A Changing Love

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Chapter 5 - Concerned

Raphael’s POV

Normally, I would say that I love my job, but not today. Not for the next few days. The chance to be a part of this assignment was something that I couldn’t decline. When I complete this job I will be closer to my dream of becoming the guard in charge of a specific protective division. For the past 10 years, I have known what I wanted to do, and now I am so close to achieving that dream.

I have worked very hard to get to where I am, and just thinking about the things I have had to go through is not pleasant. Two years in the military killed my cheerful and optimistic personality. Now, I am simply determined to achieve my dreams, and I hope that when I do achieve them, I will regain some of my old personality. I don’t really care for this new cold and emotionless person I have become. At the same time, I don’t know how to get back to normal. And this job I am a part of for the next few days is not something that can help me become more positive. On the contrary, it might make me more negative than I am right now.

Completely changing a young girl’s life, and perhaps not for the better, is not something I consider a good thing to do. But then again, I’m not the one that has to deliver the message to her. I am simply here to provide protection for Sir Bisalion. He is an old man, and he can be stern at times. However, I have learned that he has a soft side and can be very kind if he wants to be. But under no circumstances will he risk the well being of Monaco or the King. He is a loyal man and has been an advisor for the King for over 40 years. Perhaps, that is why the King chose him to find the princess and convince her to become the next heir.

I have my apprehensions about some young girl being the next heir to the throne. I know a lot of girls who would jump at the opportunity to become royalty, just so that they can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. Such a girl would most likely not be a great Queen.

The team and I are currently scattered around this park, making sure that no threats can get near Sir Bisalion and the princess. She has not yet appeared, but there is still 15 minutes till the agreed time. I see Sir Bisalion sitting on a bench only a few meters from me, which means I have a critical part in this mission if anything should go wrong.

Agent Ben Romano walks up to Sir Bisalion and leans down and whispers something in his ear. I see their eyes move to the bridge about ten meters from the bench. I follow the direction of their eyes and my eyes land on a girl standing still with a book in her hands. She is beautiful. Her brown hair is in a high ponytail but I can clearly see that she has the most beautiful long hair. My eyes set on her face. Wow! She has these hazel eyes that are enhanced by her long black eyelashes. Her eyes look so bright, and as she is watching the people in the park, I can see her curiosity and the wonder she is most likely feeling. I could stare at her eyes for a long time, simply getting lost in them. I take on the rest of her face. She has a soft heart shape face and her skin is slightly pale, but she doesn’t look sick. It gives her an innocent look. She has the most beautiful full lips that are pink and glossy. My eyes roam the rest of her body. She is tall and slim with small curves. She is wearing these blue washed jeans with holes on the knees and a white top that shows just a bit of her stomach. But it’s not distasteful, it looks good on her. She is simply dazzling.

I watch as her eyes land on Sir Bisalion and she starts moving towards the bench he is sitting on. I can’t take my eyes off of her. From what Sir Bisalion told us, today is her 16th birthday, which makes her 5 years younger than me. Damn! My thoughts are completely inappropriate and wrong. Besides, she’s the princess. I could never be with her.

I watch as she greets Sir Bisalion and sits down on the bench, right next to him. For a few minutes they sit in silence, but then they start talking. Sir Bisalion didn’t explain his plan on how to approach this topic. I can only hope that he does it carefully, to not overwhelm her. I watch as she listens to what he is telling her. Her face shifts between different emotions. I see hints of sadness, confusion, and curiosity.

Sir Bisalion stops talking, just looking at her. I watch as her face contorts into a puzzled look. Her full lips move for a short amount of time, as she speaks to him. Sir Bisalion starts talking again, and her face slowly changes to a face of fear and confusion.

I look at her and I can see her chest starts rising faster and faster. Sir Bisalion suddenly looks worried. I get this uneasy feeling in my body, and I being to move towards them. The princess stands up from the bench as I am just a few meters behind her now. I can see that she starts to wobble on her feet like her feet are no longer able to support the weight of her body.

And then...

She collapses. It happens in slow motion before my eyes. Like everything stops moving at its normal speed. Her body starts moving towards the ground and my legs move on their own. They carry me towards her. And as I reach her, almost all of her body is on the ground. My arms reach out to try and grab her as I crouch down towards the ground to catch her. My hands connect with her head and I place her head in my lap as I am finally sitting on the ground.

“Your Highness?!” I demand as I shake her body in an attempt to wake her up. People start moving towards us to see if she is okay. Agent Romano moves towards us as well as some of the other guards appointed to this mission. They start pushing people away and assuring them that she will be fine and that we will bring her to the hospital.

“St. Laurent, pick her up!” Sir Bisalion says with urgency in his voice.

I move my arms so that my left arm is under her knees and my right arm is under her back just beneath her arms. I pick her up and Sir Bisalion starts moving in the direction where we parked the cars.

We reach the cars and I watch as agent Romano gets in behind the wheel, while Sir Bisalion opens the door to the passenger seat and gets in. One of the other agents open the door to the backseat and I get in, still with the princess in my arms. The door is closed behind me and the car starts moving.

“To the hotel agent Romano,” Sir Bisalion says while plodding his elbow onto the door to his right.

“Of course, sir” agent Romano says.

I look down and gaze upon the princess. Her eyes are closed, concealing those beautiful hazel eyes. She is even more beautiful up close. Her eyelashes are so long and dark. Her skin looks so delicate as if one single touch has the power to ruin it. Despite this, I still reach my hand out and stroke her cheek. Her skin is so soft and one touch sends sparks from my fingers all the way up my arm and straight to my chest. I can already feel my heart beating faster from this one simple touch.

I feel her stir slightly beneath me, making my heartbeat that much faster, thinking that she might have caught me admiring her. Her eyes don’t open but stay closed.

“How is she doing?” Sir Bisalion asks me from his seat in the front.

“She is still unconscious,” I answer while still looking down at her.

I can hear Sir Bisalion sighing slightly as he is clearly worried about the princess. Her reaction wasn’t the best reaction considering she is currently unconscious with her head in my lap.

We pull into the parking garage of the hotel we are staying at. As agent Romano pulls up near the elevator and stops the car, Sir Bisalion gets out immediately and press the button for the elevator. My door is opened as the next thing, and I reach under her knees and her back to pick her up again.

“St. Laurent, will you take her up to the main room, and place her on the bed? I have arranged for a doctor to check on her,” Sir Bisalion says to me.

“Of course, Sir” I curtly answer him.

I get out of the car with her in my arms and move to the now open elevator doors. We reach our floor and I move towards our main room, the room where all of our meetings are held. As I walk through the door to the bedroom I see a doctor standing next to the bed waiting.

I carefully place her on the bed. As she is placed on the bed I feel her warmth leaving me, making me feel cold. It’s like her warmth was keeping me warm as well, and without it, I feel cold and hollow. It’s a strange feeling. One I have never felt before. I have never spoken a word to her, and I’m already feeling the effects of not being near her.

I stand back and watch as the doctor examines her. He takes her temperature, blood pressure, and listens to her heart beat. Sir Bisalion walks through the doors and stops next to the bed, waiting for the doctor to finish his exam.

“Alright, nothing wrong with her. She most likely fainted do to the shock. She should be awake within the next hour,” the doctor says while looking at Sir Bisalion.

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I have been holding. The relief of her being alright floods through my veins. I find myself admiring her again as I watch her lying on the bed as if she was sleeping. She looks so innocent. So young. I keep forgetting that she is 5 years younger than me and that this new admiration I have towards her is wrong.

“Thank you, Doctor” Sir Bisalion says and the doctor walks out of the room. Sir Bisalion walks towards the doors, but stops and turns to me.

“Keep an eye on her agent,” he says while looking me in the eyes, signaling his seriousness. What he doesn’t realize is that I will happily watch over her to make sure she is alright. He doesn’t even have to order me to do so.

“Of course Sir” I answer in a calm tone which conceals all of my hidden emotions of affection towards the princess.

He nods as he walks out the doors closing them after he had exited. I walk to her bed and pull up a chair next to her. I sit down and simply observe her.


It’s been 30 minutes and she is still sleeping. I know that the doctor told us that it could be up to an hour, but with every passing minute, I become more worried and concerned for her. I wish she would open those amazing hazel eyes.

As if on cue I see her stirring in the bed. Her eyes open after only a few seconds.

I ask her how she is feeling and explain where we are as she is confused about her location. I would probably also be confused if I fainted and woke up in an unknown place.

I watch as she gets out of the bed and moves towards the doors that lead to the room next door. She hesitates for a bit at the door, and then she opens the doors and walks through them.

I wait for a few seconds before following her out. I see her sitting on one of the chairs talking with Sir Bisalion.

I just stand there watching her as they talk and Sir Bisalion is explaining to her why he has contacted her. I see her facial expressions changing from sad too confused, angry, and many other negative emotions. Even before this day started I knew that I would dislike this mission. Changing a girl’s life is not something I will ever enjoy, and judging by her reaction I am glad I feel this way. At this point, something has changed for me. If it were any other girl I don’t think I would dislike it as much as I do right now. But this one girl she has somehow made me hate and be repelled by the work I am doing here. I might not have a direct part in forcing her to become the princess, but just my presence here makes me feel guilty like never before. This is a feeling I do not care for.

As I focus on their conversation again I hear how confused and sad she is about this whole situation. Her eyes are looking from one person to the next until they finally land on me. I look at her with regret and sadness in my eyes. She really doesn’t deserve this.

After about an hour of talking they begin to wrap up their conversation, and I am glad that she will get a break from all of this. They walk towards the door to exit the hotel room, and Sir Bisalion turns to me.

“I will have agent St. Laurent take you home,” he says to her while motioning in my direction.

I walk out the door and I can feel her following me, I can feel her warmth. We get to the parking garage and I open the door to the backseat for her. I close the door behind her and walk to the driver’s seat. I get in and start the car and we drive out of the garage.

I make sure my hands are firmly placed on the wheel. I would never be able to forgive myself if I let something happen to me. My eyes are fixed on the road but occasionally I look in the rear-view mirror and look at her.

As I fix my eyes on her in the mirror, I notice that she is looking at me. Staring actually. I smirk to myself. I look in the mirror again and her eyes meet mine as she looks in it too. She quickly looks away, and I can see her face begin to become red. She is blushing. That is both the cutest and the hottest thing I have ever seen, and just her blushing makes a warm feeling spread throughout my body.

We are only a few minutes away from her house, I got the address from the file we have on her so I know where to take her. We pull up on the street her house is at meaning that she will be home in under two minutes. Just the thought of her leaving the car makes me sad. I don’t want her to leave the car and most importantly, I don’t want her to leave my presence.

“Can we take a detour?” She asks me in her sweet and just above a whisper of a voice.

I turn left and away from her house. I plan a route in my head that will give her an extra few minutes.

“Sure,” I answer her. Shit! I forget to use her title. If Sir Bisalion was here right now, I would be in so much trouble.

I expect her to go back to the silence we were in before, but she surprises me and asks:

“What is your first name? Unless it’s St.?”

I chuckle a bit. She is really cute.

“My first name is not St., it’s Raphael,” I answer her with what I hope she understands is amusement. It’s not the first time someone has asked me that question, but I didn’t expect her to ask about my personal information, seeing as she is royalty and I am not.

“Alright. Is it alright if I just call you Raphael then?” She asks me almost immediately with a smile on her face. When my name leaves her lips is sends a shiver down my spine in a very pleasing way. I’m really going to enjoy her calling me by my first name and not my last name like everyone else.

“You can call me whatever you want Your Highness,” I say while smiling, this time remembering her title. We have made our way a bit away from her house and it will take me a couple of minutes to drive her back.

“Is it alright for me to drive you home now Your Highness?” I ask her after we’ve been sitting in silence again for a few minutes.

“Yeah. I guess you can take me home now,” she answers but I notice the sadness in her voice. I don’t know if she meant for me to hear the sadness, but I did and I don’t like it. Somehow I have this strong need to want to keep her happy, and when she is sad I can feel it pulling on my heart.

We stop in front of her house and I announce our arrival and inform her of what I know Sir Bisalion would say. To keep this quiet. I watch as she gets out of the car and she simply stands there. I drive away while looking in the rear-view mirror and notice she hasn’t moved from her spot. I really hope she will be alright and not too sad.


I arrive back at the hotel and walk into the main room. I can hear Sir Bisalion talking to someone on the phone as no one responds to him.

“Yes, Your Majesty. We have made contact with her and explained everything to her. She is not as willing to accept her duty as we have hoped. I have granted her three days to think about her decision. I have also explained our next step if she declines her right to the throne.” He explains to the King, as I now know that he is on the other end of the line.

I watch as Sir Bisalion remains quiet for a few minutes. I presume he is listening to what the King is saying.

“Yes Your Majesty. I will make sure she accepts her duty.” Sir Bisalion answers and I watch as he removes the phone from her ear as the line went dead.

“Alright, gentlemen. The King has instructed me to do whatever it takes to make sure that Her Highness Princess Nathalie accepts her right to the throne. As explained by the King she is the only right choice for the throne.” Sir Bisalion informs us.

After that information I am more determined than ever to ensure her safety and that she is happy because now there is no way out of her accepting her place as the heir to the throne of Monaco.
Sir Bisalion might have given her a choice, but in the end her faith has already been determined.

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