He Says I'm His Mate

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When Nate found me, I was horrified and angry. But he quickly started to grow on me. He turned out to be one of the only friends I had ever had and I hoped that soon we would take it to the next step. But I hoped for a dream that would never come true. He didn't want me at all. He was so angry with me, and I don't even know what I did. So I left him and the only family that still cared about me, behind. Now all I know is misery and pain. ******** Alice has witnessed the horrors of the real world first hand and it has all but killed her happy and fun loving nature. Can her family find her and bring her home before she cant make it on her own anymore? Read to find out! This is the second book to the My Mate Has Fins series, this book wont make any sense if you don't read My Mate Has Fins first!

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Chapter 1

Nates POV

“And again, there has been another attack this month. What looks to be the work of a shark attack, over thirty people have been severely injured and thirteen were hardly recognizable. Those thirteen were all found dead. Injured survivors report that it looks like a woman with a green tail and the eyes and teeth of a shark. If anyone has any information, the police urge you to pick up the phone and call this hotline…” I turned the tv off and ran my hands through my hair again. It has been four months since Alice left and every month on the full moon, there is another news report.

Rose has been all over the globe looking for Alice. Every time a new report about the killings says a location, Rose is there in hours. But every time she shows up, Alice has already left that location. Rose has been to Mexico, North Africa, Japan, and Russia but Alice is never in the spot when the news reporters name the location of the strange attacks. The stress of her disappearance is killing Rose. She doesn't eat properly, she hardly sleeps, and her personal hygiene is lacking. I’m convinced that Catt is the only thing keeping her alive and on her feet at this point. He's been doing his best to search for Alice too.

He has flown all over the world to talk to other vampire covens, giving them pictures of her and a pair of clothes to smell, begging them to be on the lookout for her if she comes on land. I sigh and lean back in my chair. I took the alpha position a little over a month ago and it has been difficult. She was supposed to be there with me for the ceremony. She was supposed to become the luna when I became the alpha. But she’s gone. And it's because of me. I know what I said to her broke her. I don't even remember why I was so upset, but I snapped. I said things to her I will never be able to take back and I have to live with the knowledge of that.

I try to help Rose and Catt look for her, but as an alpha, I can't just up and leave to go look for her. My dad said so. My mom however, has become very pushy. When I told everyone what I had said to her and why she left, my mom was the first one to say that I needed to get my ass up and find her. Telling everyone what I said to her was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Rose won't even look me in the eye and anytime Catt looks in my direction, all I see is sadness and disappointment. I never meant for any of this to happen. I loved Alice and I didn't mean it when I said I got stuck with her. It was an honor to be mated to her.

I was angry that everyone was trying to keep Tristan away from Mina because I felt like nobody was more deserving of a mate than him. I was cruel to Mina and I was monstrous to Alice. All because I was butt hurt about a situation that didn't even involve me! I chased the girl I was in love with away because of something I had no right to medal in. I sighed again and stood up. I was going to go downstairs to find somebody to talk to. I closed the door to my office softly and made my way down the stairs. I was headed to the kitchen when the tv in the living room stopped me in my tracks. Rose and Catt were sitting on the couch listening to the news channel again.

It was a woman speaking to a fisherman. They both had Australian accents. “Everyone around the world has heard about these strange attacks on the coast everywhere. It seems nowhere is safe to be, as the strange beast was spotted in the water a few miles off the coast of Sydney.” My stomach leaped up into my throat. She moved again. She was in Australia! Then the man started speaking. “I have some new technology that is going to help my crew and I catch this monster. It will never harm another person again after tonight. We plan to video the catch of the beast as well as the execution we will conduct on the boat…”

My face paled and I stopped listening to the tv. If they caught her, they would kill her. Rose and Catt leaped off the couch and ran straight for the front door. “Wait!” I called after them. They both turned to face me looking angry. “Where are you going?” I asked them cautiously. Catt responded quickly. “I have a friend that owns a jet. We can be in Australia by 4:30 pm tonight.” I nodded but didn't let them go just yet. “You're not taking anything with you?” I asked him curiously. Then Rose met my eyes and I quickly paled and backed down. She was angry and I was stopping her from finding her daughter.

“Look Nate. You're the reason my daughter is gone in the first place. Now we have a location and they're planning on killing her. We are going! You can come with us and make things right, or you can stay here with your precious pack and you probably won't ever see my daughter again. Make your choice!” She didn't give me time to give her a response before she ran out the door and jumped in the driver's seat of her car. Catt jumped in the passenger seat and I threw the door to the back open and got in. I quickly linked my mom to tell her what was going on. She was thrilled. I knew my father wouldn't be, but I could deal with him when I got back.

I grabbed the oh shit handle in the car and held on for dear life. Rose drove like the hounds of hell were on her heels and my life flashed before my eyes a few times. What should have taken her twenty minutes took eight and most of those eight minutes, Catt was on the phone talking to his friend that owns the jet. We were in the air after another four minutes, they really weren't messing around. This was going to be a fifteen hour flight, but the time change would make up for the long flight. I closed my eyes and don't even remember falling asleep but then Catt was shaking me awake, telling me we were landing.

The adrenaline started pumping through my veins and I was ready to get off of this plane and start looking for Alice. I had to find her and apologize for the horrible things I said to her and I have to tell her how much I love her. That girl was one of the brightest things in my life and I will always carry the guilt of what I said to her. It was horrible and unforgivable. We would find her before those fishermen and we would keep her safe. We would get her to see reason and she would come home with us. Everything would be okay after that, she would be happy and we could put everything behind us. I was going to bring her home.

Alice’s POV

These last four months have been absolute hell. I thought I could manage on my own and everything would work itself out. I thought I would be fine on my own. I was so wrong. I didn't think about the full moon and how I was going to stop myself from turning into a cold hearted killer once a month. I didn't think about how many people I would kill and hurt. I didn't think of how I would remember it all. I know that I was all over the news, that's why I moved around so much. I knew my mother and Catt were looking for me, but I couldn't go back. I was doing this for Nate and if he was doing better without me, that's how it was going to have to stay.

I was in Australia now, and I was running out of places to go. These beaches were all so close to each other. I decided to take a break by some coral. I was trying my hardest not to go on land so I was hardly eating. Because I stopped eating, I had no energy and I could feel my body slowly starting to die. My scales were falling off and my fins were starting to lose their durability. I started moving along the reef to look for a cave I could hide out in. It was the safest place for me to be. I wasn't stupid, I knew there was a bounty on my head and I knew people were looking for me to kill me. I was killing them and they wanted revenge.

When I first traveled to Mexico, I went on land pretty frequently. I was eating well and I thought I was going to do great living on my own. Oh, how wrong I was. I was on land at night and there was a man. He grabbed me and there were more around him. I didn't want to reveal myself so I fought with the same strength a human would. How I wish I would have fought with the strength of a mermaid. One of the men, there had to have been eight or nine, knocked me out with a rock. I woke up the next morning in an old alleyway. I was naked and there was blood all over the insides of my thighs.

My body had bruises all over it and my clothes were nowhere to be found. I remember how sore my breasts were and how much it hurt to walk. They gang raped me and left me in a dingy alleyway. That month when I killed those people for the first time, I felt no remorse. Those men took something from me, something I will never be able to get back. So I took their people from them. That was the bloodiest killing spree I went on since I left. The news report said ninety two people died, there were no survivors. I didn't feel bad for what I had done. They were all evil. How could a group of men see a defenseless young girl and take her innocence from her?

So now I hardly went on land at all, and I was killing myself. I heard my stomach rumble and the pain was almost unbearable. I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten. It was then that I found a hole in the coral, just big enough for me to fit in it. I set my stuff down and then I slowly left the security of my newfound home. Maybe if I hadn't been so worried about feeding myself, I would have seen the shadow of a boat above me. Maybe then I could have prevented it all. But I wasn't paying attention. And that was my default. It happened so fast, there was nothing I could have done to stop them.

Humans were impulsive and didn't think things through before they just decided to attack, I should have been able to see it coming! They should not have gotten the best of me, but all I was focused on was getting closer to the surface so I could get to the shore and find something to eat. The humans didn't care that I was dying of starvation. They just wanted to catch me and make the news history. I was a monster with no rights to them. A net was thrown into the water and it wrapped around my tail and my arms, trapping me in it. I could feel the rope of the net cut into my tail and skin and it was so painful.

I saw the blood flow away from me in the water and I struggled harder. I didn't care that I was hurting myself, if I was able to get away from them it would be worth it. I knew I had to fight as hard as I could, but my hardest wasn't hard enough. I tried to fight but I had no energy! I thrashed around and extended my nails so they were like razor blades and I tried to cut the net off me, but it did nothing to help me. I was trapped and they were pulling me up to the surface of the water. When I broke the surface I let out an inhuman screech and made sure to make myself look as scary as possible.

Maybe if I scared the shit out of these creeps, they would think twice about trying to catch me and they would throw me back in the water. At this point I was starting to run out of ideas and I was willing to try anything. They wanted a monster and now they got one. My eyes turned to slits and my teeth sharpened. My claws kept hacking away at the net, but it didn't do much to help me. I heard the men that caught me hooting and hollering and it only fueled my anger. They were so happy and if they didn't let me go, they were going to die. I have suffered so much in the past four months that killing people didn't bother me as much anymore.

When I used to have my blackouts and I hurt people, I used to wish I could die. I used to feel so horrible, now though, all people have done is hurt me on purpose that I didn't care if I hurt them. If these men were going to attack me when I had done nothing to them then they were about to be sleeping with the fishes. I screeched and hissed, warning them that I was serious. I meant business and I wasn't going to let them get me that easily. I was tired of letting insignificant humans walk all over me.

They grabbed the side of the net I wasn't in and pulled it over the side of the boat. I fell into the boat with a thud and I had several men grab me at once. Some went for my tail that was thrashing around trying to hit them and some of them grabbed my arms. I was still bleeding heavily from all of the burns the rope had left on my skin and my tail. It was hard for me to get any traction on the floor of the boat when I kept slipping on my blood and the sea water. Before I could do anything to get my arms free, one of the men pulled out a knife so large, it was probably considered a machete.

He held it to my throat and spoke in a gravelly voice. “If you make a move to hurt any of my men, I will cut your head off right here, right now.” I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was serious and quickly stopped my screeching and flailing. The man looked at me with an evil gleam in his eyes. “So, you can understand us…” I bared my teeth and hissed at him in a warning. He was playing with fire and he was about to be burnt. Before I could do anything, I heard a whoosh and then my eyes widened in horror. Catt was sitting on a tool bench, inspecting his nails. He looked up with red angry eyes full of hate. “Evening, gentlemen.”

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