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Rafaels curse

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Chapter 2

I heard a loud knock as I was about to drift to sleep. I gathered my clothes, and put a robe around myself. I opened the door. “...Rafael” a small woman whispered as she laid eyes on me. What is up with me being called Rafael? So weird. I cleared my throat. “I am sorry, I am Doctor Rafaela” she seemed like she was deep in her thoughts since she stoped moving her head. What is up with this town? “I am Lee's sister, Mimi, I was supposed to clean some things, I am sorry, I woke you Doctor Rafael...la” she was about to call me Rafael again, did I seem like a guy? “Right, you can call me Rafaela” I said and motioned her in. She exhaled, and went past me. She was wearing a hoodie, I didn’t really see her face, only caught a glimpse of her black hair. She was putting down her cleaning supplies. I closed the door. “Hmm, Mimi, I am exhausted from my trip, I will be resting in that room” I pointed to the room I had chosen. Her hood suddenly fell off and she was suddenly giving me a hug. What the? I thought. She let me go after a while. She was crying, smiling at me. She was a gorgeous asian woman though. She was blushing. “Sorry, … Rafaela, I will just dust off your room quickly” she said and smiled. She proceeded to leave me speechless.

What the hell was that, why do they call me Rafael, do I look like someone they had here previously. Such a mystery. I had no time to waste on getting my home ready for appointments. I pulled the equipment of the boxes and tried to think where it was going to be. I felt eyes on me. I turned to the window. Nobody there. This place is so weird. I was soon done with my plan for every room. Mimi came down the hall blushing. She looked at me again. What is up with this girl? “Rafaela, I will leave you to rest now” she bowed. “No need to bow,” I said. She escaped before I could say anything more. “What a weird day” I muttered to myself and walked to my room. She had not only dusted but cleaned the room. I laid on the bed. It wasn’t one of your normal beds that is for sure. It was a low bed and she had laid down a foton for me to sleep on. It was actually comfortable. The sheets smelled of lavender. I drifted off to a heavy sleep.

I curse you, your damn people, why did you betray me?

Rafael! Please no!

You loveless being, I shall curse you forever with sickness

I woke up with that weird discussion from my dream and the sun in my eyes. What the hell was that? I heard noises outside my home. Patients? I asked myself. I quickly dressed myself and put on the coat. I almost ran to the door. I opened the door. I was met with nobody really. I walked out, and then I saw them. Two fawns. It was the first time I had seen any animal here, besides the mule that Lee had ridden. They jumped towards me. I can’t lie, I love animals, but no animal had approached me like this ever. One of them nuzzled it’s nose up to me. “Hello, little friend, what are you doing here?” Then I heard more noises. It was their dad I suspected. He was running toward me, but stopped at quite a distance and bowed. The huge buck bowed at me! The fawns quickly ran away with him. So weird, he bowed. I walked back and noticed. The grass in the garden seemed to have new growth. I guess spring has finally come. I walked back to my desk. After reading several reports, I decided to get myself breakfast.

I found the kitchen the other day. I opened the door and it seemed like somebody was living here. There were pots and pans hanging, cookbooks, drawings stuck on the fridge. Spices were growing on the windowsill. The only plants that seemed to be alive. So weird. I opened the fridge. It was full of food. I blinked several times. So weird. I took some bread and cheese, and sat on the large table in front of the kitchen. I felt like this place should have been a hospital, with all these rooms, what was the point of having so much space for one person? The reports had mentioned that the people didn’t really talk much, but I had been hugged on the first day, so I had mixed feelings. My phone hasn't had a signal ever since I came here. Maybee, I will be luckier in town. I thought. I needed to talk to Doctor Robert, the whole town seemed weird. I was done with breakfast, and heard a knock on the door. I walked to the door slowly. An old lady was by the door. Her eyes wide. “Rafael…” “It is Rafaela, what can I help you with, mrs…?” I asked for her name. “It is true, you are back” she muttered. “Right,” I said with sarcasm. Panic flashed through her eyes at first, but then came a smile.
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