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Under the Influence

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[COMING SOON] Lilith, sole heiress to the Vanderbilt fortune, stopped caring about her future ages ago. The psychological pressure and delusional expectations of her parents forced her to become everything she hates. Most nights she searches for happiness at the bottom of a bottle amid New York's elite. Obscure, mind-numbingly sexy, and infuriating-as-hell Adam Finley storms into her life. He's the ideal candidate to piss off her parents. A glorious distraction with a complicated past and a dangerous secret. Opulence is all she's ever known, but notability and wealth don't impress Adam. Neither does Lilith and her spoiled ways. Adam's disdain for high society challenges her into the most intoxicating game of her life: seducing him.

Romance / Erotica
Nikki Ashley
Age Rating:

Escaping Reality

"You went from being my drug
to the reason that I need them."

-Lennon Hodson
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Kasey: Honestly at very first I wasn't really into this book. But I kept on going and it turned out to be an amazing book! I'm really glad I kept reading. Great job to the author.

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Carine: Jโ€™adore la fluiditรฉ de cette histoire , il y a une vraie intrigue , on se doute bien que ce loup shadow est un mรฉtamorphose, juste il faut laisser le temps au temps

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cristin: Me historia mucho la historia, me pareciรณ linda y realista con respecto a elnpronlena que en ese tiempo se vivรญa en Venezuela y aรบn se vive . Me gusto la trama .Y la disfrute

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