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Chapter 3

As we headed out of the room I pulled Nessa aside.
"Hey. Can you prepare a picnic basket for us?" I tried to ask her in a pleasing tone. She smirked at me.
"Lucifer Wellington asking instead of ordering? Now that's something new". It took me a great deal of effort to control myself from bursting at her.
"Only if you were not Daria's daughter you'd have to see the real Lucifer," I grunted.
"Fine," she said. Mikhail walked in as Nessa was leaving.
"The car is ready boss," he said. He playfully smirked at Nessa as she rolled her eyes at him. Mikhail was Nessa's elder brother, Daria's first son and my right-hand man.
"Are the necessary security measures taken?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied. His voice was emotionless, just as mine. We both were taught to stay away from emotions. I was raised to take over the family business whereas he was raised to stand loyal by my side but to me, he was more like my brother. We were not brothers by blood but by bond.
"Should I inform the driver that you guys will be proceeding soon?" he asked.
"Tell him to take the day off. I'll be driving". Mikhail nodded and left silently. I walked past the arched hall and back to my room. There was some time left before we left and I wanted to work a little bit before leaving. I pull out my laptop and wait for it to start as my phone buzzed on the nightstand.
The name flashed on the screen and I grunted at the sight of his name. I slid the green button to receive the call.
"Boss there is bad news." said a panic-struck voice from the phone.
"What happened?" I asked him.
"There was an explosion in the docks. Most of our shipment has been destroyed. We're trying to get to the root of the problem". I saw red. Blood gushed through my veins. I could feel my blood throbbing in my ear. This was not the first time my shipment was destroyed. It was the third time this year. This has to stop for good. This time that bastard will know the consequences of messing with me.
I almost slammed the phone when I heard a knock.
"Come in" I ordered. The door opened ajar and a woman came in.
"Inessa wanted me to inform you that the basket is ready. She said that Elizabeth will need some more time before she leaves with you". For a split second, I failed to realize that Lizzy's full name was Elizabeth. I never called her by her full name.
The maid played with the hem of her skirt. She limited her line of vision to her footwear.
"Sir, you seem very tensed. Is there something... that I can do for you?" her eyes finally met mine but they didn't stop there. Her gaze raked from my eyes to the small section of my chest that flashed behind the unbuttoned collar button and paused at the bulge between my legs. I needed to calm my mind and an opportunity had just knocked at my door. The sight of flush on her cheeks forced an involuntary smirk on my face. She finally tore her gaze away from my hard-on and diverted it back to the floor.
"What is your name?" I asked her.
"Serene" she muttered under her breath.
"How old are you?" I asked. I may be a monster but screwing minors was an offence I refuse to commit.
"Twenty three". Perfect! My lips stretched to a full smile as I uttered my next command.
"Close the door". Her face was red as a tomato. She slowly turned back as her hand reached for the door. She closed it silently.
"Strip" I commanded. Her fingers pulled the zipper of her dress and it landed at her ankles. She slowly stepped out of it, revealing her black lace underwear. Her hand reached for the hook of her bra, her eyes fixed on mine as I waited for her to pull off her bra. The wait was too excruciating. Even before I knew it I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me.
With a swift move of my hand, her torn thong landed on the ground, revealing her wet pussy. I reached for the drawer next to my bed and pulled out a condom. I could feel her eyes on me as I tore the packet. I pressed it against her palm. She
unfastened the buckle of my belt as I stood up. Her hand worked on the button of my jeans and pulled it down, taking my boxers with it. I felt wind dancing against my bare skin as she slid the condom up my length. Within no time she was on her knees, her lips dangerously close to the tip of my length.
A small moan left my lips as she pressed her lips on my cock. Her mouth engulfed me, her body thrusting to and fro as she was pleasing me. I was on the verge of an orgasm when I grabbed her hair and thrust her head towards me, her lips close to my hilt as I thrust down her throat. She tried to overcome her gag reflexes. Her grip on my waist grew stronger and so did my urge to cum. With one final thrust, I came. I roared with pleasure as my orgasm exploded. While she got on her feet, I changed my condom.
My fingers hovered over her wet pussy as it kept secreting her juices. Her skin was fuming with the need to be touched. My finger glided against her wetness as she gasped. I sucked my finger clean while her gaze stayed on my lips, imagining the things I would do to her. I picked up her thong off the ground and pushed her face into the mattress. I folded her hands behind, her chest pushed into the mattress as her hips craned upwards. I wiped her wetness with her thong and stuffed it in her mouth.
I glided my cock against her entrance, giving her time to get wet enough for me to slide in. She whimpered as my tip reached the entrance of her hole. I slid into her hot core, making her moan louder than before. My hands remained on her hips, pinning them in the position I wanted them to stay in. Without a warning, I rammed my cock into her as she trembled under me. Her moans turned me on further while I was thrusting in her. The sound of my balls slapping against her clit added to the pleasure. She freed her hand and reached for her clit.
I grabbed her hands and pinned them together with one hand while my other hand worked on her nub. She moaned in pleasure. Without my hands to support her, she was thrusting forward. I wanted to imprint the sight of her completely at my mercy in my mind. I felt her body tighten under me as she was on the verge of her orgasm.
"LUCIFER!" She screamed my name as pleasure took over her. I shortly came after her, groaning as my hot seed filled the condom. I freed her hands. She struggled to sit upright, sore from the experience. We cleaned up and she left the room with her thong tucked in her pocket, her hair was ruffled and her lips were swollen from sucking my dick. She smiled at me with admiration. I returned her smile with a scornful look and chased her out.
I hated when they start asking for more. I'm not the kind of guy to soften up for a woman. Love and relationships were never my things and I'd like it to stay that way. I dressed up and left for the dining room where Lizzy and Nessa were supposed to wait for me. As I passed by the corridors, paintings that hung on the beige walls attracted my attention. There were paintings of the bygone generations of our family. As I proceeded, each painting displayed each generation. From my great-great-grandfather William to myself, portraits displayed the leaders of generations before me. There remained an empty spot between the two paintings, the colour of the patch was brighter than the rest. It was preceded by a picture of Elliot and Cassandra with a seven-year-old me. I realized that they had removed the family portrait that was painted after Lizzy's birth. Rage took over me. Every time I thought they had crossed their limit, they'd prove me wrong. Their aggression towards her was passive but it was that they didn't want her. Yet they let her live with them whereas they could have handed her over to her real father as if they were punishing her for her existence.
Lizzy was not Elliot's biological daughter. That bitch Cassandra cheated on him with another guy and Lizzy was the result of their affair. Elliot was crazy about Cassandra. He didn't have it in him to punish his whore of a wife so he tortured Lizzy for her existence but not anymore. He won't be able to lay a finger on her while she was under my protection.
My feet stopped in front of the door. My fingers almost reached the doorknob when I heard a scream. I flung the door open to find Lizzy and Nessa hiding behind her mother as Elliot, my father sat down. His gaze reached my frame and his expression changed. He looked tranquil as if he had always been like this. It was one of his tricks. His outbreaks hardly lasted over half a minute but that duration is enough to make a grown man quake in his boots.
"Welcome home, son" he extended his arms to me as he stood up, his frame almost as big as mine. I ignored him and rushed towards the girls, trying to comfort them as they sobbed in my arms. I turned to glare at Elliot but he seemed to be scorning at me already.
When Ioobservedrning at me. He was angry at Lizzy. Elliot stepped forward and Lizzy involuntarily hid behind me as she clung to my shirt for dear life. His eyes returned to me, commanding me to hand her over to him but I disobeyed. Before the tension between us grew, Daria broke the silence.

"Girls, let's give them some time together," she said while she was convincing Lizzy to leave me. As much as I wanted to make her feel protected, I had to deal with Elliot and I cannot do that around her. I turned towards her and cupped her face with my palms. I rubbed off the mascara running along her wet cheek.
"Our outing will have to wait for a while, sister. Until then, fix your make up" I soothed her as she finally left the room. I turned to Elliot, my eyes locked with his in a fiery duel of control until breakfast was served.
"Pancakes and waffles. Just like you like them, dear. I made them just for you." said Cassandra in her fake cheery tone. I turned towards Daria who had just returned.
"Can you make me some mac n cheese?" I asked her. She turned to Cassandra, waiting for her approval. Almost choking back a sob, she nodded in approval.
"Sure," Daria said and left. It was the three of us alone. Elliot turned to me.
"Son, I heard you are expanding our family business?" he asked, attempting to conceal the harshness in his voice.
"Yes," I agreed.
"How unfortunate that I had to hear this from House Adair".
"I'm not just expanding, father. I am taking over" I confirmed. For a moment his inner anger reflected on his face but he choked back his rage and looked me in the eye.
"What wonderful news! My son is finally ready to take over my throne and follow family traditions" he said, each of his words coated with rage and sarcasm. I suppressed my urge to put a bullet between his eyes.
"I am not going to take over your throne, father," I said, trying to lace every word with venom.
"I am going to sit on the throne I've made for myself". The shock on his face was evident. He finally calmed down, trying to regain his tranquillity but both of us knew that this was going to end in a brutal fight.
"This business isn't as easy as you think it is" Elliot grunted. I answered him.
"Mafia business is never easy"...
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