as a member of her foster family. He didn't like her at all. He hated her but his sense of duty came first since she was just a kid. How could Hudson doubt him in front of the whole school? Now there would be gossips everywhere about how he liked Isabella. He groaned wishing that the next four months would pass by quickly and he could get out of Vegas for good. He stormed out to his favorite place in the whole world, the park where he played with a bunch of boys who never asked him any questions and they only played together. Whenever he wanted to vent out his pent up emotions, he went there.

Isabella sat at her window and looked out at the field where Weston was playing. He seemed too charged up as if he was mad at something. Was he upset because of him? She remembered Dean's words.

"Weston's very soft hearted unlike Hudson. He doesn't show it but I've known him for twelve years."

She started looking at his actions in a different way after listening to Dean. During lunch time, he was the only one who was bothered about her. Later she had sought out Hudson when she felt her stomach grumbling. Even after school, it was Weston who had offered to drop her when Hudson and Dean had forgotten about her.

She watched Weston clad in an electric blue tee shirt and white shorts, scoring goals after goals in a frenzy. It was clear that he was very good at the game. Then why didn't he play for his school? Why was he not a part of the school team? The more she watched him, the more she was spellbound by him. She noticed a group of girls standing near the park watching him play. After the game, one of the girls ran towards Weston. She grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. She saw how Weston held her by the waist clearly enjoying the kiss. He even laughed when she left him and pulled her close for another kiss.

A strange feeling of jealousy coursed through Isabella's body. Was that his girlfriend? She stood up not able to see them busy making out with one another. She didn't know what possessed her at the thought. Her mood deteriorated and she just shut her window and drew the curtains close.

"I hate you Weston, " she mumbled to herself, feeling a fierce hatred for her foster brother. She remained in her foul mood throughout and Hudson felt guilty thinking that she might be angry with him. He tried to comfort her with treats but she wasn't in the mood. Why? She had no idea!

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