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Summer Love

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When I first saw you I smiled cause In that moment I knew I fell in love... BELLA HADID AS SUMMER AGE 22🙋‍♀️ DAVID GANDY AS DAVID GANDY AGE 38🙋‍♂️

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Chapter 1 first meeting

I hate flying! In fact the word hate doesn't really come close enough… I loathe flying. Every time I get on a plane I feel like my confident side gets replaced by a little girl who's afraid of ghosts and thinks she can see them everywhere, only I get paranoid thinking that the plane will fall and I will die an awful death, where my limbs get cut off as the plane splits in half and they won't be able to recover my body cause it'll be scattered all over the ocean. That's why I always fly first class, in case of an emergency I'm closer to the door. Dramatic I know but...That' how I feel. Can you blame me though? At the moment we are experiencing a lot of turbulence and the plane keeps doing the whole drop and lift thing as the pilot tries to stabilize it. I grasp my armrests so hard my knuckles turn white, I should feel embarrass but I'm beyond caring.

A warm hand reaches over and rests on mine, and somehow I feel an instant comfort.

"Are you alright luv?" I hear the sound of a deep male voice with a slight accent.

Makes sense, I am after all flying to London to visit my little sister who's studying abroad.

"Do you need me to get you anything?" He asks in that smooth voice.

"I'm fine.." I manage to say in a shaky tone.

"Thank you." I swallow hard and reply without looking at the kind stranger. I don't even remember noticing someone take the seat next to me. I've was so lost in my own anxiety.

He starts lifting his hand and the panic resurfaces.

"Actually…" I start to say shyly and the plane does another small drop. "Oh sweet baby Jesus!" I exclaim rather loudly, my breath catching. I can feel the gaze from the other passengers on me, they probably think I'm an idiot but who gives a shit.

His warm hand grasps mine again.

"Relax luv… It's just a few bumps." His soothing voice does seem to have a calming effect on my nerves.

I take a deep breath and exhale.

"Please… Umm... Just don't let go of my hand?" I ask keeping my eyes shut. I don't risk to look at the stranger's face because I am so embarrassed of asking a total stranger for something so intimate.

I hear his soft chuckle, but he grabs my hand and starts tracing circles on my knuckles. It's soothing alright but the ball inside my stomach goes up and down as does the plain and I think, I'm starting to have cold sweats and my vision it's definitely blurring around the edges. Taking off is always the hardest part of a flight, it's dreadful. Worse than visiting a dentist to have a root canal without anesthesia while getting a pop-smear, all at the same time.

"Don't worry, I've got you." He says and I finally I dare to look at him, I almost pass out right then and there. He is possibly the most attractive man I've seen in real life.

His beautiful, pensive blue eyes are staring at me from under the cap-hiding black, wavy hair and he's got the sexiest, most masculine smirk I've ever seen. This man could be Zeuss' son. He smiles at me reassuringly and that's the last thing I see before the world goes black.

A strong smell of alcohol assaults my nostrils and my eyes snap open. Three people surround me. One of the flight attendants is fanning my face with a paper plate, the other is still holding the cotton ball soaked in alcohol by my nose.

Aren't they supposed to put it away once you wake up?

Then I see the blue-eyed God staring at me with something like amusement dancing behind those bright eyes. Suddenly I remember I was high up in the air, crossing the Atlantic. I jump up and my eyes scan my surroundings frantically. The unease is back in my chest and I think I might start to hyperventilate. I try to breathe but my breathing is coming in short bursts.

Warm hands grasp my shoulders and the-I must be hallucinating- hot guy looks straight into my eyes. "Just breathe, breathe." He tells me slowly and does the action along with me, his wide chest rises and falls as does mine and my body relaxes. My breathing becomes even again.

Wow his hands are good! He has actual magical powers. He stares at me for a moment longer than a satisfied smile spreads his lips.

"I think she's going to make it ladies." He addressed the women around me in a charming tone, never taking his eyes off of me. Did I seriously faint at the sight of him?

Jamie and Janie - are you serious with those names -the flight attendants sighed and looked at him-with a dreamy, hazy sheen to their eyes-hesitating before their departure. Were they high?

"Is there anything else we can do for you Mr. Gandy?" Janie asked suggestively and a smile so big I had to wonder if she had a hanger stuck in her mouth.

Gag! Weren't they suppose to make sure that I was okay?

He ignored her flirtatious tone and instead turned his gaze towards me.

"Do you need anything luv?" He asks me with a smile that has me speechless. It's hard not to stare at him, well gawk is the better word. He's ridiculously handsome, with perfectly tan skin, chiseled jaw-adorned with just the right amount of stubble-which also covers the area around his lips. Never has a goutie looked this sexy in the history of gouties. I've never been the type of girl to easily swoon over an attractive man, but this man wasn't simply attractive he was close to godliness. Guess I shouldn't judge Janie too harshly.

I shook my head. The only gesture I could manage since not only had he made me faint but apparently made me lose my voice as well.

"We're fine for now." He offered, his cultured voice sending the flustered women on their way, sighing. He really was otherworldly handsome. I wanted to stare at him just to make sure he was real, more out of curiosity than anything else. People like him don't just run around your everyday life, it was actually an interesting phenomenon.

The women scurried away and he sat back on his bucket chair. I didn't miss the fact that his warm hand was still touching mine.

"I've never had a girl faint on me before. I'm not that horrible to look at am I?" He says in a playful tone.

I stare at him with wide-surprised eyes, was that flirting? I never really could tell.

His blue eyes danced with amusement as he studied my face.

I couldn't help the snort that came out of my mouth. Sexy!

I quickly cleared my throat attempting to recover.

"Yeah, I contemplated jumping out of the plane when I saw you. You should really do something about that face." I answered in a half mocking, half sarcastic tone.

He laughs, a throaty, deep laugh that reverberates all around me, sending shivers through my body. He shifts slightly in his seat to get a better look at me and licks his lips in what seemed like an absentminded sort of gesture. Oh boy.

"What do you suggest I do with it?" his playful tone was inviting and I felt a smile tugging at my lips, while blood rose to my cheeks.

I had a few ideas, none i could or would say out loud, that would definitely be inappropriate, and what the hell was wrong with me. This man was a stranger and I was lusting over him. I blamed it on the flight, It was like alcohol to my senses.

"Just, don't creep up on me, I'm already jumpy. You don't want to be responsible for a full on panic attack." I joked back, feeling strangely incline to converse with this gorgeous man. He chuckled and nodded.

"I'll do my best."

He had the most piercing blue eyes in the world, I had never experienced such an intense stare, it was a bit intimidating. I had to wonder how any female had the guts to approach someone with his imposing persona. This man had the power to rendered me speechless and the way his touch was affecting me did not go unnoticed but I had to conduct myself with some decorum. How many women threw themselves at him on a daily basis? I was sure it happened all the time, a man like him didn't go unnoticed even if only in suggestive giggles and crazy batting of eyelashes-like the flight attendants did-he still got more than enough attention from the opposite sex. I might allow myself to indulge in crazy thoughts about him, hell I think any female would but I wasn't the kind of girl to put those thoughts into action and start flirting like a demented reality show chick. I was more the-funny friend-type of girl that made a habit out of saying way too much and filter way too little. Besides he probably wouldn't even remember the first letter of my name the minute he'd stepped off this plane. That made the whole talking to him seem less intimidating.

"First time flying?" He asks, interrupting my reverie of his character. I'm glad for it though, better to make casual conversation and leave thoughts of his good looks aside, truth be told he wasn't the first good looking guy i'd seen but he certainly took the icing on the cake and the cherry on the ice cream. I smiled warmly, deciding to treat him like I would anyone else, his looks didn't change the fact that he was still a regular person and a person that had gone out of his way to assist me-a total stranger.

"You'd think... But no. In fact I've traveled a lot."

"You don't say? I would have bet money that this was your first flight." I heard the mocking in his statement.

"Yeah...the way I behaved would lead you to believe that." I tucked my hair behind my ear, feeling my cheeks go pink. "It's been a while though, I've been so busy with school this past few years that come to think of it, I haven't taken a break or gotten on a plane in over 4 years."

I sounded surprised even to myself.

"What do you go to school for?" he sounded truly curious. I blinked a few times before answering.

"Law, I just finished my third year." He seemed surprise by that information, raising his thick eyebrows.

"Impressive" He admits taking a sip of the clear liquid, that had been sitting in his cup holder.

"Thank you, It's very hard work though." I shrug.

"I can imagine."

one of the flight attendants was just passing by as the blue eyed stranger gestured with his hand, lifting two fingers to get her attention, he exudes sophistication and finesse with all his actions, maybe it's a British thing. I observed him freely-since his attention was else where-trying to decipher his age and having a hard time deciding, over all he seemed to be in his thirties.

"Yes sir, what can I get for you?" she asks smiling brightly at him. "Could you be so kind as to bring a water for this young lady." He gestures towards me.

"Of course." she answers and saunters away. I look at him with a questioning expression. "Water hydrates your body, it will help you relax." I blinked several times again, was I not relaxed? I questioned internally.

"Thank you." He nods and smiles.

"So, London?"

I sigh..

"Yeah it's my first time. I'm visiting my sister, she's going to school there. I haven't seen her in over a year and she's been pestering me about it for some time, but she goes to school with my ex-boyfriend. " I exhaled. "and who wants to run into their ex you know? I mean, she said there was no chance of us running into each other and she better be right because if not I will literally flip out and go off on her." I stopped to take a breath and realized I had been rambling to a total stranger and about personal things no less. I wasn't keen on sharing, much less with a man I barely knew. What in the heck prompted me to do that? I decided to look away before his hypnotic eyes coerced more embarrassing information out of my big mouth.

Of course I couldn't help the blush in my cheeks, stupid, traitorous blood.

"Anyways, um...I'll stop rambling now." I don't wait for him to comment on my run-on ramblings.

"How about you? Do you travel a lot?"

He nods and the flight attendant appears at his side handing him the water-meant for me- while giggling some more. He only smiled politely and thanks her, handing me the water.

"Before I answer your question, I need you to clarify... Flip out and go off?" He asks me, looking puzzled and amused at the same time.

"Oh!" I smile with understanding. "That's right, you don't know those expressions, you're British." I roll my eyes playfully while making air quotes with my fingers. He laughs at my obvious bluntness. I can't help it, I tend to say what I think, is my gift and my curse.

"It means I will get extremely upset and it would turn into an argument between us."

"Oh! Wow, never in a million years would I have guessed that." He smiles again before continuing, leaning his elbow on the arm rest for support and touching his long, graceful fingers to his chin. The man could rock a stubble like a pro.

"So what's your name? I just realized we've been speaking for well over ten minutes and I don't even know what to call you."

I groaned inwardly-my quirky name has always been a conversation piece, not one that I particularly enjoy however-and the fact that he evaded my question didn't go unnoticed.

"It's Summer." I say reluctantly and wait for his reaction.

"That's... very different" His eyebrows lift and I can see the grin fighting to break free by corner of his mouth.

"Yeah...It sure is, a little too different if you ask me, but thanks for that poor excuse of a compliment." I tease, unable to stop the playful exchange. He smiles a wide smile and his eyes shift down slightly crinkling at the edges. It's such a normal expression for someone that makes grown women make chipmunk noises.

"What's your name?" I countered, there had to be something wrong with him, maybe his name was it.

"How rude of me, I apologize, my name is David." Sincerely polite, a rarity in this day and age. But my God off course he was a David. He was Michelangelo's David who'd come to life, even his name was perfect.

"Oh how regal." I say feigning disdain, but there is a smile pulling at my lips, he doesn't miss it and in return I'm rewarded with a sexy half grin as he strokes his jaw absently. My heart feels like a horse taking off at the sound of a gunshot at the Kentucky Derby.

You see what he does to me? I cannot even think normal and I'm the queen of normal thinking, rationality is my middle name.

He chuckles softly, clearly entertained and not at all bothered by my bluntness.

"I meant no disrespect I think Summer is quite...refreshing." He was having too much fun at my expense and the worse part was that I was completely suckered into it, because I just couldn't help the smile on my face and it felt natural talking so casually with him, almost effortless. As if we had known each other for years rather than hours.

"Thanks, I guess." I scuffed, narrowing my eyes, but there was no real temper behind the gesture and he knew it. The plane dipped a little and I stiffened, my eyes going wide. His hand pressed lightly on mine, directing my attention.

"How did you come about a name like that?" What a silly question...I though, but then I realized what he was doing. He was distracting me, keeping me engaged in conversation so that I wouldn't have another anxiety attack. I felt so grateful to him in that moment. I could hug him, how crazy would that be.

He gazed at me expectantly and I couldn't help the smile on my face as I met his eyes.

"Let's see, well pretty much how everyone else does, you are born and your parents name you what they want without asking your opinion. You would think we'd have more control over something as important as a name. I mean, we carry it for the rest of our lives, right? But no, you come out and they're like, "Eh, I like Summer." Do you think it's true what they say? That our names define us. And if they do, what exactly does Summer make me, you know? I think we should borrow names, not be given them, and then when we are old enough, we rename ourselves. That would be more appropriate... Anyways, I'm… that's… just my opinion."

I finished taking a much needed breath. Wow! I was really out of practice when it came to talking to-out of this world hot-guys. I sounded like a rambling wreck. Oh well it's not like I would ever see him again. Ever! and all this talking was helping to keep my nerves at bay. Besides he didn't seem irritated or annoyed, he simply looked curious and amused with me. Like I said, I'm the funny-friend type of girl.

"That's a fantastic idea, you should have that patent." I shot him a glare. "Very funny." He let out a rumbly laugh.

"If you think my name is weird you should hear my sister's." Oh the cruelty of our dear parents.

"Uh, oh. I'm afraid to ask, is it as different as Summer?" He teased.

I laughed again, this was gonna be good.

"Oh its better, compared to her name I have no problems."

"So what is it? You've made me curious." I really did like that sexy accent of his, so appealing with the rest of the package.

"It's Spring." I deadpanned and he raises his brows, I can see he is trying to fight a smile.

"Yep, quite different and so refreshing it will give you allergies."

He laughs now and it was a damn sexy laugh, even his teeth are hot. Could teeth be considered hot? His were.

"Wow Summer and Spring." He mused, touching his chin, something he seemed to do out of habit. "Your parents really didn't give you ladies a chance." He added chuckling softly.

"Nope." I sigh. "Evidently they were fans of the seasons and we assume hippies as well. I'm pretty sure they were high when they named us."

He cracked another panty-dropping smile at me as his eyes sparkle with amusement.

"So, Summer." Hearing my name on his sexy lips creates flutters in my stomach. "What do you do when you're not swooning over guys in airplanes luv?"

I scoffed at his blunt question.

"Excuse me? I did not swoon!" I feigned offense.

He shrugged one shoulder, clearly unaffected.

"I think you swooned. It's alright I have that effect on women." He was teasing me, but he was actually dead on, I'd bet women just threw their panties at him as if they were throwing candy.

"Well, aren't you cocky!" I folded my arms over my chest and stared at him defiantly. "and I did not swoon. I was about to pass out already, you just happened to be the last thing I saw before it happened."

I squared my shoulders and spoke confidently but his expression was bemused and that darn smirk remained at the corner of his mouth, distracting me.

"Well I like the idea of you swooning over me so much better, so I think I'll stick to that story." He says lowering his gaze and looking at me through dark, sooty eyelashes.

I swallow back dryly, thinking his eyes could hypnotize a crowd. I was having a hard time just breathing. This gorgeous, kind man and his flattery was not a combination I was accustomed to. I didn't think men like him existed at all actually. Good looks and a kind heart, that was indeed a rare combination.

"Try not to hurt yourself there Mr. perfect name."

The rest of the trip went by in about the same manner. He was a great listener but whenever I asked a question he would keep his responses sort of vague. He is originally from England and he travels a lot for work, other than that he was very good at keeping the conversation focus on me and I kept having sudden cases of word vomit. Evidently I had lost the ability to answer questions with just one word. He was getting the full experience of what being Summer Glandon was all about. Law school, single, busy parents, jerk of an ex, younger sister who attends Oxford University. Never been to England, will be spending a month and a half there, yada, yada, yada. I'm telling you, the more I tried to seem mysterious, the more I failed. The only piece of information he was missing was my bra size, and I was scared I would volunteer it if he asked me about the weather.

But every time I said something new or gave him more information his eyes would sparkle and he would smile or laugh... Maybe I was imagining things. Obviously when I flew I wasn't completely coherent and sitting next to him was only making it worse. Still I appreciated the effort he was making to keep me distracted.

I wouldn't call myself shy on a regular basis but I did keep to myself. My mom had been keen on the whole "do not talk to strangers" business, and here I was pouring my heart out to a man I had known for only a few hours. He should have been a spy. I'm sure people would just volunteer information to him, especially if he looks at them with those mesmerizing eyes.

The captain announced we were about to land, taking me by surprise. I had been so involved in conversation that time just flew by. Right now, however, I was again fully aware of the fact I was inside a metal concoction, thousands of feet in the air and my unease kicked back in faster than I could blink. I took a deep breath, grabbing the armrests so hard my knuckles went white. David kept his warm hand over mine though, lightly squeezing and causing my attention to divert. He smiles reassuringly at me. "What happened to the mouthy, brave girl from just a few minutes ago." He teased and I glared at him, but I could feel the panic in my eyes, I tried to focus on breathing. "I think she is hiding under the seat."

We did land safely, and the plane pulled up at the gate. Everyone started getting up and gathering their personal belongings.

"Do you need me to deliver you to your sister?" His sudden question catches me by surprise as those piercing blue eyes gaze at me intently. Now I was flustered for a whole different reason. Oh boy, being that hot should be illegal! Oh shit he asked me something right?

"Um, no. My sister is picking me up, thank you though."I answered, as a feeling of nostalgia began to creep in, knowing that we would go our separate ways in just a few minutes, like the perfect strangers we were.

I sigh and He nods in understanding, still keeping his steady, warm eyes on me.

"If by any reason she is held up here's my number. I'd be happy to take you to her." He says handing me a white card with just his name and a phone number. No title, nothing.

Interesting. Maybe he was Superman, before getting the Clark Kent glasses prescribed.

I took the card hesitantly, I was definitely not going call him. Not because I didn't like him, but because I knew he would forget me as soon as he stepped out of the plane. I could tell that he was just a nice guy, a gentleman and I was grateful that he'd been there for the flight and that he would offer to take me to my destination but I wasn't crazy enough to think that he was actually interested in more than that. As soon as those doors opened we'd go in separate directions... Him to pretty people land and me to good ol' crazy land... Otherwise known as Spring. At-least I had my own story to tell, about the few hours I spent with a sweet, kindhearted stranger who happened to have the most amazing eyes and handsome face I had ever seen in my life.

I got up to grab my luggage and he came up behind me, startling me.

"Allow me." He said putting his hand on the small of my back so I'd move over.

He was so much taller than me, even though I was wearing wedges. He had to be at least 6'3. As I turned I caught a whiff of his scent. He even smelled good! God this guy could do no wrong. I wondered if there was a rule about hot guys... If he looks pretty and talks pretty he must smell pretty?

He reached for the overhead bin, causing his shirt to raise giving me a preview of his sexy-defined-perfectly tan-abs and the beginning of a very happy trail. My mouth watered at the sight. He lowered my suitcase, pulled the handle for me and then grabbed a small camel leather carry on bag. Obviously his.

"You travel light!" I observed.

He let out a small breath and his gaze shifted to the floor of the plane in a quick, sort of thoughtful gesture.

"I'm never gone too long." He settled for saying and a sort of distant look took over his expression.

I grabbed my luggage and pulled it along as I walked to the exit and stepped out of the airplane. Our time was up. David touched my shoulder.

"Summer!" I swirled around, wanting to look at him again.

"Yes?" I asked, feeling the ball in my stomach bouncing around, like it was during mid-flight. He examined me closely as if he were trying to decide what his next words should be.

"It was truly a pleasure meeting you." He said seeming unsatisfied with something. "Have a lovely time in London." My brows creased in confusion.

"Aren't you coming this way?" I asked pointing towards gate.

"No, my car is waiting that way." He points behind the airplane.

Odd. I purse my lips and sigh. This was it then. The uncomfortable nostalgic feeling settled in my chest heavily.

"Thanks again David, for everything. I don't think I would have made it without you." I said extending my hand towards him, trying to express how grateful I was for the kindness he'd showed me. I smile warmly at him.

He stares at me silently but it feels as if he wants to say something. He hesitates for just a few seconds then grabs my awaiting hand.

"You're very welcome, It was..." He pauses. "It was quite the journey. I've never enjoyed a plane ride this much." I let out a short, nervous laugh and drop my gaze. "Same here." I add, feeling shy.

"Enjoy your time in London" He smiles and reluctantly releases my hand. It feels tingly from his touch.

We wave goodbye as we begin to walk our separate ways, I have the strangest feeling pressing on my chest, like i need to do something that alludes me. I turn to look at him just as he turns to look at me and we both smile, it was so odd this strange connection I felt towards him, I had only just met him and I didn't easily take to people not this fast and certainly not to men. We both walk slowly-making the distance wider -still looking back at each other, I wave at him and he waves back. Then he turns disappearing from my sight forever. "Goodbye" I whisper to no one. I stood there, not really thinking about anything specific, more like unable to take my next step. I shook my head, snapping out of it and I made my way to baggage claim. I found the cute redhead awaiting my arrival.

"Sis!" She screeched when she saw me and ran in my direction. I hugged her tight closing my eyes, trying not to let happy tears fall. I loved this girl as if she was my daughter which was stupid because we were only three years apart.

When I opened my eyes I thought I was hallucinating. I blinked a few times before realizing I wasn't. Right in front of me was a wall sized poster of the blue-eyed God I had just met, in nothing but a white bathing suit. Well a skimpy speedo was more like it. His stare as piercing as I remembered.

"Spring?" I called my sisters attention.


"Who's that?" I point at the large billboard.

She turns around and gives me an incredulous look.

"Have you been living under a rock?"

Close, law school was actually much worse.

"A pile of books would be a more appropriate description." I reply.

"That's David Gandy." She answered.

"Who?" I asked again not sure I heard right.

"He's like the hottest model right now! I don't understand how you've never seen him before. That guy is everywhere!"

"Oh I've seen him before, but I didn't know he was a model." I say still gaping at his massively large photo. "He was sitting next to me on the plane." My eyes refuse to look away as I did my best to avert the barely there bathing suit that looked more like a stuffed diaper... Ok, I was obviously not able to stop myself, my eyes had wandered south, could you blame me though. His package was on display, it was like he was selling it, not whatever the poster advertised.

"You what? You met David Gandy? Wait! You sat NEXT to David Gandy? What? Did you talk to him?" She sounded as dramatic as always.

"He held my hand." I said without thinking and feeling slightly numb.

Spring grabbed my shoulders and shook me, demanding my attention.

"Start talking sister, and you better tell me everything!"

I swallowed. Here we go.
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