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Chapter 7


Her small frame stood against the door. Her blouse stuck to her skin from sweat and her barely existing cheekbone glistened under the light that radiated from the closet. Her face was pale and her heaving chest suggested that she had run. She seemed like she had seen a ghost.

I tugged the towel wrapped around my lower body tighter as an involuntary glare took over my eyes.
"What are you doing here?" she managed to ask. Her stuttering form somehow boosted my ego. The woman who claimed to save my sister was now trembling in front of me and I was whom she feared. My lips relaxed into a mocking grin as my eyes roamed her body.

"What are you doing in my room?" I countered her question. Her eyes grew wide in shock which caused my grin to widen.

"Your room?" she asked. I cocked my head in agreement.

"Yes. Mine. Now that you are here, there are some things that I want to discuss with you" I said. She gawked at me as I pulled a chair for her to sit on. The mattress behind me sank as my weight bore in it. She grasped the chair firmly as I pointed her to sit.

"You mean like now?" she asked. I nodded. She hesitantly slipped into the chair. Her fingernails dug into the leather upholstery of the chair as her gaze focused on the bright lights that illuminating the closet. She hesitated to meet my gaze which earned her a glare.

Her hazel eyes met mine, her iris constricted from fear. Placing my elbows on my lap, I leaned forward.

"How did you find my sister?" I shot the first question and she immediately answered.

"I was going back to the farmers' market when I found a guy was trying to maul her." Blood rushed in my veins at the mere thought of my sister in that condition. Her jawbone clenched with rage, which caused her grip on the leather to tighten.

"What were you doing in a deserted place like that?" I asked. To my second question, her body relaxed as she spoke.

"I needed piping bags. I first went to a bakery supply store but couldn't find them so the store owner suggested a store somewhere deep in an alley." I brushed my jaw with my thumb and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The more I saw her, the more she disgusted me.

"Leave" I grunted. She quickly squinted out of her seat and rushed towards the door. I burst into a silent laugh as she ran away from me. I changed into my neatly dry-cleaned suit and styled my hair instead of letting my fingers play with them.

The banquet hall was buzzing with people. Trays of champagne floats surfed in the air as the caterers offered them to people. Occasional bursts of laughter boomed across the hall, letting everyone know that the Adair's had graced us with their presence.

The fragrance of cologne and perfumes kept varying as I walked past people. I wanted to put a bullet in half of the people who were present but for the sake of business and relations, I had to play the good guy. From behind, Mikhail approached me.

"Guess who I met in my room today," I asked, my voice
"Why is that small-town wannabe-bitch here?" I asked.

"Pristine bakers cancelled our order last-minute so we had to split the order to small bakeries. She happens to be a worker at one of the bakeries" he replied, his visage remained unchanged.

"And why the hell did they cancel our order? Do they not know who I am?" I growled, my hand curled into a fist.

"The owner of Pristine bakers died. His family is in mourning so they cancelled all their orders". His explanation played no role in calming me. I still wanted to wrangle those guys with their guts and seeing Giselle made things worse. This was a big event for me. It was a gala that declared the rise of my empire and most important, Elliot's fall from grace. I will leave him penniless on the streets before snapping off all his fingers, one at a time.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to find a man in his sixties. His hair was white as snow and the skin around his eyes crinkled as he grinned. He stood straight, his chest attempted to fan out but his slouchy shoulders gave away his attempt to look intimidating. His droopy eyes suggested that he was either high or extremely drunk.

"My boy finally grew into a man" Mason Adair grumbled, half slamming my shoulder but my body refused to move.

"Seems to me that you're enjoying yourself," I said. A sly smirk appeared on his face.

"Nothing beats a mix of old wine and young pussies" On cue a woman in her mid-twenties clung to his arm. Her blonde locks veiled her back and her revealing black cocktail gown revealed a small part of the valley between her breasts.

"Lucifer, meet my new wife Miley" he pointed at his wife. She hesitantly smiled as I took her hand mine and pressed my lips against the back of her hand.

"pleasure to meet you Mrs Adair" I greeted.

"Oh please! Call me Miley" she blushed. She grabbed a champagne float and sipped the amber liquid it offered.

Another woman appeared behind her. Her brown hair had been trimmed to the base of her neck, her cleavage barely held her breasts and her outfit hung on her body as if it were made out of a doily. Her diamond-studded purse grazed her skin at the rim of her dress. Her cheeks spread into a seductive smile as she eyes me from head to toe. She looked a lot more like Mikey, except she was more slutty and didn't hide it. We were interrupted by Mason.

"This is my sister-in-law, Shirley".

"Twins, I see" I commented, which earned me a reply from Shirley.


"Is the other sister around?" This time I asked Miley.

"She's around here. Ah! There she is." Miley called out to her sister. A redhead made her way through the crowd. The sisters shared similar facial features but their characters and their dressing style was different. The redhead wore a red dress that flared around her knees. Her bare arms were inked with swirling figures and her lips were coated with a thick layer of red lipstick. Other than her lips, her make-up seemed natural unlike her sister Shirley who seemed to be more fond of smokey eyes and glass-cutting cheekbones.

"I'm Riley" she put her hand forward to shake with mine but I responded by placing a kiss on her hand.

"pleasure to meet you" I grinned.

"The pleasure is all mine" she replied with a decent smile. Mason placed his hands around Miley and Shirley's waist, his hand grazing Riley's ass.

"Ladies, why don't you enjoy the gala. Let us men discuss business" he suggested. The women left, leaving us to ourselves. I encouragingly patted his back.

"So you're more of a triple-decker person, eh?" I asked. A wild smile took over his lips.

"Why stick with one when you can have three?" he said as his eyes rolled as if speaking about them was causing him pleasure.

"You should try it too. I don't mind sharing my wife with you" he elbowed me and I let out a chuckle.

"I don't mind borrowing them for a night or two" I replied and he chucked.

"Attaboy!" he patted my back.

"If you can excuse me, I have guests to attend". I slipped into the crowd and greeted the guests on my way to the stage. I reached the podium and tapped on the mic to check whether it was working which drew everyone's attention.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. As you all know, we are here gathered to celebrate the rise of a new empire."

* * *

I finished my speech and everyone applauded. Everyone began to settle down at their tables as caterers rushed past people to serve appetizers. I found my way back to the table allotted to me, in the centre of the room, between the two counters symbolizing the power I hold over my empire. Meals were served, glasses were filled with red liquid and the clanking of crockery filled the room. Mikhail sat on my right side and Aidan on the left. Mikhail jammed his fork into the delicate meat as Aidan tested the vegetables. I was to eat after they were done if the food was poisoned.

Lizzy arrived later, her gown brushing against the ground as she managed to walk in her black stilettos. Golden curlicues had been sued on the black fabric that extended to her breasts, stopping at the rim of the dress. Thin spaghetti straps barely held the gown in its place. She took a seat opposite to me and Nessa followed her in a simple cream coloured gown, left side of her scalp was pinned tight and all of her hair lay on her right shoulder.

I didn't want Lizzy to join but she insisted so I couldn't turn her down. The only condition was Nessa had to be with her all the time. Though Nessa had no issues, I couldn't rely on her all the time to keep an eye on her on a long-term basis. I had to hire a caretaker for her. Before Lizzy picked up the fork, I put my and hand forward.

"Pass me a bite, said authoritatively. I could see that she didn't like my tone but I couldn't help it. I was sitting among the most dangerous mafia families in the world and I couldn't show affection. I was the contestant and everyone in the room were the judges of this reality show.

She hesitantly picked a fork and stabbed some meat on it and passed it to me. I tasted the food and waited for a few minutes. When nothing happened, I gave her a green signal and she dug into her food.

"Do I need to repeat myself, Nessa?" I growled. She rolled her eyes and passed a piece of the brisket she was about to eat. I tasted the brisket and let a few minutes pass before I thought it was edible.

"I thought you didn't care whether I lived" she commented.

"I don't. But it would break Daria's heart if she were to lose her only daughter" I replied.

"Do you care about my mom but not about me?" she snapped.

"Yes. Now shut up and eat" I snapped back at her and she gave me an eye roll.

It was time for dessert. The six-tier cake stood in the middle of the room, waiting for me to slice it. I grasped the plastic knife next to the cake and sliced a piece out of it, earning applause from the audience. The cake was cut evenly and distributed among the guests, the first pieces being received by us. I dug into its black exterior, revealing its chocolate core as I relished in its taste.

The gala was successful and I had managed not to choke someone. When the guests were leaving, Lizzy tugged at my sleeve. '! "What?" I asked.

"Can Giselle stay for my birthday party?" she asked. I gawked at her as if she screamed 'I want sex' in a board meeting.

"When did you meet her and why is she still here?" I asked.

"We met when she was about to leave and I insisted that she stayed till my birthday party ended. She's in my room now". She pouted her lips and fluttered her eyes at me and I couldn't resist the urge to allow her.

"Only for the party. After that, she leaves" I said.

"But where will the poor soul go so late? It's not safe outside" she said.

"If she can save you, she can take care of herself" I grunted.

When the last guest left, staff members flooded in, equipped with brooms and cleaning instruments to clean the hall for the birthday party that was about to begin in three hours.

As I was going to my room I met Mason and Miley outside the banquet hall, ready to head towards home.

"Mason, can I speak to you for a moment?" I asked. He loosened his grip on Miley and stood in front of me.

"Is your wife and her sisters available tonight?" I asked. An evil grin spread across his lips.

"Yes. I was about to visit one of the whore houses tonight. Sometimes three isn't enough" he said.

"You sure you don't mind your wife fucking another man?" I reconfirmed. Usually, men in the underworld were possessive of their wives though they didn't love them. They were toys reserved for themselves and no other man was to touch them.

"Yes. The more experience she gains, the better it is for me" he said.

"Well then, I'll send Marco to show them my room". I called Marco, who immediately appeared in the hallway, ready with the keys to my room.

If I had to see that bitch Giselle's face one more time in the same day, I needed to blow some steam off. I went to discuss with Mikhail and Aidan about the damaged shipment and the asshole behind it.

After an hour of discussing, which was me yelling at them as they tried to calm me, I returned to my room to three naked women, lying seductively in my bed.

Miley lied on her back, her finger dug in her hot flesh as she stared at me, her teeth dug into her lower lip.

Shirley sat against the headboard, lubricating her asshole as her brown hair covered her small breasts.

Riley was slow humping the ottoman that sat in front of the bed. As my fingers reached for the coat of my suit, Riley removed it for me. She worked on the buttons of my shirt as Shirley walked towards me and worked on the flap of my pants. In no time, I was in my boxers. Miley kneeled and pulled my boxers down. My dick sprang into action as three wet ladies craved for the member. Miley placed her hand on my dick and slightly rubbed it up and down, causing pleasure to pulse through my veins. Her tongue ran across my length and I couldn't hold it any longer.

I grabbed her golden locks and shoved my length down her throat. She kept thrusting back and front, pleasing me as her sisters worked on the rest of my body.

My hand slipped into Riley's core and she moaned in response to my touch. My other hand pinched Shirley's breasts, causing her to squeal with pain and pleasure.

I grunted as I rode the waves of pleasure, my seed filling her mouth. I seated myself on the ottoman, my member ready for more pleasure. My legs spread out, making a place for Shirley to kneel in between.

"Sit here Miley" I commanded and she followed. She sat on the ottoman, her legs spread wide as her pussy faced me.

"Riley, get on your knees on the ottoman". Riley did what she was told. I pulled her waist closer, my lips closed on her flesh as my hands rubbed Miley's clit. Shirley worked on my shaft as I pleased her sisters. At that moment, my worries had been forgotten as if nothing else existed.

My finger dug into Miley's hole and she rocked her hips, wanting for more. I slid another finger which earned me a seductive moan.

While I was working on Miley's clit, my lips dug into Riley's folds. I ran my tongue across her slit. She moaned as my tongue came in contact with her clit but I didn't stop there. I teased her, my tongue rubbed her clit back and forth.

"Beg me and I'll show you some mercy," I said. To my condition, she moaned.

"Lucifer please" a breathy moan escaped her lips.

"Please what?" I asked her. I slid my tongue deep in her hole and dragged it back to her clit and her squeals filled the room.

"Please make me come". On her demand, my tongue ravaged her clit. She moaned louder and faster as her body tightened in response.

"Fuck!" A loud and breathy moan erupted out of her throat. I diverted my attention to Riley who was still waiting for her orgasm. I slipped in another finger to which she screamed. I freed my hand from Shirley's locks and my thumb against her clit.

A scream tore through the air as she came, her body still rocking against my fingers.

My eyes cocked back in my skull as I was nearing my orgasm. I pulled my cock out of Shirley's mouth and came all over her face. She took in whatever I gave her. Her face dripped in my cum. She giggled as her hands rubbed my cum all over her face and chest.

"Ready for another round ladies?".....

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